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Showing Incredible Entrepreneurial Spirit Is A Young Talent, Amber Gandotra

The way certain businesses, industries and sectors have been developing and progressing, especially from the past few years, only goes to show how relentlessly and passionately certain professionals and entrepreneurs have worked their way to the top. Putting in newer ideas on the table, creating new strategies every day and walking with the current times have helped a few youngsters create milestones in the business world. Doing exactly that is one such young entrepreneurial talent named Amber Gandotra, the Jammu boy making it huge across the country with his impeccable business sense. Entering the world of business was no rosy road for him, but his determination and hard work acted as his best friends and led him towards massive success across niches. 

Wondering who is Amber Gandotra? This young man from Jammu, India, is a young entrepreneur born in 1998. From a very early age, if anything that attracted his attention the most was all things business, thanks to also his father, a businessman himself, being an Authorised Distributor and dealer for companies like Kirloskar, Bosch, Havells, Siemens etc., who inspired him in ways more than one. 

Amber Gandotra began his journey at the naive age of 16 and, since then, has kept consistent on his path to achieve his desired success in the world of business. He began with blogging and created success with Google AdSense and affiliate marketing and went ahead to own as good as 250+ websites. He is among the few rare young business talents of the country who has been doing exceedingly well across different industries like digital marketing, IT, salon, restaurants, cafes, and more.  

Today, the 23-year-old owns multiple cafes and food outlets like Brewers – The Coffee Bar, Wraps Mania, The Gol Chakkar Cafe, Amritsari Special Kulcha King and Jammu Special Paranthe Vali Gali. Apart from this, he also owns The Trends Inn Salon, which has been making a lot of buzz in the city with its incredible beauty and salon services.

 Amber Gandotra is a passionate poker player as well on platforms like Adda52, PokerBaazi and Spartan Poker.

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