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How to Know If Youre a Fit for SPI Pro 5 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Conquer Loneliness and Feel More Connected How to Make Your Community More Valuable (12 Ideas from CX Day)

With SPI Pro, weve attempted to cultivate an entrepreneurial community where its safe to ask questions, experiment with ideas, practice pitches, commit to challenges, and learn and grow without fear of judgment or rejection.

If youve been on the fence and wondering if SPI Pro is the right fit for you, give these five reasons a glancetheyll help you make the call.

And scroll down to the end to make sure you dont miss out on applying before prices go up forever, starting tomorrow, May 17!

The Five Reasons You Could Be Great for SPI Pro

1. You have a business and an audience.

SPI Pro might be a great fit if you already have:

  • a functioning business thats already generating some revenue, even if it’s small.
  • an online presencea website, an email list, a social channel, or some combinationthats begun to attract an audience.

Theres nothing wrong with being an early-stage entrepreneur with little to no audience. We celebrate you, and have plenty of resources to help you along. It just means SPI Pro is not the best fit for you, because were focused on the needs of entrepreneurs who are trying to take their established businesses to the next level.

2. Youre open to learning and receiving feedback.

Being a member of SPI Pro means being courageous. Youre a fit if youre excited to receive feedback that may challenge your thinking, and even the way youve built your business so far. By the same token, youre willing to help others by providing feedback that could give them the insight or motivation they need to take the next bold step with their own business.

3. Youre not driven by ego or fame.

Your list of operating principles includes things like empathy, optimism, tenacity, and abundance. Youre not motivated by things like status or wealth. Although those things might be byproducts of your eventual success, an attitude of service and humility is what will get you thereand ultimately make you a great member of SPI Pro.

4. Youre looking for a community thats not exactly like you.

You value diversity in all its forms and are accepting of others regardless of their appearance, ideas, and backgrounds. If you prefer to surround yourself with people who look, think, and act like you, then SPI Pro is probably not the place for you. We have folks with a range of backgrounds, business types, and life experiences, and we know that were better when we embrace that diversity and work to truly include everyone.

5. Youre ready to work hard.

Business owners who thrive in SPI Pro are the ones who accept the responsibility to work hard and diligently because they know that success is not guaranteed or easily achieved. Passive income doesnt mean easy income or getting rich quick. If youre expecting success to come easily, quickly, and largely on the backs of others, then youre going to be disappointed with SPI Pro. (And really, with anything SPI has to offer!)

Those are the five most important characteristics of someone whos a fantastic fit for the SPI Pro community. And if you happen to check all five boxes, theres another time-sensitive reason you might want to apply for Pro today

BONUS Reason to Join SPI Pro Today: You Want to Save Some $$

In the two years SPI Pro has been around, weve consistently received feedback that people would happily pay a lot more for their membership because they get so much value out of the community.

After careful deliberation, weve finally decided that its time to raise the price of an SPI Pro membership.

Were still going to keep improving and adding a whole slew of benefits to the SPI Pro experience in the coming months. But we also know that Pro is still a screaming deal in its current form, even at double the price.

If you want to take advantage of the original pricing$49 a month, or $490 per yearyou need to act now. Because prices go up at midnight on May 17. Thats righttonight.

SPI Pro: Your Safe Place to Learn and Grow as an Entrepreneur

Inside SPI Pro, entrepreneurs like you come together to meet and support one another, get answers to burning questions, learn from experts, and more. Consider joining us!

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