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Rank IQ Review Video – New Blogging SEO Software [ 2022 ]

Welcome to my in-depth Rank IQ review where I will be covering the Ins and outs of the Rank IQ SEO software for bloggers, that helps bloggers pick lucrative keyword terms, in hundreds of niches, with low competition and high traffic, that you can rank on the first pages of Google for quickly and easily for.

Rank IQ did the hard work of taking keyword research out of the equation for you, so you can concentrate on creating epic blog posts that rank #1 on Google.

Hit play on the video below, and see my Rank IQ review + Rank IQ demo from an actual paying customer that uses the Rank IQ software daily, to see if it is right for you and your blogging needs.

What Is Rank IQ?

Rank IQ finds bloggers low competition keyword phrases with a ton of searches that you can rank in the top ten of Google for in about a hundred various niches from cooking, business, blogging, entrepreneurship, and everything in between. [ See video above for a breakdown of all the niches ]

Rank IQ software uses artificial intelligence that tells you exactly what Google is looking for based on the top ten Google listings ranking for a particular keyword phrase.

Rank IQ Breaks Everything Down Easily IN 3 Beginner-Friendly Tabs

  • Rank IQ tells you the recommended titles Google likes to see in the top ranking blog posts on Google.
  • Rank IQ tells you the recommended word count to break into the top ten Google front page listings and ultimately take the #1 spot.
  • Rank IQ tells you the exact keyword phrases to put into your blog post based on relevance that Google wants to see to break into the top spots of Google for particular keyword phrases.
  • Rank IQ grades you blog post and content from an F to an A++ based on the grades of the other top performing content on Google so you know exactly what you need to do and how to do it to over take the top spots on Google.
  • Rank IQ saves you a ton of time with keyword research and content optimization so you as a blogger can concentrate on creating excellent content that ranks on the first page of Google.
  • Rank IQ software creator is one of the best keyword research pros in the World his blogs generate millions of views monthly he is investing his time @ energy into finding the lowest competition keywords in hundreds of niches for you with low competition and high traffic.
  • Rank IQ creator Brandon Gaille has a private FB group for all customers where he will answer any question that you may have on the Rank IQ software or SEO in general as well as doing keyword research for you if your niche is not listed in the database.
  • Rank IQ has a few million low competition keywords with high traffic in the database that you can create blog content around and rank for quickly.

Who Is Brandon Gaille Creator Of Rank IQ?

Rank IQ was created by keyword research expert and blogger Brandon Gaille who’s blogs are responsible for generating millions of views monthly from his blogs in various niches that generate him millions of dollars yearly in annual revenue.

Brandon Gaille created his Ran IQ SEO blogging software because he realized keyword research done correctly is very time-consuming and a tedious process that holds a lot of bloggers back from succeeding with their blogs.

Rank IQ Demo

In my Rank IQ Review above I am going to be showing you the Rank IQ SEO blogging software in action, and how to use it so you can outrank your competition fast, quick, and easy.

I will be going over all the easy-to-use Rank IQ features as well as all the Rank IQ pricing plans to find you the perfect plan for your budget that fits your blogging needs.

Rank IQ Pricing:

Rank IQ pricing plans are as follows below:

  • Rank IQ Lite Plan: $29.00 P/M [ 8 A.I. Reports ]
  • RankIQ Standard Plan: $49.00 P/M [ 16 A.I. Reports ]
  • Rank IQ Pro Plan $99.00 P/M [ 36 A.I. Reports ]
  • Rank IQ Agency Plan $199.00 P/M [ 80 A.I. Reports ]

Rank IQ Review [ 2022 ]:

I love the Rank IQ SEO blogging software for its ease of use and the time-saving ability for me to find low competition longer tail keywords that I can target and create epic content around that I know will rank so I am not wasting my valuable time.

My final Rank IQ review is 4.5/5 stars it is almost the perfect SEO software for bloggers.

I just wish more A.I. reports were available on the different Rank IQ pricing plans for those of us who like to blog a lot.

But, other than that it is an ingenious SEO software tool for bloggers who want to grow their blogs and skyrocket their traffic.

Rank IQ Review Positives:

  • Rank IQ is a huge timesaver for bloggers.
  • Makes keyword research non existant or at least cuts the time spent doing KW research way way down.
  • Millions of low competition keywords in the database in all sorts of niches from food bloggers to entrepreneurship that you can rank for.
  • Pricing is below industry standards for blogging keyword tools that are similar but offer less features.
  • Content optimizer tool is a game changer for bloggers [ My favorite feature besides the low competition kw finder research tool itself. ]
  • Rank IQ is a very easy to use and beginners friendly software for anyone regardless of experience level.
  • Rank IQ video training is well presented and payed out that shows you how to use the softwarefor maximum benefits.

Rank IQ Negatives:

  • Needs more A.I. reports in my opinion per pricing plans.
  • More niches need to be added to the ever growing database.

Other than that Rank IQ gets 2 thumbs up from me, and I will be a long-time Rank IQ customer for the foreseeable future.

P.S. I actually saved money by cutting Ahrefs and going with a cheaper keyword research tool in the process

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