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What Is The Top Managed WordPress Hosting Provider?

So youre ready to launch your first affiliate marketing website. Youve considered your options and have decided to go with managed WordPress hosting. Congratulations, you have made a great choice! Ive tried a variety of different hosting options and have found that of all of them, managed WordPress hosting is by far the very best hosting option. With managed hosting, Ive been able to just focus on running my business and not stress about my websites. Since I made the switch to managed hosting, Ive seen a lot of growth and Im sure you will too. So here is my review of the top managed WordPress hosting provider.

Want The FAST Answer? This Is The Best Managed WordPress Hosting Provider

Why Choose WordPress As Your CMS

Before I go into my pick for the top managed WordPress hosting provider, I wanted to spend a little time discussing why WordPress is a great content management system (CMS) for affiliate marketers. WordPress is completely free to use and there are even free templates you can customize for the unique needs of your business. WordPress is also very easy to use, so no matter your technical skills you can build a gorgeous and easy to use website. Most importantly though, for our industry WordPress is king. WordPress has tons of great plugins for affiliates that you just cant find with another CMS. They have all the tools to drive traffic, track conversions, and find opportunities to grow. I highly recommend using WordPress as an affiliate marketer.

What Is Managed WordPress Hosting

What Is The Top Managed WordPress Hosting Provider?What Is The Top Managed WordPress Hosting Provider?Once youve built your WordPress site, youll need to find a hosting provider. Managed WordPress hosting is the best choice because it is specifically designed for WordPress sites. Other sites can host WordPress, but often times its like putting a square peg in a round hole. They can make it fit, but you wont get the dedication and expertise you need to thrive. Managed WordPress hosting is a premium service where all the technical aspects of running your website are handled by WordPress experts. They maintain the server, support customization, and have the knowledge necessary to ensure your site is running at optimum performance.

What Are The Benefits Of Managed Hosting?

There are many benefits to choosing the top managed WordPress hosting provider for your web services including:

Speed: Speed is critical to the success of your website. If you have slow load times, visitors will get frustrated and navigate away from your page before you have a chance to engage them in your content. Managed WordPress hosting offers the fastest speed available because you not only get a dedicated team to support the technical aspects of hosting, but the servers are optimized for supporting WordPress sites.

Security: Security is also very important nowadays. Managed WordPress hosts offer a higher level of security than other services because they have dedicated staff, expertise, and security services tailored to WordPress sites, plus it’s all done for you.

Customer Support: If you are running a WordPress site, you wont be able to beat the customer support of a managed hosting provider. When you call the customer service line, you will always reach an expert technician who specializes in WordPress. So they can provide the information you wont get from other service reps.

Backups: Managed WordPress hosting also offers a lot of redundancy, so your site is always backed up. This means that you wont experience lags or downtime as often as you would with another provider.

Updates: WordPress is constantly updating and managed WordPress hosting providers keep up-to-date on these updates. So you will always have access to the latest technology.

Customization: Since they are tailored specifically for WordPress sites and not just all CMS providers, managed WordPress hosts have more customization tools available. That means you can do a lot more without worrying about your technical skills or ending up with upcharges for basic tools.

What To Look For In The Top Managed WordPress Hosting Provider

Managed hosting is a great option, but like with any hosting, there are tons of providers out there. When deciding the top managed WordPress hosting provider, there are definitely things to look for before choosing one. I recommend making sure your managed WordPress hosting provider:

Scalability: You may be a small business now, but what happens in the future when you grow? The last thing you need to deal with is moving hosting companies when you are growing. So make sure that any company offers easy scalability.

Customer Support: Customer support is important if you are like me and not particularly technical. A good hosting provider will be available 24/7, 365 to answer your questions. This is especially important since most of us start our affiliate marketing business while we have a day job, so we need that after hours access.

Affordable Pricing: As small business owners, we all have to really consider price into any decision we make. We need affordable solutions, but at the same time, we cant just choose the cheapest option because we need to actually get a return on every investment. The top managed WordPress hosting provider balances cost and performance. You can start off with basic and cheap hosting and upgrade as necessary.

I would be remiss if I didnt also mention finding a managed WordPress host that offers support specific to marketers. Having the support tailored to our industry is incredibly helpful, especially when a hosting company is easy to work with for the newbie that doesn’t know anything about building websites.

My Choice Of The Top Managed WordPress Hosting Provider

Finally, considering all these factors, my choice for the top managed WordPress hosting provider is Blue Host. There are so many reasons Ive chosen Blue Host as the top managed WordPress hosting provider, but the number one reason is Ive had great experience with them personally. Their support for affiliate marketers goes above and beyond any other WordPress managed hosting provider Ive ever used. Their WordPress expertise is top notch, their support representatives are always available to answer my questions, and Ive never had issues with performance or security. They are also incredibly affordable. Use this link to get started for just $2.95 per month and that includes a domain name as well! You just cant beat the combination of price and performance.

Serious about becoming an affilaite marketer? Let’s set up your
website! It’s not as hard as you might think! Just follow these simple step-by-step
instructions, and for $2.95 per month, you’ll have your own domain name on a WordPress
website with discounted Bluehost web hosting.
Ready to get started? Let’s go!

Bluehost Web HostingBluehost Web Hosting

Best Web HostBest Web Host

If you use
this link
you’ll get discounted pricing for just $2.95/mo. So click here

Bluehost is the #1 recommended web
hosting by It
also happens to be my top recommendation. Every account features 1-click WordPress
installation. It is one of the most well known, mos popular, and affordable web hosting
options. Bluehost is especially great for
beginners due to their user friendly
features and one-click WordPress installation.

Bluehost HomepageBluehost Homepage

Click the “get started now” button and lets get started! (see above). Select a hosting
plan that fits your needs. (Normally, if you are just starting out I recommend the basic
plan but, if you are really serious about this and want more resources & power go with
their Prime or Pro plan). Keep in mind, you can always upgrade your plan as you grow.

Bluehost PlansBluehost Plans

Step 2: Pick Your Domain Name

Bluehost DomainBluehost Domain

Search for a domain with the domain name search tool below. Dont spend a ton of
on this step, you can always change the domain name later. If you already have a
name, type it in the “I have a domain name” box. Bluehost is generous enough to throw in a
FREE domain
name with every new hosting account created.

The next step is to fill out your account and billing information.

Personal DetailsBluehost 
Personal Details

Review the package information below and decide what term/add-ons are desired.
biggest bang for your buck is on the 60 month term, but you can choose 36 months,
months or 12 months. Please note that Bluehost will charge you upfront for the entire term.

Bluehost Package InfoBluehost Package Info

Insert payment information and accept the terms.

Bluehost Payment 
And TermsBluehost Payment 
And Terms

Congrats, your hosting account has been created! Bluehost will send you a welcome

Bluehost Welcome 
EmailBluehost Welcome 

Create your password. Make sure to review the requirements for creating the
If you need help you can always click the Suggest Password option. Regardless, I
recommend notating it just to be safe. Youll end up needing it later on.

Bluehost Terms of ServiceBluehost Terms of Service

Go ahead and login to start getting familiar with your new Bluehost account.

Bluehost Log InBluehost Log In

Step 3: Install Your WordPress Website

Thanks to Bluehost, after your hosting account has been created
will automatically install. Start off by picking a theme, these are all free themes from You can always update or customize your theme later.

Bluehost Pick ThemeBluehost Pick Theme

Now that youve picked your theme, lets jump into WordPress and get you even closer
constructing that first blog post.

Bluehost WP LoginBluehost WP Login

Decide whether this site will be for business or personal use.

Bluehost WP DashboardBluehost WP Dashboard

On this step, youll see an overview of Bluehost+WordPress integration. You can
WordPress plugins and blog posts or pages here.

Bluehost Launch SiteBluehost Launch Site

Heres a revamped dashboard of the Bluehost control panel.

Bluehost cpanelBluehost cpanel

Now you can make your site look how you want! Since you are using WordPress the
sky’s the limit! If you’re looking for a great tutorial on how to build a great looking
WordPress site, check out this video.

Start Publishing!

You now have a fully functional WordPress website with a great hosting company! That
wasn’t so hard, was it!?

From this point on, your main task is to publish as much content as possible. This site
has tons of tutorials and articles on how to grow your affilaite marketing business, but
order for you to fully understand how to publish content and make money with your
affiliate marketing blog, check out this article.

Best of luck to you as you grow your business! 🙂

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