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An anti-detect browser is a tool created to provide users with anonymity by masking or substituting important trackable parameters. At a glance, these browsers are the same as the well-known Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. The difference is that anti-detect browsers allow users to work with several social media profiles simultaneously. This makes them perfect for account farming, traffic arbitrage, and bypassing anti-fraud solutions.

We have compiled a list of anti-detect browsers that will make a great choice for your purposes. This list is not sponsored.

Anti-detect browsers with subscription

Indigo Browser

Indigo Browser is a Multilogin based platform mostly suited for projects targeting the CIS market. The biggest advantage of this solution is that the technical support team has people with hands-on experience in media buying. Users can import cookies, integrate proxies, access more than 1 million browser fingerprints, and much more.

Tariff plans:

  • Solo 99/month
  • Team 199/month
  • Scale 399/month


Incogniton is a tool that provides access to multiple browser profiles. Personal data can be stored on a server or locally on a user’s PC. Incogniton is integrated with Selenium and Puppeteer to provide for greater process automation and time economy.

Tariff plans:

  • Entrepreneur $29.99/month
  • Professional $79.99/month
  • Multinational $149.99/month

Linken Sphere

Linken Sphere is an anti-detect browser developed by experts in the field of information security. All data that goes to the server is in the form of encrypted hash fragments that are only available in a personal account. Besides, Linken Sphere works in the OTR mode, making user tracking impossible.

Tariff plans:

  • Light $100/month
  • Pro $500/6 months
  • Premium $900/year


GoLogin is a browser that allows you to create an unlimited number of profiles, each with a unique digital fingerprint. These profiles do not overlap with each other, so none of your accounts can be blocked. GoLogin is also great for teamwork, exchanging account data, proxies, and cookies without the risk of a data breach.

Tariff plans:

  • Professional: $24/month
  • Business: $49/month
  • Enterprise: $99/month
  • Custom: $149/month

Octo Browser

Octo Browser is an anti-detect browser that has fingerprints of real systems in its database for maximum reliability. An intuitive interface will be easy to navigate even for a beginner in marketing and media buying.

Tariff plans:

  • Starter: 29/month
  • Base: 79/month
  • Team: 169/month
  • Advanced: 329/month
  • Custom: 429+/month


AEZAKMI allows working with multiple accounts which is rather convenient for contextual advertising and SMM. This browser can hide and replace 17 different parameters from WebRTC to Proxy.

Tariff plans:

  • CJ: $69/month
  • Ballas: $139/month
  • Grove Street Family: $249/month


Multilogin is a solution that can replace the real PC data credentials with a virtual browser profile. When you create such a profile, you work in a separate Internet environment, as a result, cookies, local cache, and other personal data can not be stolen from you. Multilogin uses Selenium or Puppeteer web drivers for greater automation.

Tariff plans:

  • Solo: 99/month
  • Team: 199/month
  • Scale: 399/month
  • Custom: individual rates

Ghost Browser

Ghost Browser is an anti-detect browser based on Chromium that is compatible with Windows and macOS systems. It takes about 510 minutes to install the browser and import the settings from Chrome. After that, you will have full capabilities of Ghost Browser at your service. This solution has the advantage of being cheaper than its counterparts with the same features. However, you will need to buy a separate plugin to use a proxy.

Tariff plans:

  • Basic Plan: $21/month
  • Pro Plan: $46/month

Che Browser

Che Browser is an anti-detect browser that can encrypt various kinds of data: from Canvas to geolocation and fonts. Che Browser works as follows: it collects fingerprints of real PCs, creates emulations, and then develops a set of unique user profiles. This browser needs regular updates as the developers often add new features.

Tariff plans:

  • Per day: $5
  • Per week: $14
  • Per month: $30


Dophin{anty} is an anti-detect browser that is currently in beta testing and, therefore, temporarily free to use. This solution has been designed for media buying campaigns with Facebook, Google, and TikTok, so it will be a good choice for both teams and solo affiliate marketers. Unlike other solutions, Dophin{anty} runs on Chrome (not Chromium), which allows for more accurate emulation of a real user’s profile.

Tariff plans:

  • Free: $0/month
  • Base: $89/month
  • Team: $159/month
  • Enterprise: $299/month


Accovod is a browser for working with multiple accounts on social networks. Each account has unique cookies, proxies, and fingerprints, which provides for the complete anonymity of users. In addition, the browser has a “Walking” feature, which allows you to automate your work: warm up cookies and get more views in new accounts.

Tariff plans:


AdsPower is an anti-detect service from Chinese developers. There is an English version of the platform, so there will not be any linguistic barriers to your productivity. AdsPower provides access to browser profiles and allows you to configure fingerprints for them. The features also include Local API and the RPA robot for the automation of Facebook campaigns.

Tariff plans:

  • Solo $0 (2 profiles available)
  • Team $25/month
  • Team $100/month
  • Team $300/month
  • Custom: individual rates


AntBrowser is an anti-detect browser based on Firefox. The list of default features includes unique browser fingerprints and working with multiple profiles. These tools will not be enough for professional media buying, so AntBrowser is better suited for beginners in marketing.

Tariff plans:


VMLogin is a service created by Chinese developers. It has all the default features usual for an anti-detect browser, and there is also fingerprint protection that prevents personal data breaches: IP addresses, geolocation, OS information, etc. are well protected. This feature will come in handy if you work with multiple accounts, as it drives down the risk of account bans and increases account lifespan.

Tariff plans:

  • Solo: 99/month
  • Team: $209/month
  • Scale: $499/month
  • Custom: individual rates


xLogin is a basic anti-detect browser. Its interface and the duration of the trial period are the points that make it stand apart from the previous solution. xLogin is a decent tool for teamwork: you can configure access modes for different participants. For example, one person can only create accounts, another – set up advertising cabinets, etc.

Tariff plans:

  • Solo: 99/month
  • Team: $209/month
  • Scale: $499/month
  • Custom: individual rates


Kameleo is an anti-detect browser for a safe and automated launch of hundreds of accounts with Selenium Stealth web driver. For an additional fee, you can enable Android and iOS profile emulation in Kameleo, which is often not available in other browsers.

Tariff plans:

  • Basic 59/month
  • Advanced 89/month
  • Automation 199/month


SessionBox is an anti-detect browser that offers access to full-fledged software and extensions for Firefox, Chrome, and Opera (with a free test period). SessionBox is compatible with Windows and macOS.

Tariff plans:

  • Extension Premium $3.99/month
  • Extension Plus $8.99/month
  • Workstation $59.99/month


Undetectable is an anti-detect browser that is designed for media buying activities: you can manage big volumes of targeted and contextual advertising by switching between several ad campaigns. Regardless of the tariff, users can enjoy an unlimited number of profiles, which distinguishes Undetectable from competitors.

Tariff plans:

  • Starter: $75/month
  • Team: $169/month
  • Business: $299/month
  • Custom: $324/month

Freeware anti-detect browsers

For beginners or those who lack experience with anti-detect browsers, freeware is the best way to start. The free versions have access to default features, so this is a perfect way to try things out without paying an arm and a leg for it.


HydraHeaders is a completely free anti-detect browser that emulates

real devices and thus allows you to manage multiple accounts simultaneously. By default, WebRTC is not active in HydraHeaders to prevent IP address leaks. The browser is only compatible with Windows OS.

Tariff: freeware


Switch is a Chromium-based solution for managing multiple accounts. The interface may seem a little sketchy, but the fact that this is a fully functional free anti-detect browser covers all drawbacks. Also, Switch has a flexible toolbox with all the necessary features: WebRTC emulation, Canvas fingerprint substitution, profile cloning, etc.

Tariff: freeware

Epic Browser

Epic Browser is an anti-detect browser based on Chromium. Epic blocks ads, prohibits tracking, protects from crypto mining, etc. Users also have access to a free VPN feature. This browser is full to the brim with useful features, but may not be ideal for media buying. It is a great choice, however, for SMM specialists or casual users who strive for safe Internet surfing.

Tariff: freeware


Almost all anti-detect browsers share the same default features and usually differ only in terms of price and the range of advanced tools. Before installing any browser, please make sure that it is compatible with your OS. If you are a member of a media buying team, it is wiser to choose a browser that supports multiple users and different modes of access.

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