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Wishpond is Brax Expands Sales Team and Launches New Universal Ads

Wishpond Technologies Ltd. (TSXV: WISH) (OTCQX: WPNDF) (“Wishpond” or the “Company”), a provider of marketing-focused online business solutions, is pleased to announce that its Brax business has been successfully integrated with Wishpond and is on track to grow organically using the Company’s proven outbound sales model. In addition, Brax is pleased to announce the release of its Universal Ads Editor, which allows advertisers to build ads once and instantly launch them across several different native ad platforms.

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Ali Tajskandar, Chairman and CEO of Wishpond commented, “I am extremely pleased to see the progress since the acquisition of Brax in September of last year. We’ve now integrated Brax across all of Wishpond’s departments and channels, positioning Brax for aggressive expansion in 2022. Brax has also developed a new outbound sales channel significantly increasing the velocity at which it can grow. We are excited to see the early traction from Brax’s outbound sales system is starting to pay off.”

Brax has effectively adopted Wishpond’s outbound sales practices including Wishpond’s lead prospecting, sales development, and sales pipeline management processes. Brax previously relied on inbound sales and marketing for new customer acquisitions and management believes this new outbound channel significantly increases the velocity at which Brax is expected to be able to onboard new customers.

Wishpond has also begun to realize synergies with Brax through cross-selling and the addition of new sales packages available to both Wishpond and Brax customers. Brax opens new sales opportunities to Wishpond’s current customer base by enabling cross-selling on native advertising platforms. This trend is expected to play a pivotal role for both companies to increase their lifetime value of customers.

Further, Brax has successfully integrated its product and customer support teams with Wishpond allowing for increased efficiency. Brax has also integrated shared services with Wishpond, through the account management and sales teams. In addition, Brax has begun investing in marketing and has implemented inbound marketing strategies such as blogging and email marketing, and has recently launched a new affiliate program designed to leverage Brax’s existing customer base to drive new revenue.

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