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Top 5 Best Marijuana Affiliate Programs

Top 5 Best Marijuana Affiliate Programs

It’s easy for website owners with cannabis related content to generate revenue by promoting cannabis related brands online. There are a ton of different marijuana affiliate programs which provide a commission for a sale, or lead. 

What is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program involves businesses giving unique links to ambassadors who will promote the brand and products. When anyone uses the affiliate link, the ambassador earns commission on the order. Its a side hustle that allows people to earn money by referring people.

Marijuana affiliate programs are ideal if you have a website or social media following. 

The cannabis industry continues to become bigger than ever each year, you can easily turn an affiliate link into extra cash. Website owners that discuss cannabis-related topics can make a lot of money by promoting cannabis related affiliate programs.

Cannabis affiliate programs can help you earn extra money by doing something youre already doing – talking about weed.

Cannabis Brands Need Help Promoting Their Products 

By joining an affiliate program with cannabis brands, stoners can earn money simply by promoting 420 related products. A lot of brands need help getting their products exposure and are willing to pay for the sales with a commission. Some programs even give a discount to buyers when they use the affiliate link!

Top 5 Cannabis Affiliate Programs

We searched the web for the best of the best – cannabis affiliate programs with incredible products, accessible prices, and commissions. 

This list will help you choose the right marijuana affiliate program for your website or social media following. 

1. World of Bongs Head Shop Affiliate Program

World of Bongs is known for carrying a huge selection of the highest-quality glass pieces like pipes, dab rigs, bongs, and more. Not only does the online head shop carry smoking pieces, it also has tons of stoner accessories.

Guests can find lighters, grinders, rolling papers and trays, stash containers, and every adapter under the sun. Whats great about the head shop is that it values low prices. The store was designed by smokers to provide their fellow stoners with great deals and high-quality glass pieces, and their mission is accomplished.

The affiliate program at World of Bongs lets any ambassador earn money. Anyone over the age of 21 can sign up, so its accessible to cannabis promoters of all levels.

Stoners who want to get into cannabis affiliate marketing but dont know where to start can turn to World of Bongs for a streamlined process and fantastic deals.

Bi-Weekly Affiliate Payments

Payout for the World of Bongs affiliate program is every 2 weeks as long as the affiliate marketer has a minimum of $50 in credit. Ambassadors can get their money wired or transferred through PayPal for the easiest deposits.

All you need to do to sign up is add your full name, email address, and a few other pieces of info to get a verification email. After that, its easy to sign in and get a link to start referring customers to the beautiful bongs, rigs, accessories, and more at WoB.

2. King Palm Smoke Shop Affiliate Program

King Palms palm leaf wraps offer a premium smoking experience for those looking for an alternative to joint papers and tobacco blunts. This company became popular worldwide with their all natural pre-rolled cones! It’s easy to promote this well known smoking cone for cannabis, and has been seen on many popular 420 related publications.

King Palm has evolved with many new flavor options added, and many other smoking accessories. It’s easy to promote a product that’s legal to buy in every single state. These all natural wraps are made by hand rolling cordia leaves. These leaves are growing using all natural materials. 

Promote the King Palm brand with banners on your website, or text inserts. Track sales using their platform, and see clicking data too. Receive your affiliate payments via conveniently via Paypal.

3. SLANG Worldwide Marijuana Affiliate Program

SLANG Worldwide is a family of brands within the cannabis industry that manages affiliate programs for their brands O.pen, Lunchbox Alchemy CBD and The Firefly. Their program makes it easy for cannabis enthusiasts to sign-up and reward their followers with discounts on their purchase, while also receiving a revenue share for all sales that they drive of the products. 

Sign up at

Promote CBD or Accessories for Cannabis

The brands available on the cannabis affiliate program include: O.pen 510 vape pens and Lunchbox Alchemy full-spectrum CBD gummies and the Firefly premium dry herb vaporizer. All the brands from the SLANG family of brands have a reputation for the quality of their products and have been awarded and recognized for the quality of their products.

Vape Pen Battery Affiliate Program

O.pen is known in the cannabis community for designing premium 510 thread vape pen batteries for sale. Their vape batteries include a variable voltage option with a compact design. It has 4 voltage modes for the smoothest and most delicious flavor with any 510 oil cartridge. O.pen promises a super discreet handheld design thats perfect for hitting on the go.

Affiliates of the O.pen line of products will find that their friends and followers all love the promoted products because theyre easy to use, affordable, and innovative.

Hemp Gummy Edible Affiliate Program

Buying CBD online has rapidly grown in popularity because of the wide variety of applications consumers report receiving benefits from. Lunchbox Alchemy hemp gummies are full-spectrum CBD infused gummies that are formulated to support a number of common reasons people use CBD and they are formulated with all natural ingredients. Third party-lab tested to verify quality, Lunchbox Alchemy hemp gummies made in Oregon deliver consistent and repeatable results. 

Those interested in promoting the wellness benefits of CBD will love the results delivered by Lunchbox Alchemy CBD and the ease of the affiliate program set-up through the SLANG Worldwide family of brands affiliate platform.

Dry Herb Vaporizer Affiliate Program

The Firefly 2 dry herb vaporizer is a premium product designed to bring out the best in both flower and cannabis concentrates. Those looking for a premium vapor experience will love the hi-tech design and functionality of the Firefly – with one of the widest ranges of temperatures and a superfast 3-second heat uptime, connoisseurs can expect a delicious flavor profile with each puff.

For cannabis enthusiasts interested in sharing hi-tech cannabis products with their followers, youll love the Firefly dry herb vaporizer and cannabis affiliate program.

4. Eaze 420 Cannabis Affiliate Program

Make money by promoting a California weed delivery service. Eaze offers deliciously powerful flower, vapes, edibles, concentrates, capsules, and more from its online cannabis shop. 

To sign up for the referral program and start earning rewards, affiliates just need to be 18 years or older with an Eaze account. Rewards depend on what the customer buys, but theyre always good deals like store credit, discounts, free products, or cash.

Its perfect for website owners and influencers to earn extra cash from a site with so many potent cannabis products.

Eaze is a fan favorite among stoners in legal states. The selection of vapes and flower include every strain around. And, the site also has wellness supplies in THCa patches, mineral soaks, ProTabs, and more.

Eaze cares about community. The site includes sections like Women-Owned Brands  and Social Equity Partners that give back to those affected by the war on drugs.

5. Seed City Weed Affiliate Program

Cannabis seed collectors are familiar with the high-quality distributor Seed City. The site has the largest selection of cannabis seeds from well-known growers and new seed banks all over the world. Its become one of the leading seed bank sites in the UK, and the brand is continuing to grow.

Any traffic to the Seed City site that uses an affiliate link gives the affiliate 15% commission of the order total.

Affiliate members can access their program information using the Affiliate Panel. It shows statistics like number of clicks, approved sales, pending sales, and the affiliate balance. This innovative control panel gives affiliates new insight into what happens when you promote a brand. 

Seed City was founded in 2010 with the intention of providing cannabis seed collectors with the highest-quality products.  Visit Seed city and sign up for their affiliate program today, and earn a commission for each cannabis seed sale.

Head shop affiliate programs are an excellent way to earn money and get access to new products.

Affiliate ambassadors are often the first testers of the newest cannabis innovations and high-tech gear. The brands on this list are known to treat their ambassadors well with extra surprise deals and even exclusive-access content.

Sign-up for these five programs is easy, all you need to do is fill out a form with your name and email to get started. After that, youll receive a link to share with friends, followers, and readers!

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