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How to Turn Your Personal Blog Into a Profitable Gig

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Building a blog’sloyal followingandthen turning that audience into revenuetakes effort, timeand patience. But you can do itwith the right planning, marketing funnelsand content development.

Here’s how to ether make a few hundred dollars a month, turn your online brandinto a full-time job, or run an established company that wants to diversify its revenue streams…

Sponsored content

One of the best ways to generate revenue on your blog is by offering sponsored content. But the key here is to ensure your advertising aligns with your audience. Sponsored content can be videos, podcasts, blog posts, roundup stories, reviewsand interviews.

After your team creates the content and its published, you will receive a payment within a few days. Theres no waiting game to receive money as you would from affiliates. Additionally, the revenue isnt dependent on clicks or views, unlike other types of blog monetization strategies. It depends on how large your readership is and where their brand is placed on the blog.

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Package your skills into services

As your traffic and contactsgrow, youll be able to reach more targeted audiences and package your knowledge as service programs. While growingFemFounder, we received requests from potential clients for specific services, therefore; we created three service packages that still sell consistently.

To ensure a consistent stream of revenue, we created a sales funnel. For instance, we guide readers from social media, publicity, and Pinterest advertising (top of the funnel) to our blog posts or landing pages to our email list, funneling them to our sales pages (bottom of the funnel). While the process takes time and testing to improve conversions, its worth it when the pieces align.

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Affiliates revenue

After youve built a following on social media, developing an affiliate marketing strategy can be a great way to make recurring income. You generate commissions from anyone who purchases from your affiliate links.

We embed relevant links in our blogs content to enhance the readers experience. For example, if we have a post on how to use Pinterest to build an email list, we will have an affiliate link to the TailWindApp, a Pinterest automation tool. We then receive a commission every time a sale is made through our affiliate link.

If youre interested in adding these links to your blog, begin by Googling affiliate programs within your industry. It is also worth checking outlarger network platforms such as and Amazon Affiliates for opportunities.

With well-thought-out long-term and short-term plans, it is indeedpossible to turn your blog into a money-making machine.

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