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Joginder Singh Bedi, CEO, LeadMagnet, An Influencer Who Goes An Extra Mile to Help Newbies

Bringing laurels to the nation, Joginder Singh Bedi has become the first Indian to achieve a Doctorate Degree in Digital Marketing. 

Also, he is one of the two Punjabis to ever got an opportunity to attend NAS Summit.  He is also accredited for being the man behind LeadMagnet , the first ever Indian Organization to receive Best Companies Award & Outstanding Leadership Award at Marketing 2.0, Dubai, globally recognized event. 

In addition, Bedi was a part of AW Affiliate Marketing Global held at Dubai and shared stage with renowned marketers. He was applauded for sharing the intricacies of digital marketing from his experience of 15 years. 

Joginder Singh Bedi, the Director of LeadMagnet in India takes pride in the fact that he has come a long way in creating a niche for himself in the world of digital marketing.

He is the man behind LeadMagnet, a renowned Digital Marketing company which is reckoned with providing multiple services various fields related to Digital Marketing. 

“The journey commenced from theoretical know-hows and gradually I started gaining practical knowledge for promoting businesses online with an aim to help clients reach out to larger audience,” revealed Joginder Singh Bedi.

More than anything, Joginder Singh as a budding businessman was concerned to motivate and help other businesses build a greater brand image. 

His passion propelled him to offer effective digital marketing strategies and till now helped hundreds of companies to grow and prosper.  

In his role as an influencer, Bedi has been constantly motivating newbies to seek their career in the digital marketing industry. 

His words, “Why To Cram Formulas & Syntaxes, When You Can Be Creative” Digital Marketing Industry Is For Everyone” have made him a role model for the newcomers in the industry.

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