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Jonathan Sanchez Parent Portfolio scaling side hustle to earn more

During the summer of 2020, after I was temporarily furloughed from my job due to the pandemic, I started a site with my wife called Parent Portfolio.

Our passion for wanting to help other parents build wealth for the next generation grew out of our own experience paying off debt, investing in real estate, and building our net worth.

I was completely new to blogging, and the first several months were a struggle as I found my footing. But early on, I was able to join a group of dedicated bloggers called Money Mix, who shared their time and expertise with me.

Learning about how they established their businesses, and building these relationships with them, helped me figure out how to make Parent Portfolio a reflection of us, and the best site it could be.

While it took about 14 months for us to have our first $1,000 month, we have been able to grow the business to the point where now we can make up to $12,000 a month.

Here is my best advice for how to scale your side hustle and earn more.

Look for growth opportunities, but go at your own pace

Remember you don’t have to do everything on your own

Diversify your revenue streams to scale your business

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I’ve started using the approach I have with real estate investing and applying it to this space. I recently bought an existing blog called Invested Wallet with my good friend Monica Fish, who runs Planner at Heart. She and I put in equal amounts of money to purchase the site and reinvested the revenue to grow it, rather than paying ourselves immediately.

After a few months, we saw a consistent rise in traffic and revenue. In December 2021, Parent Portfolio generated over $8,000 via display ads alone, while Invested Wallet generated over $9,000 from display ads.

The two sites combined generated another couple thousand dollars through affiliate sales.

Don’t overthink it and be patient

I’ve learned that it can take six to eight months for a post to rank in Google. The higher up you are in the search, the more trustworthy Google finds your content to be.

But I was impatient early on. In an attempt to rank higher, I would try to add more to an existing article, only to have those changes negatively affect the story and have it lose its place on the first page of results. I had to spend the next month waiting for it to return to that spot.

It was a more of a technical mistake, but it showed me how important it is when building a business to have strong convictions about the work you are putting out in the world, and not to try to force things. Try to be patient and let the work speak for itself.

Jonathan and Jacqueline Sanchez are parents to two lively kids, real estate investors, and founders of Parent Portfolio. They own a small real-estate business that operates a couple of investment properties in their local market. Through proper money management and diversifying their investments, they are able to build wealth for their family and develop skills to pass on to their children.

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