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The Corporate Vision Winner of 2021: Christian Konopatzki for His Achievements in Affiliate Marketing

It isnt often that you see such young and ambitious talent winning prestigious awards such as the Corporate Vision Small Business Award. So, when young Christian Konopatzki was announced as being in the running for this award, the marketing world was taken aback. Sure enough, his hard work, determination and success in such a short space of time has proven that he is a force to be reckoned with and a well deserving winner if the Corporate Vision Small Business Award for the Best Affiliate Marketing Manager in 2021. Fighting off stiff competition, Konopatzki now joins an elite list of previous winners, all judged by industry experts.

This is not the first time that Christian Konopatzki has been recognised as an up and coming talent in the marketing industry. Previously winning the Global Time Talent Marketing Award, it is no surprise that he was able to stand head and shoulders above the other nominees in this category. Speaking of his previous win, the judges remarked that Konopatzki has proven himself to be one of the most innovative and cutting edge marketers looking to scale their global marketing know how to a broader audience. This ambition certainly did not go unnoticed with the Corporate Vision judges and is clear testament to his drive to succeed.

Corporate Vision is an esteemed organisation that is respected worldwide as champions for small enterprises and the dedicated teams behind them. They not only celebrate the hard work and dedication that goes in to running a business in todays age, but they also support and educate small businesses on how to run an effective organisation and achieve results. The Corporate Vision Small Business Awards have been a major bow in the Corporate Vision string since 2016, and with more businesses shortlisted than ever in 2021, winning such a prestigious award is no easy task. The Corporate Vision stance is that success is not based on the size of a business, the number of employees or the annual turnover. But instead, the level of success is demonstrated through innovation, great products and services, and an exemplary reputation both within the industry and with their clients and customers.

This mindset certainly levels the playing field, allowing both newcomers to business to stand alongside seasoned professionals in the hope of achieving such an award. These awards are split into a variety of categories which include The Global Business Awards, The Ecommerce and Online Retail Awards and the Franchise Awards.

The Corporate Vision Global Business Awards

Over the last 4 years Corporate Vision have been seeking to find and reward hard working individuals that want to excel in their field of business. The judging process of this category is strict and rigorous as the researchers go through each piece of evidence with a fine tooth comb. Previous winners include industry giants from the Aerospace industry, Retail industry and Transport Industry. While this category is the Global Business Awards, companies are not judged on their size but rather judged for their global reach and impact.

The Corporate Vision Ecommerce and Online Retail Awards

With such a change in our retail habits over the last decade, its no wonder that the Corporate Vision Ecommerce and Online Retail Awards category is in such high demand. With more entrants than ever before, the research team have a big task on their hands trying to identify true excellence within them. This category is open to all online retailers and ecommerce companies, regardless of size. Corporate Vision believes that you dont need to be a multinational company in order to make a difference and achieve results. This in turn ensures that no entrepreneur feels left out and that as long astheir skill level, excellent customer service and ongoing commitment to innovation shines through then they are in with a chance of winning in this category.

The Corporate Vision Franchise Awards

The Franchise Award Category is a place for franchisees and franchisers to both be recognised for their hard work and dedication. With more and more franchises offering opportunities for individuals to access the business world in a more viable way, a franchise is no less of an industry. Still competing to innovate, offer great customer service and excel in their field, both franchisers and franchisees need to continue to work hard in order to see results. The Corporate Vision Franchise Awards recognise and reward this hard work. With previous winners holding franchises in the marketing sector, health sector and tech sector, winning one of these awards is open to all.

Corporate Vision; Their Ethos and History

Corporate Vision are a global reaching company who circulate their publication to over 150,000 business leaders and industry experts. Focusing on aiding all businesses to excel, they provide not only informative publications but also provide a wealth of information and advice to help ensure thatbusinesses excel no matter what stage of their business. They believe that its not all about how big your company gets or how much you turnover, its about the impact you have on the world and how hard you strive to turn that impact into success.

Their advice covers everything from setting up your business, to utilising creative tools to help build on it. They also have a great deal of help for franchises and how to stand out in a crowd that could otherwise look the same. They have specialist advisors on hand to help with any tech queries and guidance, but where their advice really excels is their business leadership. Helping to train and build better leaders, Corporate Vision understand only too well how imperative it is to have forward thinking leadership to take businesses to the next level.


As you can see, this organisation prides itself on its integrity and high standards, which is why its no surprise that the judging criteria for their awards are so stringent. Before shortlisting occurs for each award, a team of researchers come together to assess and veto all the applicants and their submitted materials. Once these have been assessed, the researchers present a case to the judges for each candidate that is shortlisted. In order to qualify for the shortlist, candidates need to show excellence in client dedication, longevity, innovation, business growth, business performance, online reputation and customer feedback.

Each candidate must provide examples of their achievements in each category which is then analysed by the researchers. As the data is processed, the shortlist is narrowed down to just a few potential winners. This is a rigorous and gruelling process which sorts the wheat from the chaff and leaves just the cream of the crop. Its no wonder that Christian Konopatzki excelled at this challenge and was awarded the 2021 Corporate Vision Small Business Award for the Best Affiliate Marketing Manager, despite the stiff competition.

As well as being awarded with this global accolade, winners of the Corporate Vision Awards also receive a full support and media package from Corporate Visions in house marketing team. This support comes in the form of several different promotional packages that are specifically designed for those who have made it through the rigorous testing of the researchers and judges. The packages include (but are not limited to) free publicity, publications in their global publications and additional advertising opportunities that small businesses and entrepreneurs would greatly benefit from. With Corporate Vision being such a worldwide name and with offices in several countries, this sort of promotional offer is worth more than any small business could ever afford.

All of this support stems from the Corporate Vision ethos to help businesses in all sectors to work smarter, better and gain better traction in their field. Focusing on education and support, Corporate Vision provides advice, guidance and specialist research across many different industries and across many different countries. Four such advocates of this ethos are the judging panel for the Small Business Awards. These industry experts are Martyn Walters, Jeremy Roe, Laura Hunter and Steve Simpson.

Martyn Walters is the Lead Researcher for the Corporate Vision Small Business Awards. Searching for those who truly excel, he has years of experience identifying quality over quantity. Jeremy Roe, Head of Research, has an eye for detail and analytically compares each case. Laura Hunter heads up the Small Business Awards as the Awards Manager who specialises in identifying business that are scalable and have future growth potential. Steve Simpson is the Senior Awards Executive who, whilst helping to find winning candidates, also focuses on promoting the winner and providing them with the support and guidance they require after winning such a prestigious award.

Christian Konopatzki not only met the criteria that these 4 industry experts hold, but he excelled it to the point of beating all other candidates and has proven himself to be the ultimate winner for 2021. Christian Konopatzki is the CEO of his own marketing company CTARS, an affiliate platform that he built from the ground up. Renowned in the affiliate marketing world as a sales and print on demand genius, he has worked tremendously hard to get to where he is today and understands that perseverance gets results.

Based in Dubai, CTARS aims to help other affiliate marketers to grow in their own success and teaches them the tools needed to make a career in marketing a success. As affiliate marketing grows, so do the opportunities and with it now being an accessible and broad industry, CTARS promotes that anyone can become an affiliate marketer and turn it into a career. Aiming to disrupt the traditional marketing landscape, Christian Konopatzki wants to show others how to do just that and by creating more disruption, change the landscape for all.

His desire to help nurture others growth clearly helped Christian Konopatzki to win the Small Business Affiliate Marketing Manager Award for 2021. Speaking earlier in the year on nurturing other peoples talents and abilities, he said I have been so lucky with the life that Im leading, and I want to give something back. I am always here to give advice to those in the affiliate marketing field. This passion to grow and develop an entire generation of affiliate marketers and to pass down his knowledge down is just one of the reasons that he is a winner now and will train winners for the future.

In order to develop this new and emerging talent, Christian Konopatzki has yet again used his innovation and industry knowledge to create a mentorship program. Sharing his approach to affiliate marketing, sharing industry insights and helping others to mould a scalable business model, Konopatzki has created a range of resources including courses, books and videos to produce a step by step guide on how to create a successful career in affiliate marketing. Using his lived experience as a way to help others avoid pitfalls, this sort of resource will be invaluable to anyone looking to pursue a career in affiliate marketing.

But what is the secret to Christian Konopatzkis success? He believes it is not about a hard and fast algorithm or a set procedure to follow. He believes that the art of affiliate marketing is to create a relationship with consumers and to share products with them rather than to sell at them. Throughout his courses, he covers not just the basics of the technology, software and sourcing, but more importantly how to build that relationship between buyer and seller that makes the difference between a few sales and thousands.

With an eye still firmly on the future, its unlikely that Christian Konopatzki will take any time to enjoy his victory for his Corporate Vision Small Business Award for Best Affiliate Marketing Manager of 2021. He is too busy planning his growth and mentorship program to help build affiliate marketing from an emerging industry into a global industry. This award has not only shown what Christian Konopatzki can achieve as an affiliate marketer, but what an entire generation could achieve under his mentorship.

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