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NuSkin turning to affiliate model to regain sales momentum

Executives with NuSkin, which sells a variety of topical products and beauty-from-within dietary supplements as well as skin care devices, detailed the transformation during a recent earnings call with analysts.

NuSkin, based in Provo, UT, has long been one of the worlds leading direct selling companies. One of the company’s first products, and a foundation of its early success, was a scanner that measured the carotenoid content in the skin as a measure of the skin’s antioxidant potential and, by extension, a measure of skin health. The company has risen to the No. 6 spot overall in Global 100 list of top network marketing companies maintained by the publication Direct Selling News.

NuSkins rise could be attributed more to staying power than meteoric growth. Indeed, the companys annual revenue, according the DSN figures, peaked at $2.68 billion in 2019 and has yet to return to that level. NuSkin hovered around $2.2 billion in annual revenue for several years before rising in 2019.

Turning to affiliates to regain momentum

Rather, NuSkins rise on the list came as the MLM industry contracted overall. The top companies on the list for years have been Amway and Avon. In 2013 those companies annual revenue, again according to DSN figures, was $11.3 billion and $10.7 billion respectively. In fiscal 2019 the companies reported annual revenues of $8.4 billion and $4.7 billion respectively (Avon has since been acquired by Brazilian MLM Natura & Co).

In a recent earnings call with analysts, newly appointed CEO Ryan Napierski said his goal is to, Transform our business towards our vision of becoming the world’s leading innovative beauty and wellness company powered by our dynamic affiliate opportunity platform.

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