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The Best Tools for Affiliate Marketing (That We Use!)

Wondering what the best tools for affiliate marketing are? 

Go online, and youll find varying opinions about which tools to use and which ones to ignore forever.

The truth is, which tools are best for you really depends…well, on you.

The same is true for me.

Im not here to argue with public opinion, but simply to tell you which tools I personally use for all my sites, plus why I love them.

Do these tools work?

You bet.

In fact, theyre part of the reason I was able to scale as an affiliate marketer and make it to earning roughly $40k per month.

Ready to find what my top-rated tools are?

Lets dive right in. 

Quick note before we begin.

I run a company with a sizable team, which means some of the tools I use arent needed if youre a one-man show. 

Dont worry.

In the sections below, Ill drop a quick note when Im talking about a team tool, and whether or not you need it.

Lets go!

  1. Best Keyword Research Tool: KWFinder

Source: KWFinder

Pricing: Starts at $29.90/month with a 7-day free trial.

If I could go back in time and meet my newbie affiliate marketer self

…the one tool Id recommend to past me is KWFinder. 

And its the same for all beginners.

KWFinder makes keyword research super simple. 

Its like a bike with trainer wheels – you just hop on and go. No need to learn skills. No need for experience.

Just open up your dashboard, type in your keyword, and all the data will be displayed to you in one simple, eye-pleasing spread.

Like this.


Source: KWFinder

Now, Ill let you in on a little secret.

Ive been in the affiliate marketing space for more than a decade, but I still use KWFinder.  


Well, because its super user-friendly, making it a great time-saver.

Its perfect for those days when you have a keyword idea in your head, but only have five seconds to pop into a tool and get all the data you need on it. 

  1. Best All-Around SEO Tool: Ahrefs

Source: Ahrefs

Pricing: Starts at $99/month with a 7-day trail for $7. 

Heres a sad truth about affiliate marketing:

A ton of influencers promote stuff simply to make the extra buck. 

Not me. 

In fact, Im promoting Ahrefs even when it doesnt have an affiliate program.


Because I love it. 


Even if you never get another all-in-one SEO tool, youll have everything you need with Ahrefs.

This savvy tool allows you to:

  • Do in-depth audits on websites
  • Analyze your competitors
  • Get complete data on keywords 
  • Track your keyword rankings 
  • Learn what your audience is searching for 
  • Find link building opportunities 
  • And more!

Heres an insider view of how I use Ahrefs to keep track of and maintain this website. 


Source: Ahrefs

Note: If youre just starting out and only require the basics of keyword research data, you can skip Ahrefs for now and stick to only KWFinder. However, if youre in the more advanced stage, have more than one website, or want to get super serious about strategically planning your way to the top of the SERPs, youll love Ahrefs. 

  1. Best WordPress Theme: Thrive Theme Builder 


Pricing: $19/month (billed annually) 

Want to know a secret about me?

I like to keep things simple.

Which means, if I find a tool thats easier to use than one Im currently using

…I dont hesitate to make the switch. (Given that both tools have the same great quality, of course.)

This is why I switched from using Divi to Thrive Theme Builder.

Although the site youre on right now was created with Divi, I later jumped onto the Thrive boat and built all my other sites with it.

The truth is, Thrive is just so much easier to use and manage.

It saves me a ton of time and effort.

Plus, it has a unique feature called Quiz Builder, which is a fun way to drive more traffic and earn more links for your site. 

Heres a quiz I built for my real estate site:



  1. Best WordPress Plugin: Yoast SEO

Source: Yoast

Pricing: FREE or $89 (one-time payment) for the Premium Version with additional features 

Yoast SEO is the ultimate plugin to get if you care about ranking on Google.

In fact, if you dont plan on using it, you should just quit affiliate marketing altogether. 


The Yoast SEO plugin helps you optimize your content so it shows up well on search engines. 

It aids you with:

  • Indexing 
  • Updating your content (youll get notifications if you havent updated content in six months)
  • Optimizing meta titles and descriptions 
  • Previewing snippets for search or social media 
  • Keeping your content simple and readable
  • Avoiding duplicate content
  • Marking links as no-follow or sponsored
  • And more!

One thing I love about this plugin is the Yoast box you get whenever you edit your WordPress post or page. 


Source: Yoast

Youll find it at the bottom of the edit page, and it makes getting the right title and meta description length super easy. 

Source: Yoast

Plus, it does have helpful tips on whether your content is SEO-optimized. I personally dont use this, but it can be very helpful if youre not an expert at SEO writing yet. 


Source: Yoast

Yoast SEO is the best plugin for SEO.

You simply cant survive todays cutthroat SERP battle without it. 

  1. Best Lead Capture/Email Marketing Software: AWeber

Source: AWeber

Pricing: FREE for first 500 subscribers, then $26.15/month (billed annually) 

If youve started noticing a trend in this blog, then youre right.

The trend: tools that are easy to use.

Personally, I dont see the point of using hard tools.

I mean, theyre supposed to make your work faster and easier, right?

The same is true with AWeber.

Heres a look at my Aweber dashboard: 


Source: AWeber

AWeber is my favorite all-in-one lead generation/email marketing tool today.

It makes capturing leads, then sending them automated emails, a piece of cake. 

Plus, it allows you to:

  • Personalize your emails 
  • Choose from a ton of responsive templates
  • Build savvy landing pages
  • Set autoresponder options
  • Get access to reporting and split testing data
  • And more!

You might have also seen this little pop-up when you landed on our website: 

TOOLS FOR AFFILIATE MARKETING 105 low-competition niches

Source: 105 Low-Competition Niches

Well guess what?

I made that using Aweber. 

(P.S., if you didnt see the pop-up but want the niches, you can get them here).

I also love how affordable it is (you dont have to pay a cent unless youve grown your list over 500 subscribers).

  1. Best Hosting: WPEngine

Source: WPEngine 

Pricing: Starts at $25/month 

What I love most about WPEngine is its superior performance. 

It offers great page loading speed, plus a page performance solution that runs tests on your site, helping you make improvements. 

That said, I dont recommend WPEngine to everyone.

Personally, I use it because I have 9 websites.

If youre just starting out and only have one or two sites, I recommend Bluehost. You can get started with BlueHost at only $3.95/month, and get everything you need for a fast and responsive site. 

You can check out my guide to web hosting for affiliate marketers here: 

Best Web Hosting for Affiliate Marketers (Best Overall, Best Budget, and Best Performance Web Hosts)

Both WPEngine and BlueHost offer the best balance between awesomeness and price. 

  1. Best Graphics Tool: Canva

Source: Canva

Pricing: FREE or Pro ($4/month) 

I seriously dont know how the world survived before Canva.

I think back on pre-Canva days, and see nothing but darkness.

Probably my brain has blocked the bad memories of trying to get designs done without a simple, savvy, dummy-friendly tool.

Honestly, even if you dont have an artistic bone in your body, you can create awesome designs with Canva in a few clicks. 

You can create:

  • Social media post graphics
  • Prints
  • Business cards
  • Logos
  • Flyers
  • Presentations
  • Resumes 
  • Calendars 
  • Basically everything and anything you can think of that needs digital design 

Heres a sneak peek to get you excited: 

Source: Canva 

And here are some of the designs I use for social media:

Source: Canva 

And here are some statistics from our 105 out-of-the-box niches report:

Source: Canva 

If you have a large team, you can go for the Enterprise Plan ($30/month) and enjoy additional features such as collaboration with team members, stock images, and a digital asset management platform. 

  1. Best Writing Tools: Grammarly, Hemingway Editor, and SmallSeoTools Plagiarism Checker

Want to produce better content?

Here are three tools I use. 

Grammarly – The best spelling/punctuation/grammar checker on the planet. Comes in FREE and PAID ($30/month) versions. I recommend getting the paid one. Its 100% worth it. The difference? The free version only checks for spelling and grammar. The paid one delves into all sorts of stuff like tone, clarity, and vocabulary. 

Source: Grammarly

Hemingway Editor – The goal of this awesome tool is to ensure you dont use difficult and jargon-heavy sentences, which will cause your readers to bail. What I love is the color codes it uses to indicate whether your sentences are easy, hard, or very hard to read. It also helps you get rid of wordy phrases and useless adverbs.

Source: hemingwayapp

Small SEO Tools Plagiarism Checker – This all-in-one tool helps you check whether your writing is unique…or whether youre in danger of plagiarism. I use this tool mainly because I have a team of writers and need to check for consistent quality…but you can use this as a team-of-one as well, just to be sure youre not copying anyones work word for word. 

Source: smallseotools

  1. Best Team Tool: Trello

Source: Trello 

Pricing: FREE, Business Class ($10/month), and Enterprise ($17.50/month) 

Trello is a great tool for keeping your team organized.

It comes with cards that team members can update and move around, so your workflow is smooth and you can keep track of tasks in progress. 

Source: Trello 

For me, Trello is the alternative to having a brick-and-mortar office. 

It makes handling a remote team easy and pain-free.

Plus, if you have a larger team, you can upgrade to the Business or Enterprise plans, which offer additional features such as unlimited boards, a workspace where you can combine multiple boards, a calendar where you can visualize different cards on a timeline, and more. 

Of course, only go for Trello if you have a team. Its unnecessary if youre a one-man-show. 

  1. Best Tracking Tool: Google Analytics 

Source: Google Analytics

Pricing: FREE for anyone with a Google account 

Looking for a comprehensive tool that allows you to dive deep into audience insights, conversion, and acquisition? 

Look no further than Google Analytics. 

With this awesome free tool, you can find out:

  • How many visitors your site is getting
  • Their demographics 
  • What time theyre viewing your pages
  • Which pages theyre spending time on 
  • And more

In short, Google Analytics shows you how your visitors are using your website. 

Its the perfect tool for finding out who your audience is and how theyre interacting with your digital brand. 

All right!

Now that Ive shown you the best tools for affiliate marketing (based on my personal experience), youre ready to go ahead and pick which ones you feel will be right for you. 

Remember, dont take my word for it (although it helps).

Give these tools a test drive first. 

The best part is, most of them offer free or affordable trials, so you can try them out without huge commitment. 

Of course, people are different, which means theres a tiny chance youll hate the tools Ive recommended. 

Still…Ive been using them to grow my affiliate sites and earn $40k/month, so you could at least give them a chance. (You wont regret it.) 

Happy testing!

Image credits:

All screenshots taken by the author, August, 2021 

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