Affiliate Marketing promises US real estate professionals an easy way to monetize their network

At the same, a broker or agent is commonly the go-to person for the numerous questions new homeowners might have from moving and decorating to choosing the best broadband provider. However, until today, REPs would get no tangible benefit from these recommendations that create value for both the homeowner and the companies they are referred to. Realthy seeks to change that.

With, real estate agents and brokers can access a range of services that homebuyers can benefit from. By referring their clients to these services, REPs earn a commission that can complement their monthly income, making it more diversified and predictable.

Unlike other affiliate marketing programs, the Realthy platform does not require a strong social media presence or hours spent online. The referral process is straightforward and integrates nicely with the offline interactions REPs have with their potential and past clients every day.

As Tadas Cekavicius, CEO of Full Reach Inc. the Bay Area company behind states: “With our platform, real estate professionals can monetize their personal brand, while homebuyers get a network of services tailored for whatever life challenges arise.”

Ryan Gilbert, the founder of Launchpad Capital and part of the team behind, notes the genuine excitement for such a platform: “The positive feedback from my network and other proptechs has been great. To have this traction from the very beginning and see this initial interest confirms to me that can provide definite value to both real estate professionals and their clients.”

In addition to unlocking additional income opportunities, Realthy also offers perks and offers that agents and brokers can benefit from themselves (like creating legal documents or generating additional leads). At launch, the platform lists a number of such offers at discounted prices.

For more information, follow Realthy online and connect [email protected].


SOURCE Full Reach Inc.

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