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TradeDoubler : The risks in eCommerce 2022

The risks in eCommerce 2022

eCommerce is booming. The prognoses are also very good for the year 2022. But something positive is usually associated with something negative. Therefore, there are risks in eCommerce that have to be overcome this year. But what are they, and why is affiliate marketing the solution?

The future of eCommerce

The exponential growth of eCommerce

Through the pandemic the eCommerce grew and grew. That is very good for the online selling industry and the consumers, but no one knows how long the boom will continue. There is a high risk when people start to shop in shops again, that there will be a decline in the eCommerce industry. That is why the focus must be on customer loyalty, especially in 2022.

Affiliate marketing in combination with vouchers can create customer loyalty. For example, you can start a campaign where the customer receives goodies or discounts for the next purchase and advertise this at different publishers. With this you make sure that the one-time buyer buys again in your online shop. That enables you to fulfil the customer’s expectations again and bind them to the company in the long term.

Increasing competition

Your competition is not sleeping. Especially in the eCommerce sector, many start-ups compete on the market with innovative ideas. As a result, customers are overwhelmed by advertisements and find them annoying. The goal is to get the customer to search for their advertisements.

The solution is affiliate marketing combined with search engine marketing (SEM). The customer searches for a product and arrives at the publisher’s website or directly the online shop through good SEM campaigns. If the user reaches the advertiser through the publisher, the customer even has additional added value, which varies depending on the choice of partner. For example, a blogger or influencer has the opportunity to recommend the product through a review.

Further rise in mobile shopping

It’s not new that the mobile shopping trend is becoming more and more popular. That is special because Gen Z has grown up with online shopping and will continue to do so. They are known for their heavy use of digital media. But to stand out from the crowd, a user-friendly and responsive website is not enough. The website should permanently develop with the trend. And this trend is currently moving in the direction of App Install.

The challenge now is to get the customer to use the app and attract new customers. Affiliate marketing helps to achieve this goal. The performance-based business model (CPI, CPA) ensures that all involved parties (advertiser, publisher, affiliate network) are interested in successfully marketing the app. In addition, your app will get a fast increasing awareness, as the publisher’s reach will use. Here it is only your task to convince the customer of the advantages of using your app.

Tackle eCommerce risks now and make 2022 a successful year.
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