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Jeff Lerner: Review His Debt to Riches Story

Jeff Lerner was at the end of his rope. He had failed several careers and was now financially broke. He ran from creditors while he sought the right career match. When Jeff was searching for his next career move, he discovered affiliate marketing. 

Jeff Lerner reviews have become more popular as a result of the high number of students who graduate from his program. Jeff started Entre Institute in 2018 and has helped thousands become entrepreneurs. Because of his positive feedback and media coverage, he is now one of the most prominent voices within internet marketing. 

Jeff’s story is quite unique. He was a jazz pianist until he lost his only source of income after a string of failed businesses ended in bankruptcy. After sustaining a hand injury, his only source of income was gone. He was determined to succeed, and learned all he could about entrepreneurship and business. His annual sales now exceed $100 millions.

Lerner is a “failure-to-learn” entrepreneur seen a lot on who can provide valuable advice for anyone considering starting a business. 

ENTRE Institute, an online platform that teaches how to start an internet business, is called ENTRE Institute because of what it provides to future entrepreneurs. It has been demonstrated to work, and thousands of students have seen the platform in action. Entrepreneurs who have had their own success stories teach each component. 

Jeff Lerner’s story about how he overcame the challenges in his life to use opportunities to climb to the top of the business world

“In November 2008, I found an online course in affiliate marketing. This was only a few months after closing my restaurants. I’m now completely hiding from creditors. I was determined to succeed and worked 12-16 hours per day in my spare bedroom, sometimes leaving my bedroom to shoot marketing videos outside.

It worked. I gained confidence from working with talented pianists. This helped me find the right combination of vulnerability, desperation and mad drive to push people out of their comfort zone to do the difficult things that would make a big difference in my life.

Six months later, in May 2009, $40,000 in commissions had been earned in a single month. It was $70,000 the next month. In a network that had over 40,000 students, I was number three in affiliate marketing. Jeff says, “And among the top ten I wasn’t the one with any experience nor a large network when I started.”

Jeff quickly rose to the top in affiliate marketing. His drive and ability to succeed are unparalleled by others. His next breakthrough came when he was able to push more. He wanted to be more independent from his boss. Although he didn’t get the best deal it was an opportunity for Jeff Lerner. 

“Around that time, the CEO of the company from whom I had learned affiliate marketing decided that he didn’t want to manage his day-to-today business. He needed someone to help him manage the day-to-today operations, and all the reviews pointed to me. Someone with the same passion and knowledge that he had.

Because I was already divorced and debt-free, it made perfect sense. I moved to New York and began to groom him for his business.

Both of us made mistakes believing I could take over his role as his number 2. His leadership style was not something I liked. It was a great thing that I was promoted to head operations in 2010. It helped me to achieve many of my successes since then.”

Jeff has made a rapid climb to success that is unbroken. He became a father and earned an MBA. He also managed over 80 employees. Jeff then founded Entre Institute, which is a business that helps people reach their goals.

“Entre Institute is my company – it’s the first global COMPLETE ecosystem that helps people create the life and dreams that they want. In 2017, the seeds of ENTRE were planted. By fall 2018, I was able to fully focus on it. September 2018 was the first time I shot a marketing video for ENTRE. It was called “Let’s Get Extreme” 

It was a call to the world to take responsibility for our lives, and to learn about the tools anyone can use to make the life we want. The same message was repeated 1000 times. ENTRE has grown from a single webcast that had 14 participants to a global disruptive business with an ever growing group of passionate employees.

What is Entre Institute? 

ENTRE Institute, an online education company, is on a mission to disrupt the traditional education system to bring a new generation of ENTREpreneurs into the world. Our students have access to the entire ecosystem necessary to be successful entrepreneurs. This includes digital courses, coaching and business accelerators. We also provide community, tools, software, and events. 

“We are proud to have been listed on Inc. 5000 within our first year of eligibility. But, more importantly, we were able to provide an alternative path for so many people who were affected by the pandemic. We are currently witnessing a significant shift in the workforce, known as “The Great Resignation”, where many people are leaving their jobs to avoid returning to rigid work environments. Although entrepreneurship is an excellent alternative career path, there was not much support and training available in the past. CEO Adam Whiting says that ENTRE Institute provides a solution and the perfect environment for entrepreneurs to start and grow a successful company where they have control of their lives. 

Jeff Lerner and Adam Whiting, both entrepreneurs and founders, had founded numerous successful companies and delved into self-education before establishing the company in 2019. 

“I have been sharing free training content since 2018, and I received countless comments from people of all walks of life about the fact that their education and university system had not prepared them for the daily struggles of the 21st-century world. We launched ENTRE Institute in July 2019, and have assisted over 175,000 students to get into the world of entrepreneurship. Jeff Lerner, founder, says that they have provided support with online curriculum, coaching, software, and personal development events.

Jeff Lerner on Success 

Jeff recommends consulting other people who have been successful in opening their own businesses (after reading reviews of their abilities). Lerner says that he is proof that you can do anything. 

“I’m basically proof that anyone can achieve anything if they are willing to suffer hell, work hard and not listen to the doubters or naysayers.”

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