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Performance Marketing Summit 2021: How automation improves your performance marketing?Performance or affiliate marketing has taken humongous strides and there are many people who have adopted affiliate marketing. Today, a huge number of companies use martech to manage and analyse efficiently their campaigns, budgets and ROI. So how does automation improve your performance marketing?

Krish Kidao, director- India and South-East Asia, Affise Technologies explained this during his session at the second edition of the Performance Marketing Summit speaking on the topic How automation improves your performance marketing?, he elaborated, This technology allows you to control the traffic, reduce fraud and increase advertisers and publishers confidence.

USD 130 billion was spent on MarTech in 2020 alone, and 12 billion on the affiliate marketing industry. 80 per cent of brands today use partner marketing solutions because they want to increase their performance campaigns and ROI. There is a consistent 25 per cent year on year growth in new martech companies arriving every year.

Some of the automation tools adopted by martech firms are smart targeting, where one can completely set up your offer basis and define targeting metrics like geography, which includes country, city and state operating system.

Next is conversion rate(CR) automation, with which you can control metrics by setting up an optimal range and if it does not comply with this range, that traffic source gets passed automatically.

Then comes click automation where there is no need to keep an eye on every campaign and click volumes as this tool will automatically take care of that by blocking traffic sources.

Lastly, KPI automation is a feature that practically allows you to understand how attractive an offer is in the eyes of the end user and how effective is its traffic.

Kidao added, What we have developed is called office schedule whereby using the special calendar option, you can set up the campaign in advance, set the duration, create the rule and leave it at the system to take the offer live and pause at a stipulated time during the festive day or weekends as well.

(This is an executive summary of the session. The longer version will be uploaded in the coming days)

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