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PrimeAds Global CPA Network Announced, Powered By PrimeXBT Platform

PrimeAds, a global CPA network established by the award-winning affiliate marketing team behind the growth of the mono-branded network, PrimeXBT, has been officially announced.

PrimeAds Introduces Best-In-Class Financial Product Verticals

PrimeAds is a revolutionary new global CPA network that has evolved from the mono-branded project PrimeXBT, designed to offer advertisers, webmasters, and more a variety of advantages.

During the years of operation, a deep dive into the cryptocurrency community and affiliate marketing industry has been combined to deliver the best available vertical product for webmasters generating cryptocurrency traffic and advertisers seeking to connect with the growing audience.

PrimeAds Promotions Benefit Webmasters And Advertisers

Exclusive PrimeAds verticals include cryptocurrency trading and brokers, forex trading and currency brokers, copy trading, gambling, and much more.

Benefits for advertisers include access to over 20,000 promoters, robust channel integration, and the ability to pay for results only. No need to pay for views or clicks, pay just for the result that your company is expecting.

Webmasters benefit from a wide range of promotional materials, 24/7 personal support, and revenue share payouts of up to 70%.

PrimeAds Global CPA Network Is Now Available

PrimeAds is an affiliate CPA network with profitable crypto and financial offers, helping webmasters to earn money by monetizing traffic with weekly payouts made in Bitcoin, USDT, WebMoney, or Wire Transfer.

PrimeAds is available beginning today, providing powerful traffic pipelines that deliver dramatic results after payment is made. With PrimeAds, businesses can access unprecedented audience growth strategies and traffic-boosting tools.

Visit the official website for more information or to sign up.

About PrimeAds

PrimeAds is a global CPA network for webmasters and advertisers evolving from the award-winning PrimeXBT platform. Years of experience in affiliate marketing and cryptocurrency user generation have led to the creation of one of the best CPA networks in the crypto industry.

Visit the official PrimeAds website for more details.

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