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Parul Tarang Bhargava is a dynamic leader redefining women entrepreneur’s role in the market

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Parul Tarang Bhargava is a dynamic leader redefining women entrepreneurs role in the market

Published on March 26, 2022

Dynamism and charisma in her personality have stood Parul in a good stead. She is now widely recognized as an influential female entrepreneur in such a fiercely competitive digital marketing industry. Her leadership and marketing savvy is laudable, but the path she walked along to reach where she stands today was not easy. Having graduated from IP University in 2007, she began her career as a content writer. As a content writer, she had to go through a thorough research in various areas, and thus she acquired optimal knowledge in the process. As a few years went by, she acquainted herself with different aspects of the digital media industry. Shortly afterwards, she formed a company named vCommission and joined the ongoing competition at the time.

It is a well-known fact that forming and running a company is a difficult proposition, and the difficulty is augmented when the industry is saturated. When Parul entered the market, there existed uncounted digital marketing companies that offered stellar quality at unmatchable price ranges. However, she did not let her spirits sink. She recruited skillful individuals to work with her and also trained them with traits of the business . With people first motto, she formed all of her other business ideologies and a leadership style that she embodies during both triumph and adversity.

She possesses an array of skills that she duly applies as soon as she gets the opportunity. Her enormous success is also attributed to unfailing ability to implement what she learns, at the earliest opportunity. As her success stories emerged, she was even invited to global-level platforms such as IAMAI, AIMA, ASSOCHAM, Army Institute Gr. Noida.

Affiliate marketing (aka Performance Marketing) is an important subset of digital marketing, and Paruls company, vCommission, reports noteworthy success rate in the affiliate marketing as well. Without concentrated and focused leadership, it is not possible for a company to grow in any industry, especially when there exists an aggressive competition that deters new companies from entering the industry.

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