Mozilla Firefox Is Testing a New Ad Placement

Mozilla is going to provide us with a new ad placement as the company is currently testing a new sponsored suggestions feature for the address bar of their browser Firefox Suggest is in beta testing among a limited number of accounts in the United States. This feature includes search results plus sponsored suggestions displayed right in the address bar of the browser.

Mozilla browser has an established search suggestions feature that employs user data from a search engine or search history. These can be displayed in the address bar, search bar, or on the new tab page. Firefox Suggest is not connected with search engine data, but comes directly from the browser.

As per the sponsors, Mozilla is going to share only anonymized technical data about their users with a group of trusted partners, adMarketplace being the main one. To become a partner, companies must comply with the strict privacy policies employed by the Mozilla Corporation. Firefox Suggest is most likely based on user online interactions and search queries. Firefox sends partners such user data as the position, size and placement of the suggested content, and information about user interactions with it including the number of impressions and clicks. This data does not include any personally identifying information and is shared when you see or click on Firefox Suggestion, says the official Mozilla support page. The feature is also optional and can be easily turned on/off in the browser settings.

As Mozilla continues its quest for new sources of revenue, the company implements more features that do not rely on search engine information. For marketers it may well be another budding source of traffic not dependent on Google or other big corporations.

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