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Vouchers & Codes – Why FMTC Exists

The affiliate marketing podcast is back to give you another amazing episode! This week we are joined by an amazing guest in Brook Schaaf, CEO of FMTC, Brook has been involved in the affiliate marketing channel since 2000. He is co-founder of two companies, the agency Schaaf-PartnerCentric (sold 2017) and FMTC, which he runs today. He is an active member of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization. Brook lives in the Texas Hill Country outside of Austin. In this episode, he evaluates vouchers and the importance of this

FMTC connects affiliates, merchants, and affiliate networks. They streamline the deals process so you can focus on creating quality content and widening your customer base.

Join us for our ELEVATE Summit (14-15 June) and get your front row seat to the insider scoop on how to ELEVATE and GROW your Affiliate Program and business in the year ahead.


Listen to hear more about:

  • Brooks background and what FMTC is
  • The purchasing mentality around couponing
  • The end of cookies

[05:00] – why did coupons and vouchers have a bad reputation in the affiliate industry? Listen to find out

[13:00] – Listen to hear about first party data and the importance of this in recent terms

[17:00] – Brook discusses the potential of couponing to benefit businesses

[24:00] – Lee-Ann asks Brook what trend he wished he hopped on back when he first started his career

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