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The spring of 2022 is a great chance to boost your income with fresh ideas and new opportunities. To receive up to $5000 bonus, you have to do what you do best: drive traffic to the AdsEmpireoffers. The rule is simple: the more traffic you drive, the more cash bonus you get. Drive as much traffic as possible to increase your chances of getting the highest bonus!

To enter the competition, you must:

  • Be an AdsEmpire partner
  • Bring as much traffic as possible to all available GEOs and Offers
  • Validate the quality of traffic with your manager
  • Get a $$$ bonus at the end of each month
  • The bonus is calculated as a difference for each previous month. Volumes of traffic are expected to increase month by month. The bonus after a drop is calculated as a difference for the month in which there was traffic growth.

The contest is valid from March 16 till May 31.

Spend growth Bonus
$1,000 $3,000 $100
$3,001 $5,000 $300
$5,001 $10,000 $500
$10,001 $25,000 $1,000
$25,001 $50,000 $1,500
$50,001 $75,000 $2,500
$75,001 $99,000 $3,750
At least $100,000 $5,000
For each further $100,000 $5,000

*Note that the bonus amount depends on your monthly commission growth during the bonus period.

For any details and information about the contest, please contact Darina: Telegram @derri_vi or Skype @doroshenko_dar.

May luck be with you, and may traffic conversion exceed all your previous results!Lets begin the contest!

Check outthe hottest SOI offers to help you reach the traffic goal:

  • Flirtymature, Lustylocals, SeduceyouAU $6.0 web/ mob $5.5
  • Becoquin, Onenightfriend, VoisinssolitairesCA $3.0 web / mob $2.5
  • Meetwild, Naughtydate, Together2nightUS $3.0 web / mob $2.5
  • Senzapudore, Soloavventure, FlirtsenzalimitiIT $2.75 web / mob $2.5
  • Igetnaughty, IwantuSG $2.5 web / mob $2.5
  • Bonsengates, OnenightfriendPT $1.7 web / mob $1.5
  • Wildmeets, ZhavenociCZ $2.5 web / mob $2.5
  • Datesgern, Schatzitreffen, Gibmirdeinherz, TriffreifefrauenDE/AU $4.0 web / mob $4.0

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