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meSPOKE is Live, Adds Hundreds of Affiliate Partners

meSPOKE, a software company that has created a proprietary affiliate marketing platform, is live with hundreds of brands and retailers added to its affiliate program and has extended its patent protection.

meSPOKE has completed its tech development bringing the 1-click shopping journey full circle for both content creators and shoppers. “meSPOKE is live and we have completed our first transactions,” saidSid K. Hasan, CEO, and co-founder of meSPOKE. Content creators can now use meSPOKE’s proprietary platform to create 1-click embedded links in their posts in a matter of seconds and earn for influencing others’ shopping journeys. Sid explains that this latest development marks a critical milestone as meSPOKE is now revenue generating, which also allows it to reward content creators.

Core to meSPOKE’s DNA are several principles that Sid believes will propel the company to unimaginable heights. These principles include: (1) every individual is influential and deserves to be rewarded for their worth. Social influence in the digital arena is not and will not remain exclusive to a handful of individuals. “Think of meSPOKE as the Uber and Airbnb of social commerce. These tech giants enabled everyone to earn with their cars and properties. meSPOKE is enabling everyone to earn for their influence, whether you havetwo followers or millions. We democratize affiliate marketing;” and (2) There is no objective measure of an individual’s influence, which opens the door to inflated influencer numbers and exuberant costs to brands and retailers for using influencers to promote their products. Our algorithms measure ROI scientifically throughdata-driven attribution. This allows meSPOKE theexclusiveability to create individualizedsocial capital scoreswhich can be redeemed for rewards,” says Sid.

Sid also explains how the stars have aligned for meSPOKE and the timing of the launch of its fully operational platform. meSPOKE’s latest iteration is centered around Web3 developments taking shape. Our application is privacy compliant (no cookies needed and is based on zero-party data). We create a user-specific consumer DNA for every user based on voluntary data (which we believe users will provide when there is a reward involved). On the cusp of Web3’s pending compute changes, meSPOKE is laser-focused on reinventingEarned Media.

meSPOKE’s efforts are now focused on raising funds to aggressively pursue its marketing efforts for user acquisition and expanding its brand/retail partnerships. Learn more

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