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The reality of Effort and Results

The reality of effort equals results.

The reality is that applied effort always equals the equivalent results. Therefore, little to no effort will deliver little to no results. Rather simple math really. And with affiliate marketing, it is no different.

Which is why I decided to reveal a few of my personal techniques that worked rather well. So please do not allow yourself to be misdirected by words like easy and free. Because it is never easy, and it will never be free.

The word free simply translates to a forgotten currency called time. And easy often merely refers to the comfort of your own home. Which is why everyone runs after the free and easy ways to make money online. The reality of effort equals results are very real.

What you put in is what you get in return. And on a tight budget, your only advantage is the abundance of time.

Because the truth is that we all get the exact same amount of time each day (and night). Question is, how much effort are you prepared to apply? How big is your dream? And how badly do you want it?

The key is to create your own income reality. By applying your own effort. And create your own level of desired results through equal effort. The size of your online budget determines how much time you will have to sacrifice.

The much less preferred truth.

You want Online Success  You want to make a difference. You want to live a life that matters. To do that, you must stop letting every day slip away Source

The reality of effort equals results can be seen all over the internet. Because most of all those impressive screenshots are in fact legit. What they do not tell you about is the 5 or 10 or 15 years of sweat and tears.

Facing desperation and overcoming failure many times! Because the truth paints a less attractive picture of making money online.

In my opinion, all those impressive screenshots are a marketing technique. But they often create the idea of easy money. Because it is easier to overlook the equation of effort equals results. When you are blinded by the bright lights of instant fortune.

But do not discard of those accomplished feelings. Rather use them as guidelines. Because the impressive screenshots are an indication of possibility. Therefore, the perfect example of how applied effort equals the desired result.

And the less money you may be able to invest in your online career? The more time it will take to reach the desired result. Keep reading for a sneaky SEO backdoor to affiliate link traffic.

Affiliate marketing reality of effort equals results.

Contrary to popular belief, the reality of effort equals results do not exclude affiliate marketing. And while affiliate marketing is considered one of the easiest ways to make money online? Quite the contrary. Because frantically posting affiliate links on social media is exactly how NOT to make money online.

Your links will violate terms of service and even get flagged as spam or unsafe. The wrong approach with affiliate marketing can be devastating. Because it means going nowhere at one heck of a speed!

If you want to approach affiliate marketing from the right angle? Then contrary to popular belief, you want to consider having your own blog.

Your blog is part of the reality and the effort that equals results. Because your blog is your viral salesman. Once recognised by search engines, your blog will be well on its way.

Simply because nothing on Earth drives traffic like Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Although it is the less preferred route, and a path much less travelled.

But then the road to success gets less crowded the closer you get. Hence the reality of effort equals results.

Applied effort always equals the desired results.

Sneaky affiliate marketing SEO trick.

An unfair advantage over the reality of applied effort and equalled results? Is when you can leverage SEO for traffic to affiliate links. No, it is not a typing mistake.

It can be done by using a plugin for WordPress. Where your affiliate link is just the slug part of your blog URL.

If you are familiar with SEO. Then you will know the importance of high-quality backlinks. And with this technique, you can build backlinks to your cloaked affiliate URLs.

Did I mention that these URLs get indexed and can rank in search engines? Well, I just did.

Applied effort (SEO) equals the reality of results (affiliate commissions). And as mentioned before. Nothing on Earth drives targeted traffic like SEO. That said, for this technique to work for you.

You will need 2 crucial tools.



Allow me to explain how this sneaky backlink technique works. See the advanced AI software builds free blogs on sites like WordPress, Tumblr, and Google Blogger.

While the next generation article spinning capability then spins high-quality articles to publish on those blogs. The software also inserts a backlink to any URL you choose. With or without a slug.

All you must do is create campaigns inside the software. Add the URLs (with or without slugs) that you would like to rank in search engines. Choose your target keywords and search phrases and press go!

The rest is next generation automation with advanced AI.

But you must own your blog domain for the affiliate link cloaking plugin to work. And get these cloaked affiliate links indexed and ranked in search engines. Increasing the targeted traffic volume potential considerably.

And yes, I have personally tested this and can see quite a few affiliates redirect URLs. All indexed in search engines with the software now building backlinks.

My blog traffic is increasing exponentially. And so are the registering users and subscribers. In the reality of effort equals results. This technique is rather refreshingly effective.

Adding time to the reality of effort equals results.

While this technique is working rather well for me. I must admit it still took a few weeks to see unbelievable results. Perhaps you will accomplish your goals faster. Perhaps it may take you longer to reach the same or better results.

Simply because what is working for one person. Does not necessarily come with a guarantee to work for everyone. There is no one size fits all when it comes to the reality of effort equals results.

And time is one of the corner stones of applied effort for a desired result.

Time, effort, audience, and solution offered. Offer the right solution to an audience looking for a said solution. Target keyword and search phrase targeting are of paramount importance.

Because that is what determine who sees your affiliate offer.

Did you just create a short review of the benefits of your affiliate product? Dont kill your credibility with overly promotional reviews Source

Conclusion message to take with you.

Audiences are looking for solutions. Especially in making money online and affiliate marketing niches. Because many people are failing horribly. And failing to realize that each failure is just another step closer to results.

And the most frustrating part about leveraging SEO to make money online? Is the time it will take because mere days does not exist on that timetable.

We talk weeks, months and even a few years. Depending on your knowledge and understanding of SEO. But then it does take a lot more time to build a Castle, right? Precisely!

Your online career as an affiliate marketer or blogger or otherwise? Is about building an empire brick by brick.

The equation and reality of applied effort equal results must be accepted and understood. Affiliate marketing and blogging is a long-term solution to your financial needs. There is no elevator to success, you must take the crowded stairs!

Because you will only gain recognition when you come up with solutions that work. Like this sneaky technique for instance. I decided to combine the two methods and what do you know? It works!

Making money with affiliate marketing and blogging requires constant research. A journey to which there is no final-destination!

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Doing Affiliate Marketing without your own Blog.

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