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Marketing Tactics You Can Expect on Mother’s Day 2022

Mother's Day

Mothers Day is inarguably among the most highly celebrated holidays across the planet. Considering that there are roughly two or so billion mothers around the globe according to recent statistics, you can clearly tell the reason behind this. When Mothers Day comes, it is usually a time to celebrate the special people in your life who happen to be moms. It could be your own mother, sister, cousin, friend, or even a total stranger. Businesses also take the opportunity to appreciate their customers using Mothers Day gifts and other marketing strategies while promoting their brands, products, and services in the process.

With this being said, let’s take a look at some expected marketing tactics for Mother’s Day 2022.

But First, When Is Mothers Day?

The International Mothers Day celebration usually falls on the first Sunday of May each year. This means that every year, the dates may vary. It may also be celebrated at different times in different countries due to time-zone differences. In 2022, Mothers Day will be on Sunday the eighth of May (Sunday, May, 8th 2022)!

With this out of the way, below are some marketing strategies to expect this coming Mothering Sunday.

Enticing Shoppers through Social Media

Whenever marketing is mentioned, social media platforms are among the first channels crafty entrepreneurs think about in todays business world. Channels like IG, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are specifically effective when promoting your brand or products using contests, promotions, and giveaways. You can even hold online marketing events through social media where you promote your business offerings. These promotions will usually carry a Mothers Day theme. They specifically work great for businesses dealing with products or services that make a great gift for moms on Mothering Sunday.

Influencer Marketing

Often done using video and images, influencer marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies. Weve seen it being used by many marketers and brands in the past, where the influencers are usually key women celebrities, public figures, and influential women in society. Having such a woman tell your brands story on social or mainstream media can be an impactful way to bump up Mothers Day Sales, and this is something we should expect from many companies in 2022.

Using Mother’s Day Gifts as Incentives

This coming Mother’s Day, you can also expect marketers to entice customer purchases using thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts as add-ons or part of a hamper. While theres a long list of items to consider, the guys over at Bouqs say that roses are quite effective at showing appreciation to the special mother in your life. Whats more, you can have the roses delivered to the customers doorstep without much hustle. Apart from using such gifts as an incentive to shop, sending a rose to a shopper on Mothers Day can make them feel special, thus attracting their loyalty to your business.

Free Shipping and Discounted Offers

As mentioned earlier, offers are always a great marketing tactic that serves as an incentive to shoppers, not just on Mothers Day. One type of offer you can expect from marketers in 2022 is free shipping as a marketing incentive for products bought on Mothers Day. This could be combined with discount coupons to make the products even more attractive to buyers. This coming Mothers Day, you can expect to find a lot of free shipping and coupons with discount codes such as MOM2022.

Website and Affiliate Marketing

Of course, many companies will be promoting their 2022 Mothers Day offerings through multiple channels online, including eCommerce platforms and their own websites. Many brands will also do the same using affiliate programs, where you get other people to promote your brand or products for a commission. As always, these marketing tactics go hand in hand with email marketing campaigns, so dont be shocked if you get a dozen or more promotional emails from companies or stores youve shopped from before.

Mothers Day Gift Guides

It is not unusual to lack ideas on what gift to get the special mom in your life for Mothering Sunday. This is something that marketers know all too well, so you can expect lots of gift guides for Mothers Day 2022 as we approach the 8th of May. These guides give shoppers tons of ideas on gifts to pick, thus maximizing the chances that they will make a purchase. All the marketer has to do is provide value and offer convenience in the guide. They are also great at minimizing abandoned carts while retargeting website visitors.

Every year, people from all around the world look forward to International Mothers Day. Marketers do the same while looking at it as a chance to maximize sales and improve branding. The above are some of the tactics they use, which you can expect on the upcoming Mothering Sunday.

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