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Review HostGators Managed Wordpress Hosting From Real Customer Read This Now

Is Managed HostGator WordPress Hosting Worth The Money? How Fast Is Managed WordPress Hosting From HostGator? Is Managed WordPress Hosting Worth The Extra Money Over A Straight Shared Hosting Environment? Is The Security Better In A Managed WordPress Hosting Environment Over A Shared Plan?

Find out the answer to all these questions and many more in my review of Hostgator Managed WordPress hosting from a real customer ( Yours truly the dude writing this blog post:) ) and decide for yourself if a managed WordPress solution is the way to go for your particular situation and your business.

If you do decide that you want to go the Hostgators managed WordPress hosting route after reading my review just click that big red link or the banner directly below and save yourself some big money starting up your new managed WordPress site or sites.

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If you decide against a Hostgator-managed WordPress hosting environment that is cool as well, thanks for checking out my personal review, as a long-time customer of HostGator and fairly new to the Hostgator-managed WordPress hosting environment as well as an existing customer.

I feel confident that I can give you the information that you are seeking in this Hostgator-managed WordPress review so that you can make an informed buying decision on a Hostgator-managed WordPress hosting package from HostGator.

My job is to educate you before you make a buying decision on the right web hosting solution for your particular needs.

With that being said, let’s dive into this Hostgator Managed WordPress review here;

Review HostGators Managed Wordpress Hosting From Real Customer Read This NowReview HostGators Managed Wordpress Hosting From Real Customer Read This Now

My Personal Experiences With HostGator Throughout The Years And Why I Decided To Upgrade To Hostgators Managed WordPress Solution After Many Years On The Baby Shared Plan?

This blog that you are reading this review on is over a decade old wowsers, right? Dinosaur years as far as the Internet goes:) it is a well-established blog with a lot of good content where I do product reviews, and marketing-related stuff mostly affiliates marketing-related.

Why, am I telling you this? It is simply because I have hosted my blog with HostGator this entire time.

Yep, over 12 long years most of the time, this particular blog was hosted on Hostgator shared baby plan which works if you only want to publish a few pages of content, and do not really care too much about adding content to your blog, and really taking your business to the next levels in the near future.

Shared Webhosting that was not in the WordPress hosting environment, worked for me for years, but looking back I was really selling myself short.

For the most part, Hostgators’ typical shared hosting account worked as promised, but if you are growing let’s just say a blog for example, then you may run into some issues after a while as your internet asset grows.

I started adding quite a few plugins to speed up my blog, for SEO purposes, caching plugins, content writing, the list goes on and on.

As my blogs content, traffic, and plugins I installed grew.

I started running into problems with the Hostgator Webhosting server, and they actually shut down my site on numerous occasions, because I was using too many resources on their shared server such as scripts, plugins, etc… and when one site is using too many resources it can affect every website or blog that is inside that hosting environment, so they will not hesitate to protect their assets, which I can not blame them for.

For one;

I had to get caching for my hosting account to cut down on the impact my site was having on Hostgator shared servers.

I signed up for Cloudflare and had to integrate Cloudflare with my baby package HostGator account which was a real pain in the ass to get everything set up b.t.w.

This combination worked but my site was still on the slow side and I had to use Cloudflare integrated with HostGator which was not my ideal hosting situation.

I needed to up my game, and fast, if I wanted to keep playing with the big boys in the internet marketing game.

Google ranks sites by a variety of factors and no one knows every factor unless you are on the inside.

But the major ones are pretty much well known and made public like the speed of the site, HTTPS enabled is a ranking factor nowadays, great content, backlinks, the list goes on and on.

I could kill 4 birds with one stone right from the get-go by buying a HostGator’s Managed WordPress hosting package and without spending that much more money to boot.

Double the speed, free HTTPS with every package, free backups, free security built inside the WordPress environment to protect your prized asset from hackers and malware.

I decided to up my game and I purchased the optimized managed WordPress hosting from HostGator.

I run a WordPress blog it is kind of a no-brainer and I will get more free traffic from Google just by making the simple switch to an actual WordPress hosting environment.

It’s a win on all fronts for me.

Here is what I found out after being a HostGator-managed WordPress customer for the past 6 months.

I am going to answer all the questions that I would potentially ask, and the questions that you are probably thinking if I was you and I was thinking of going the managed WordPress route.

I already did, this review is for you!

Let the games begin!

Here Is My Review Of HostGators Managed WordPress Hosting

Review HostGators Managed Wordpress Hosting From Real Customer Read This NowReview HostGators Managed Wordpress Hosting From Real Customer Read This Now
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Is The Managed HostGator Shared Environment Worth The Money Over Your Typical Shared Or Cloud Hosing Environment?

For me and my particular situation 1000% if you are running WordPress or thinking about starting a blog and you want that blog to grow and you also want your hosting environment to grow with you then an optimized WordPress platform is well worth it and then some.

You will get way more in terms of benefits by going the optimized WordPress hosting route than by going with your typical shared Webhosting environment.

On the other end of the spectrum, if you are just planning on making a simple site that you do not update often then Hostgator shared cloud hosting should fit your needs perfectly.

But, like I said if you plan on growing your blog or website by adding regular content, adding as many plugins as you want, not worrying about website security, having a 2 to 5x faster site, free HTTPS for customer security, and your boys at Google, etc, etc…

Then I highly suggest you pay a few extra bucks and go with the HostGator managed WordPress hosting plan it is a no-brainer in my book.

The benefits far outweigh the few extra bucks it will cost you to go the managed WordPress route.

How Fast Is Hostgators Managed WordPress Environment?

Superfast! 2 to 5 times faster than the lower-end shared hosting providers offer on their basic hosting plans!

Ask yourself this question? Is more free traffic, more sales, and a better all-around user experience worth it to you?

B.T.W. This site as I mentioned earlier is running on the Hostgator-managed WordPress platform go ahead and play around and see how fast it loads.

F.Y.I. I have a lot of plugins installed and a heavy theme to boot just think what a lightweight or fresh WordPress install can do.

Review HostGators Managed Wordpress Hosting From Real Customer Read This NowReview HostGators Managed Wordpress Hosting From Real Customer Read This Now
Speed test G.T. Metrix my managed WordPress site through Hostgator
Review HostGators Managed Wordpress Hosting From Real Customer Read This NowReview HostGators Managed Wordpress Hosting From Real Customer Read This Now
Pingdom tools speed test [ Under 1 second load time on a heavy content blog ]

Is The Control Panel Or Dashboard In A HostGator Managed WordPress Environment Easy To Navigate Even If You Are A Beginner?

Very easy to navigate. I am going to show you how in my review video at the end of this blog post and I am also going to show you a screenshot inside my HostGator customer portal to boot.

Super simple to navigate and use and it is laid out as follows.

WordPress admin, cache settings = Your site loading even faster, email accounts, Sitelock [ website security ] SSL/ and manage FTP which you will probably never use.

Pretty damn simple to navigate Hostgators managed WordPress control panel, they really simplified things, making it as easy as possible for their customers.

I think my dog Thor and his big old paws on the keyboard could figure this one out.

Not really, but you get the point it’s super easy even for the worst of the worst non-tech geeks.

Review HostGators Managed Wordpress Hosting From Real Customer Read This NowReview HostGators Managed Wordpress Hosting From Real Customer Read This Now

Is The Security Better With HostGators Managed WordPress Hosting Over Your Typical Cheaper Shared Option?

You do not get free security with any lower-end shared hosting plan like you do for free with a HostGator-managed WordPress hosting package.

So, you are more prone to being hacked and malware problems with your traditional shared web hosting account.

Peace of mind is way underpriced, and it is included with all of Hostgator’s managed WordPress hosting packages to protect your assets.

List Of Some Of The Perks Of Hostgators WordPress Hosting That You May Want To Consider In This Review

  1. 2 to 5 times faster load times and site performance over traditional shared webhosting
  2. Website security included with all of Hostgators optimized wordpress packages.
  3. Free domain included
  4. I site package good up until 100,000 visits and more. If you have 2 or 3 sites you can upgrade your managed wordpress package and receive more resources, speed, and 200,000 to 500,000 monthly visits.
  5. Unmetered storage space
  6. Free SSL included with all of Hostgators managed wordpress packages, which makes you look more professional, and helps you rank better in the search engines to boot for more free traffic.
  7. Free malware removal if you happen to get malware.
  8. Hostgators optimized wordpress packages offer free site migrations so if you want to change plans from another hosting provider then HostGator has got you covered which is another big plus.
  9. All plugins and updates are managed for you so you do not have to do a thing but worry about producing great content for your blog, or website, and concentrate on making sales. How do you like dem apples?
  10. Automatic daily backups of your website as well as file level restore to protect your assets. So, in a nutshell you wont have to get a backup plugin or hire a third party to backup your site in case something bad happens which is priceless! B.T.W. 1 gig for the starter package, 2 gigs for the standard package, and 3 gigs for the business package. Most everyone reading this review will be covered unless your running Forbes, or the Huffington post, or any other huge site. Anyways, you get my point:)

Now, that you have seen my personal review of Hostgator-managed WordPress packages based on my personal customer experience.

Let, me show you around a bit in the video below so that you can make a very informed buying decision based on my review.

To go or not to go the managed WordPress route that is the question.


You Know What They Say A Video Is Worth A 100,000 Words: In My HostGator Managed WordPress Hosting Review Video Below I Will Show You Inside My HostGator Managed WordPress Account, What It Looks Like? The Speed Of How Fast My Site Loads? How Easy It Is To Navigate Etc…

[ HostGator Review Video Coming Very Soon ]

Have you tried Hostgators managed WordPress Hosting? If So I Would Love To Hear Your FB Comments Below So You Can Tell Me About It:)

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