Promote Gambling Without Saying Casino

Gambling is one of the so-called evergreen verticals, which means that it does not lose its attraction and profitability over time. Therefore, this niche is always highly-saturated with both affiliate marketers and advertisers. And it is very competitive. But more than that, gambling is not a universally acclaimed leisure, i.e., it is prohibited or at least frowned upon in some countries.

All this leads to several reasons why you would want to pass your gambling creatives for something else:

  1. New angles and approaches that allow to catch specific or, on the contrary, the widest possible slices of the audience.
  2. Low-frequency keywords, because its hard to compete for keys like casino online with big media buying teams or even marketing agencies that can afford much higher bids.
  3. Big traffic sources like Facebook and TikTok have strict content regulations that do not allow gambling-related topics on the platforms.

So, the solution to all of these is give a try to less obvious casino-related keywords that will still get your message across to the audience, but have a chance to go under the moderators radar.

Promote Gambling Without Saying Casino

Things That Cannot Be Named

In linguistics, there is such a term as euphemism. By definition, its a word or an expression that is used to substitute something that may be offensive or cause any sort of trouble. Basically, it means sugar-coating your speech to make it sound nicer and more polite. And euphemisms are exactly your go-to solution for a campaign that has to avoid mentioning a specific keyword like casino.

We have compiled several lists of less frequent keywords that have high chances of telling your target audience that you have a cool casino offer one click away without triggering moderation bots.

In short, you can:

  • Name different games, actors, or items that are used in a gambling house
  • Use different euphemisms for casino
  • Use CTA-phrases and similar expressions that imply playing or winning


Promote Gambling Without Saying Casino

Associated terms

  • active players
  • baccarat
  • boost balance
  • cards
  • craps table
  • dealer/live dealer
  • funny money (playing for tokens instead of real money)
  • jackpot
  • keno/keno games
  • machines/slot machines
  • punto banco
  • reels
  • roulette
  • sabong
  • slots/slots game/slots online
  • spins
  • wheel of fortune
  • pokies

You can also test out other casino-related games depending on your target GEO (for example, pachinko for Japan).


  • azino (redirects to casino)
  • earning app
  • looking for players
  • rolete online/game (redirects to roulette)
  • table games


  • big win
  • bonus/get bonus
  • fortune
  • free chips
  • free spins
  • millionaire/road to a millionaire
  • try your luck
  • win


When it comes to online gambling, French (like many other languages) has many borrowings from English, so give a try to all English casino games too.

Promote Gambling Without Saying Casino Promote Gambling Without Saying Casino

Associated terms

  • aviator (a popular game)
  • banque (= bankroll)
  • boule (= roulette)
  • cashback
  • flambeur (highroller)
  • football studio (a game)
  • gamble
  • jetons (tokens)
  • live dealer
  • parier (= to gamble)
  • rouleaux (= reels)
  • roulette/roulette de table
  • tours (= spins)
  • wager (= a bet)


  • jeux de table (= table games)
  • jeux en ligne (= online games)
  • jouer safe
  • mode fan/mode gratuit (= play for tokens)


  • aucun dpt requis (= no deposit required)
  • bonus
  • bonus de bienvenue (= welcome bonus)
  • bonus gratuit (= free bonus)
  • bonus sans dpt (= bonus without deposit)
  • boost balance
  • crer un compte (= create an account)
  • gagner (= to win)
  • jackpot
  • martingale (a gambling strategy)
  • max bet
  • tours gratis/gratuits (= free spins)


An interesting thing about Italian language, it that casino primarily means a small house and only after that a gambling institution. So, in some cases its possible to use this word and get away with it.

Promote Gambling Without Saying Casino

Associated terms

  • account di gioco (= player account)
  • allibratore (a gambling provider)
  • bankroll
  • bet
  • bobine (=reels)
  • briscola (a card game)
  • buio (= blind bet)
  • carousel (a kind of slot machine)
  • chips
  • croupier
  • dealer
  • deposito (= deposit)
  • fiches (= chips)
  • gioca (= play)
  • giocare (= to play)
  • giocatori (= players)
  • giro (= spin)
  • licenza/licenzione (= a license)
  • linea (= a line)
  • ricarica (= deposit)
  • roulette
  • rulli (= reels)
  • slot
  • slot meccaniche (traditional slot machines)


  • casa da gioco (= gambling house)
  • Come Quando Fuori Piove (literally like when it rains outside, a phrase to remember playing card suits)
  • giochi online (= online games)


  • bacio della fortuna (a kiss of fortune)
  • bonus
  • bonus di benvenuto (= welcome bonus)
  • free roll
  • free spin
  • giri gratis (= free spins)
  • grande vincita (= big win)
  • martingala (= martingale, a gambling strategy)
  • prelievo (= withdrawal, payout)


Language is a flexible thing, and humans are generally smart at deciphering riddles when they need to lay their hands on something forbidden (like a casino game in a Muslum country). Get inventive, think out of the box, test a lot. And be sure to study some curious local language quirks that may be overlooked by your competition, but still be firmly linked with gambling in your audiences minds (like that Italian mnemonic phrase about rain).

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