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The Loci Cycle Reviews – Know the Facts Before Buy Loci Cycle!

For starters, the LOCI CYCLE is a traffic generation tool that can help you create daily profits. JAY CRUIZ and Chris Munch developed the AI-powered traffic tool to help everyone who wants to make money without having to buy crypto coins. If you are a student looking to make some money on the side, you can take advantage of this traffic tool that targets non-competitive niches.

To learn more about the Loci Cycle digital marketing program and traffic generating tool, keep on reading:

What is The LOCI CYCLE?

As aforementioned, the LOCI CYCLE is a traffic generation and website creation tool created by JAY CRUIZ and CHRIS MUNCH. Once you sign up to this website and implement the recommended system, you’ll have the potential to earn and profit every week, provided you target niches that are not competitive.

According to the official website, LOCI CYCLE can generate traffic to websites automatically. With this tool, you can make money in crypto even if you don’t buy the coins. This system is designed to work in all niches, including crypto. If you wish, you can use it to create websites dealing with beauty products, pet foods, crypto, and anything else you can think of, and use the website to generate affiliate income.

JAY and CHRIS are already promoting the LOCI CYCLE using presentations, eBooks, and webinars. When you watch the webinars, you’ll be able to discover more about the system’s workings, what it involves, how you can use it to make money, and how much money you can make.

In a nutshell, the Loci Cycle is a digital marketing program and tool. The price of the program ranges between $3,500 and $4,000. The amount you pay will depend on the payment option you choose. JAY and CHRIS announced this power tool in October 2021, so much information about it is available in the public domain. The LOCI CYCLE mind map and official presentation were launched on October 19th. A workshop is set to follow on October 24th, while the live access will be available on October 25th. To learn more about this tool, see the official presentation.

How Does The LOCI CYCLE Work?

Using the LOCI CYCLE isn’t as difficult as you might be imagining. It’s all about creating a website then pushing traffic to the website. With this system, you can generate substantial profit with no customer service, service fulfillment, suppliers, or inventory. Instead, you’ll only have to attract clients and customers to services and products online. It will be upon the vendor to deliver the service or product, not you.

According to Jay and Chris, you can use this system to earn more than $2,000 in profits every week. The system works this way:

Step 1: Draw the hungry buyers’ attention

Step 2: the buyer visit the vendor’s website to order the service or buy the product

Step 3: The vendor shares with you the proceeds of the sale because you directed a new customer to their site

Step 4: The vendor delivers the product to the buyer or offers the service to the client.

You can also earn on this system through affiliate marketing, in which case a vendor will pay you to promote their products or services on your website.

The LOCI CYCLE affiliate marketing isn’t like the ordinary affiliate marketing systems you might have come across. They have introduced something they refer to as Loci Farming. You can use Loci Farming strategies to automate your online business and watch it grow, making you earn over $2,000 every week in the niche of your choice.

How Does Loci Farming Work?

The Loci Farming strategy incorporated in the LOCI CYCLE means that subscribers can farm their way to start earning over $2,000 per week. You’ll be required to create a Loci Farm on your own following the three steps below:

Step 1: Using the selection criteria of low competition high profit, choose and offer.

Step 2: Display your proven copy and paste a Loci Farm (mini-site) to promote your offer.

Step 3: Activate Loci Farm’s clever AI automation tool to help drive targeted traffic to the site.

JAY and CHRIS claim that the whole process will take less than 30 minutes and do not require experience. However, JAY and CHRIS clarify that you won’t get easy money from the Loci Farm. You must be prepared to work hard before you can start earning passive income. The LOCI CYCLE and Loci Farm are not get-rich-quick schemes.

What’s the Best Niche for a Loci Farm?

Immediately after you sign up for the LOCI CYCLE, you’ll get instant access to a web builder that can help you build mini sites (Loci Farm). The mini-sites target zero or no-competition online niches. By using these mini-sites, you can generate substantial income through affiliate marketing.

According to Jay and Chris, Loci Farms (mini-sites) are copy-paste sites that lead to high conversion rates. Once you deploy them in low to zero competition niches, you reap enormous profits. The niches, industries, and markets that can work best for you are those with:

  • The potential of selling the mini-site for a future cash windfall.
  • Abundant opportunities to scale up by planting more seeds
  • No entry barriers, meaning you can access them within 48 hours
  • Low or zero competition
  • JAY and CHRIS claim that they have trained many students to create their mini-sites. When you subscribe to LOCI CYCLE, you’ll quickly learn how to make your mini-site and then use it to magnify your profits by pushing potential customers to your website.

How Much Can You Earn From the LOCI CYCLE /Loci Farm?

If you visit the LOCI CYCLE website, you’ll see many stories on how students have used the LOCI CYCLE to generate huge profits. However, JAY and CHRIS claim that results differ from one individual to the next. Some students have made over $100,000 by using the Loci Farm system and the LOCI CYCLE.

Some of the positive stories about this system include:

  • One 45-year-old student, whose colleagues believed to be an introvert, managed to blow his traffic using the LOCI CYCLE and added $30 million in sales.
  • One student managed to make $2,999 in one week using the LOCI CYCLE
  • A student made $150 in just one day using the LOCI CYCLE, while another student made $3,573 in the first month of using the LOCI CYCLE. Another student made $1,500 in the first 19 days of using this system.
  • JAY and CHRIS repeatedly say that the subscribers’ goal should be to create over $2,000 per week, translating automatic revenue to about $100,000 per year.
  • Chris created his own Loci Farm, through which he makes over $72,000 annually in automatic revenues.
  • One student says the system changed his life. He’s earning between $3,000 and $5,000 per month.
  • One entrepreneur earned $107,229.94 after working for only 12 hours on one offer.
  • According to JAY and CHRIS, users of this system should expect positive results about three months after joining the program. So, if you can dedicate the next three months to this program, you’ll be able to become one of the success stories.

Can You Farm Crypto Profits if You Don’t Buy Crypto Coins?

JAY and CHRIS claim that those who join this program can make cash in crypto even without buying or trading cryptos. JAY and CHRIS further add that you can make money by using the LOCI CYCLE program without risking your money on any online trading, plus there are over 5,500 opportunities just waiting for you. Let’s look at how this works.

Crypto Loci Farm Minisite Builder is a tool that has been launched by Jay and Chris. This tool can help you build mini-websites targeting crypto-related niches. This tool will provide you with many crypto opportunities through which you can make money. For example, if someone wants to buy LINK (chainlink), they can visit your website and see many crypto-related opportunities. By clicking on these opportunities, you’ll earn something when the user converts. You can either get paid in crypto or regular currency.

By signing on LOCI CYCLE today, you’ll see these crypto opportunities and access the mini-site web-builder that you can use to create your mini-site targeting cryptos and start earning affiliate incomes.

AmpiFire 2.0

The tool used in the LOCI CYCLE is called the AmpiFire 2.0. It’s the world’s only and first amplification engine. AmpiFire 2.0 is the tool responsible for automating traffic generation, after which it sends targeted traffic to the user’s website to attain a reasonable conversion. The amplifier works in three steps:

Step 1: Use a content wizard (AI-assisted) to draft high-quality content.

Step 2: Answer a few questions and fill a form about the offer.

Step 3: AmpiFire will create an article for you.

Step 4: The AmpiFire creates an infographic, video, slideshow PDF, audio podcast, and blog post from the content.

Step 5: The tool creates all these so you can get sales and traffic from many news sites. Podcast directories, blogs, video sites, social media sites, and news sites will share your content, and this will enhance your online visibility. The tool will make your content visible on many trusted and largest websites globally, including Apple, YouTube, Google News, among others.

The aim of doing all these is to help you earn not less than 2,000 per week. By pushing high-converting traffic to your website, this tool will help change your online presence into a source of cash through affiliate income.

How Can AmpliFire 2.0 Help Your Generate Over $2,000 Every Week

The Loci Farm and the LOCI CYCLE systems all depend on AmpiFire 2.0 to function. The success of these two systems depends entirely on AmpiFire 2.0. If you want to use AmpiFire 2.0 to make money and earn over $2,000 per week, you can follow the steps below:

Step 1: Use AmpiFire 2.0 to create slideshows, audio ads, blog posts, images, videos, PDFs, and news articles that you can use in promoting your Loci Farm.

Step 2: AmpiFire 2.0 will automatically distribute all that content to over 200 biggest websites in the world. Your content will appear on leading podcast directories, social media sites, blogs, news websites, infographic curation websites, and more.

Step 3: People looking for the product or service you promote will click the content and be directed to your Loci Farm. Your mini-site will include a call to action that will again lead your site visitors to the vendors’ website.

Step 4: Once your site visitor converts, you’ll be paid a commission for setting a new client to the vendor’s site.

Simply put, AmpiFire will automatically create content, get it to be visible across many leading sites, and drive high-converting traffic to your Loci Farm. All these form part of your LOCI CYCLE and will help you earn no less than $2,079 every week in profit.

Benefits of AmpiFire 2.0

The AmpiFire benefits include:

  • Help you avoid the use of Google updates that can end up destroying your traffic
  • It avoids rising ad costs and the use of complex ad platforms
  • Generates only high-quality traffic
  • No more difficult content creation

Features of AmpiFire 2.0

The AmpiFire 2.0 has many improved and new tools compared to the original version. Some of these features include:

  • Additional distribution. The system can now distribute your content to high-traffic news websites for slide decks, images, audio ads, news articles, podcasts, videos, blogs posts, and more.
  • It has an expanded media library with high-quality and free videos and images.
  • Improved and new AI-powered voices that will give your video voice-over a human face.
  • Improved and new advanced video editor that can help produce high-end videos.
  • The system can access up to 75 million new visitors every month through infographics. You can also take advantage of infographic distribution to ImageShack, Imgbb, Flickr, and many other infographic websites.
  • The system can create then distribute infographics very fast
  • User-friendly and beautiful interface.

The LOCI CYCLE System Advantages

Some of the advantages of the Loci System include:

  • The system can be used by anyone to generate income regardless of their experience or technical ability.
  • The users need not deal with customers directly because the AI-Powered automation tool does everything, even attracting visitors to the user’s website.
  • There’s no outsourcers or hiring to pay for
  • You need not pay for any advertising, meaning you won’t need Google Ads, YouTube, or Facebook Ads.
  • You won’t need to keep any inventory or offer any service yourself. You’ll be selling other people’s products and services.
  • The LOCI CYCLE Live Workshop: What is it?

The LOCI CYCLE workshop is an online event that will be availed to you once you enter your email on the LOCI CYCLE website. It is a free event where JAY and CHRIS discuss issues such as:

Why crypto is an expanding niche valued at $2.48 trillion and with over 5,500 opportunities, they also explain how you can tap into this niche without trading or buying crypto.

They explain how you can set up and optimize your business in 1 – 2 hours every week without building your website, paying for traffic, or buying inventory.

They explain why Facebook and Google Ads are the worst methods to generate sales/traffic and why AmpiFire (free traffic generation tool) is the best.

They’ll explain how you can use this system for finding low or zero, high-profit, the proven competition offers that you can use to promote a niche of your choice.

How you can clone this profit-making system to earn over $2,000 per week with no prior experience.

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What The LOCI CYCLE Includes

Once you sign up for this program, you’ll receive a bundle of software tools, PDF guides, online classes, and other bonuses that will transform your life and help you start an online business even if you have no experience or technical background. Here are the items you’ll receive once you sign up.

A 12-Week Live Masterclass

The LOCI CYCLE masterclass is a training program that takes 12 weeks. It includes detailed instructions for scaling, stacking, and building your profits using AmpiFire 2.0 and other amplification techniques. The masterclass is designed to cater to all individuals, no matter the experience levels, including those who do not have any experience running online businesses. According to Jay and Chris, the students they have taught have managed to earn huge profits by implementing what they’ve been taught. Some of their students have no experience in online marketing.

Access to AmpiFire 2.0 Software

Immediately you sign up for the program, you get instant access to AmpiFire software, the only amplification engine in the world. This is cloud-based software, meaning it won’t need any installation. You can start using it mediately to boost traffic to your site from top websites in the world. AmpiFire will share your blogs, podcasts, Infographics, and other content to the top websites globally, helping you attract targeted traffic to your site.

Ultimate Pack: AmpiFire 2.0 Credits

You’ll be awarded 36 AmpiFire 2.0 Credits that you can use with the AmpiFire 2.0 software. The credits will allow you to get free targeted traffic to fuel your site/Loci FARM. JAY and CHRIS claim that AmpiFire software will help you time as you generate high-converting traffic.

Copy and Paste Mini-Site/Loci Farm Mini-site

As has been mentioned, the LOCI CYCLE relies on building mini-sites called Loci Farms. Once you sign up for LOCI CYCLE, you’ll be able to create your mini-site by using the Loci Farm’s Mini-site creation tool. This tool is simple to use, just copying and pasting. It has high-converting, proven mini-website templates that can help you promote the offers you’ve chosen to potential buyers. You’ll get everything needed to create a functional website with no prior experience or technical skill. Just copy and paste the template of your choice and start making money.

Mastermind Community

After signing up to the LOCI CYCLE, you’ll become a member of its private mastermind community. In this community, you’ll be able to share advice and crowdsource the best tips and tactics. You’ll also be able to share your wins to encourage others.

A 12-Month Email Coaching

As a LOCI CYCLE subscriber, you get a 12-month free email coaching to help you get the answers you need. If you have a problem using this system or even creating a Loci Farm and how to earn big, you can email the coaches, and you’ll get a response the same day.

Minisite Builder for a Crypto Loci Farm

JAY and CHRIS have identified over 5,500 opportunities in the crypto niches that you can take advantage of to make some good cash. To help you benefit from this, they have created specific templates for the crypto niche. These templates are designed to help push site visitors towards crypto offers that are highly converting. The copy and paste crypto sites will help you earn even if you don’t buy any cryptos.


As a LOCI CYCLE subscriber, you’ll be provided with a ticket to attend the LOCI CYCLE LIVE, an event that’s part of the LOCI CYCLE 2021 promotion. During the in-person, live event, Chris and Jay will teach the participants how to grow and sustain their online businesses by taking advantage of the LOCI CYCLE. This has been dubbed an accelerator event that can push your business to the next level and help you scale bigger and faster with minimum effort. JAY and CHRIS haven’t chosen the venue or date of the event, but they promise to do so soon.

The LOCI CYCLE Bonuses

The LOCI CYCLE comes with three bonuses, including:

The 90-day Challenge

This Challenge is to help boost your earnings. It will help encourage you to start generating not less than $2,000 per week or in the shortest time possible. The 90-day Challenge is designed to help you achieve this feat in just 90 days. If you follow the program for three months and do all that’s suggested, then you’ll have the best chance of achieving this goal and even earning a full-time income through the LOCI CYCLE. Once you sign up, you’ll see all the details about this Challenge and how you can go about it.

6-Figure Case Studies

This is an eBook that discusses some of the most successful students. The best students in this program have earned vast amounts of money in a short duration. The eBook breaks down what these students did to help them make it big. You’ll learn how to implement the LOCI CYCLE lessons and implement the tips in your online business.

One-to-One Coaching Call

If you want a unique plan tailored to fit your situation, Jay and his experienced team in London will offer you one-on-one coaching and provide you with the skills you need to create an ideal personal strategy for optimizing your online revenue.


Hopefully, you’ve made up your mind to buy the LOCI CYCLE program; if so, there are two payment options you can choose from. You can either make a one-off payment of $3,495 or make four payments of $995 each.

With the second (installments) option, you’ll be required to pay the first $995 to sign up then pay the remaining amount at one-month intervals.

The LOCI CYCLE Moneyback Guarantee

JAY and CHRIS offer a 60-day hassle-free money-back guarantee on the LOCI CYCLE program. This means you’ll get your money back 100% if you feel dissatisfied with the program. This makes the LOCI CYCLE a risk-free investment. It also shows that JAY and CHRIS stand behind this program.


JAY and CHRIS teamed together to create and launch the LOCI CYCLE. Before they met, JAY was stuck in a challenging and less-paying office job. He was looking for the best alternative. He was looking for financial opportunity and freedom. JAY wanted his family to have a good life.

After teaming up with Chris, his life turned around. The company they launched grew so fast. It was the fastest in the industry, with revenue growth of 350%. Today the two entrepreneurs run the LOCI CYCLE, helping other people to grow their online businesses. Today, they have over 100 employees. Their office is in London, but it serves people from all over the world.


CHRIS is an online entrepreneur. He started his online business in the university almost 15 years ago. He was able to make his first $100,000 online using the same techniques that have been incorporated into the LOCI CYCLE. CHRIS has helped over 20,000 people start their online businesses. Today, he runs an eight-figure company and wants to make online methods and businesses accessible to all, including people with no experience.


If you’ve been looking for ways to make some passive cash online, you now have the LOCI CYCLE at your disposal. This is a traffic generation and web creation system that can help you start earning in the shortest time possible. Once you sign up for this program, you’ll get access to traffic generation and automation tools, web-builders, and many bonuses that will help you set up an online business and start earning not less than $2,000 per week. You can learn more about the LOCI CYCLE, the Loci Farm, plus the bonuses by visiting their official website. You can as well sign up today and start your journey towards financial freedom.

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