The Traits Assessed in a Personality Questionnaire

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Personality has been a big-time determinant for the suitability of a candidate for a particular job role. It is the prime factor that indicates the necessary adaptability and acceptance of an applicant for the required mindset and commitment for a job.

This is why there are certain personality traits that are necessary to be assessed before one is entitled to the job. Here are those important traits that are looked upon by the employer.

In the social and presentation dimension, there are two poles of personalities, popularly known as introverts and extroverts. While introverts are shy and prefer staying away from socializing platforms, extroverts enjoy social interactions and are assertive and willing to take risks. The Extraversion of such candidates can be a big asset for the employers as they give proper attempts and hard work to different situations.


This trait is very relevant for the present scenario. It implies focusing on details, being vigilant to situations, yet remaining organized, composed, and focused on the tasks. It requires great control on the impulsiveness and thoughtfulness at their optimum levels. These qualities are very close to self discipline and determine how easily a person goes through adversities towards the goal without being affected.

Ability to Agree

Another strong determinant of the personality of a person is their agreeableness. This can be referred to as their flexible thinking in terms of the opinions and feelings of others. It comprises of kindness, politeness, co-operation and regards for associated people. Such a personality trait ensures a great level of teamwork and displays the sign of leadership at times of need. They are promising ones for generating great potential out of the workforce.


This is the ability of a person to be able to deal with high levels of stress, anxiety, and other issues that can affect at certain times when working. Maintaining calmness under pressure conditions is also implied in this trait. It defines how better a person handles their emotions from overpowering them and their cognition when faced with explosive conditions. It is a basic determinant of the mental and character strength of the person.

Open to New Experiences

This is the ability that helps an individual in leading a way forward. The openness to new experiences means the willingness of an individual in exploring new options, taking risks, and work on new ideas and domains. It is very much dependent on being imaginative and having futuristic insights. Openness to experiences is usually found in people who have varied interests and are motivated enough to work on it despite the hindrances.

Honesty and Commitment

These two are the personality factors that determine a persons innate character and motivation. These traits test the person for their behavior in the face of temporary attractions, problems, and pleasures. Honesty and strong commitment improves the reliability of a person for their particular role, determines their responsibility and more or less them being a member of growth and expansion for their employer in any phase of working.

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