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Why the heck do we need any certifications in the first place? Cant you run ads and be a cool pro marketer without a piece of paper that says so? Of course, you can do all those things. But some people cant figure out why their campaigns are cursed on Facebook and how to add a new catalog on Shopify.

Aside from a university degree, there is a myriad of online courses and webinars on platforms like Skillshare and Coursera that will also make a fine choice. However, today will talk about brand-specific learning channels designed and provided by big traffic sources like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft.

Google Career Certificates

Google has a fresh certification program that provides a solution to acquiring and retaining talent for businesses. The program is advertised as an industry-recognized credential that gives people a chance to form the necessary skills to work in data analytics, digital marketing, and e-commerce, IT support, project management, or UX design. Different courses take from 3 to 6 months and dont demand a full-time dedication from the students.

Marketing Certifications

The e-commerce and digital marketing course is supported by the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4As) and the American Advertising Federation (AAF). The main course covers:

  • Customer acquisition
  • Online store development
  • Measurement and analytics
  • Gaining customer loyalty
  • Practical courses of working with Canva, Constant Contact, Hootsuite, HubSpot, MailChimp, Shopify, Twitter, Google Ads, and Google Analytics

The course runs on Coursera online education platform and whats more important its free for admission.

Microsoft Advertising Blog

Microsoft has recently presented such learning solutions as Learning Lab and Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional (MACP).

Learning Lab

This initiative isnt exactly new, but it has been relaunched and enhanced. Now users can choose several learning paths and events to boost their marketing skills.

Marketing Certifications

Each Learning Path is focused on one out of five main disciplines, namely Search, Native & Display, Shopping, Digital Advertising Fundamentals, and Marketing with Purpose. The paths include learning courses, preparation for exams, and final exams.

Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional

MACP is a combination of courses that provide specialized certifications and digital badging for different areas within Microsoft Advertising, namely:

  • Search
  • Native & Display
  • Shopping

Each graduate receives a Credly digital badge and a higher tier super badge for all three exams in bulk. Youll be able to tell your friends that you are The Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional.

Amazon partner program

Amazon has introduced a partner status with certifications for Ads Partner Network members. Those who excel at working with Amazon Ads will receive this badge of honor and the right to be called a Partner. This status will have two tiers verified via the Partner Network. This status is not purely decorative, the owners believe that it will become a crucial point for others who need to choose you as their trusted partner.

Marketing Certifications

To gain some expertise, navigate to the Learning console within the network. There you will find bootcamps, courses, and on-demand webinars on everything to do with Amazon Ads. You will be able to learn more about sponsored ads, data analysis, and campaign optimization. The webinar section also holds a database of recordings with many valuable insights, for example:

  • Get started with sponsored ads
  • Strong foundation, strong ads: Get ready for advertising
  • Next steps for success with sponsored ads
  • Introduction to bids and budgets
  • Introduction to campaign targeting methods
  • Introduction to keywords and sponsored ads
  • Building your brand identity with Amazon Ads
  • Create and launch your Store on Amazon
  • Amplify your reach with Sponsored Brands
  • Sponsored Brands and Stores best practices


We can say that marketing is no rocket science, but sometimes its even more baffling because a marketer has to consider a heck ton of unrelated factors to make an ad campaign perform well. No matter whether you work for an agency, prefer to drive traffic solo, or have joined a media buying team you can find yourself at a loss regardless of the situation, education, or years within the industry. Find a course that covers your particular needs and always stay on the same page with this ever-changing niche.

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