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Groove Reviews ( Know This Before Buy GroovePages!

Groove, also known as, is a digital marketing platform designed to help anyone manage an online business.

After gaining over 550,000 new users this year, has become the world’s fastest growing CRM and marketing automation platform for digital and ecommerce marketers. Today, the platform has 18 apps you can use to manage your digital marketing business in multiple ways.

Should you sign up for What kind of apps does have? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about and its CRM platform.


What is, also known as Groove, is a customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation platform that gives digital marketers 18 apps they can use to help manage and optimize their business.

After creating a free account on, you can access 18 popular apps, including GrooveFunnels, GroovePages, GrooveSell, and GrooveMail. Some of the apps manage customer relationships. Others help you create sales funnels. Some manage your email, while others help you build webpages.

Overall, the goal of is to give digital marketers everything they need to run a successful online business in one place. And, with over 550,000 users added to the platform in the last year, has attracted digital marketers in droves.

The goal of is to give customers access to free apps they would normally need to pay for. Instead of paying $480 per year for platforms like Wix or Squarespace, for example, you can get similar value for free with a free account.

Along with its free base memberships, has lifetime subscription options priced at a one-time fee of around $2,000. left its beta phase in December 2021.


How Does Work? offers 18 apps in a convenient place. You can build sales funnels, manage customer relationships, get free custom domains, build web pages, and optimize multiple aspects of your online presence from a single place.

Here are some of the core features and functionalities of

Build sites and funnels with an unlimited number of pages; lets you add as many pages as you need to grow your business, and you can develop web pages, landing pages, upsell pages, and more

Access templates that take minutes to edit, including pre-built templates proven to generate sales

Get free custom domains that make it easy to brand affiliate links, track customers, create affiliate signup pages, and build checkout pages

Enjoy unlimited bandwidth and hosting, which means you never need to pay more money as you grow your online presence

Access hundreds of design elements, blocks, and wireframes that make it easy to build custom pages in minutes – all without knowing anything about coding or web design

Implement 1-click upsells, downsell offers, coupons, order bumps, and more to maximize your chances of turning a website visitor into a paying customer – all without worrying about customizing your own software or building complicated web apps

Take advantage of automated email marketing that uses behavioral techniques to deliver the right messages at the right times to drive conversions, build relationships, and grow your business – all at a fraction of the cost of other email marketing platforms

Create membership-based websites within minutes using GrooveMember, which lets you restrict membership to certain customers, lock paid content behind a digital gate, and create different membership tiers, among other tools

Create powerful video marketing campaigns that drive conversions with GrooveVideo; modify and edit videos, promote and share videos online, edit video descriptions, and avoid spending hundreds of dollars per month on video marketing and hosting

Build an e-learning library with guides, training materials, eBooks, and more; share your strategies with members or lock products behind paid tiers

Create an online store, webpage, blog, or landing page using 190+ pre-built websites, templates, wireframes, and site elements; build a high-converting, highly-effective website with zero coding knowledge at all Apps and Tools

Your membership includes 18 apps. Some of the apps are still in development, while others are fully functional and ready to use today.


Here are all of the apps and tools included with and how they work: (Main Platform): The core of the platform is designed to replace platforms like Katra, making it easy to access all of your digital marketing tools from a single place. Instead of navigating between 18 apps on your desktop or web browser, you can access everything from the comfort of your web browser.

GroovePages (Website Builder): GroovePages is a website builder that replicates the functionality of better-known platforms like Wix and Squarespace. While Wix and Squarespace charge $480 per year or more, GroovePages provides similar functionality at a discounted rate. The GroovePages page builder lets you build functional, responsive websites for all different niches.

GrooveFunnels (Sales Funnel Creator): Create sales funnels in minutes with’s GrooveFunnels. GrooveFunnels replicates the features of tools like ClickFunnels, making it easy to quickly create an effective sales funnel. GrooveFunnels continues to be one of the most popular tools on, and many people have created high-conversion, highly-effective sales funnels via

GrooveBlog (Blogging Platform): All good digital marketing platforms need a blog. GrooveBlog makes it easy to create a blog that drives traffic to your website. You can share helpful tips with your audience, establish yourself as an expert in your niche, and drive traffic to your offers. GrooveBlog makes it easy to organize blog posts, track comments, and publish and edit posts, among other features.

GrooveKart (E-Commerce Store Creator): Want to sell stuff through your website? GrooveKart replicates the effects of similar ecommerce stores like Shopify. You can easily launch an online store, publish products online, share them, and allow customers to buy those products and services in seconds. Instead of spending $1,200 per year on Shopify, you can manage all your ecommerce needs through GrooveKart.

GrooveSell (Shopping Cart): GrooveSell is a shopping cart for your ecommerce store. gives digital marketers access to GrooveSell, a shopping cart that can convince your visitors to turn into buyers. Like other shopping cart platforms, GrooveSell has customer tracking, follow-ups, and other features to maximize the chances of making a sale. A good shopping cart can be the difference between making or missing a sale online. GrooveSell is designed to provide similar functionality to Samcart, Infusionsoft, and other shopping cart platforms at a fraction of the price. These shopping carts can cost up to $2,400.

GrooveMember (Membership CMS): GrooveMember makes it easy to gather and grow your online following. With GrooveMember, you can manage and leverage website users while enjoying similar functionality to platforms like Kajabi (priced at $1,908 per year). You get a convenient, all-in-one spot from where you can manage and control website users and ensure you’re growing your following over time.

GrooveAffiliate (Affiliate Program Manager): A good affiliate program can help you supercharge online sales. GrooveAffiliate makes it easy to design, launch and manage an affiliate program. GrooveAffiliate is designed to replicate the effectiveness of platforms like TapAffiliate, which costs $1,788 per year. You get a free affiliate program management platform that can help take your online sales to the next level.

GrooveMail (Email Customization Software): Groove is an email customization software that makes it easy to launch email campaigns, manage campaigns, and automate them. Instead of paying hundreds for email automation software with other platforms, you can enjoy free email automation with GrooveMail. According to, their GrooveMail can replicate the effects of ActiveCampaign, which costs $7,188 per year.

GrooveWebinar (Webinar Software): GrooveWebinar is webinar software that makes it easy to launch and promote a webinar online. You can launch and host webinars, share products with viewers, and build hype around your online event. If you’re planning to launch a webinar to promote your products, GrooveWebinar can help you maximize the chance of a successful event.

GrooveStream (Live Streaming Platform): GrooveStream is a live streaming platform designed to replace platforms like StreamYard (which costs $480 per year). With GrooveStream, you get a functional, all-in-one live streaming platform where you can communicate with viewers in real time.

GrooveConference (Conferencing Software): GrooveConference is an online conferencing platform designed to replace apps like Zoom, which costs around $240 per year. You can organize a meeting with multiple people, connect with people around the world, organize meetups, and enjoy a highly functional conferencing software.

GrooveVideo (Video Hosting): GrooveVideo lets you host and share videos online – similar to platforms like YouTube. GrooveVideo makes it easy to upload a video, tag that video, add description to that video, and add everything you need to promote and share that video online.

GrooveDesk (Help Desk Platform): After growing your online following and selling products, you may need a help desk. GrooveDesk lets you organize support queries in a convenient spot, making it easy to respond to customers. Other customer management platforms like Zendesk cost $1,188 per year. GrooveDesk makes it easy to solve problems for users, allowing you to maximize the value of your product or service.

GrooveCalendar (Booking & Scheduling): GrooveCalendar is a booking and scheduling platform designed to replace apps like Calendly and others. You can add items to your calendar, organize events with others, and manage your life from a convenient place.

GrooveSurvey (Survey Creation): GrooveSurvey lets you create surveys, send polls to users or customers, and gather feedback online. You can conduct market research while enjoying the functionality of a higher-end survey creation platform.

GrooveProof (Social Proof Creation): All good online offers are backed with social proof, including reviews from social media users. GrooveProof makes it easy to create and promote that social proof, giving customers an extra layer of security knowing the offer is safe for them to take.

GrooveFunnelMapping (Manage Sales Funnels): GrooveFunnelMapping is a sales funnel creation app for managing a sales funnel and optimizing performance. You can create funnels, test and optimize those funnels, monitor the performance of those funnels, and tweak those funnels until they’re perfect.

GroovePipe (Sales CRM Platform): A good CRM platform can transform your business. GroovePipe aims to be that platform, providing highly-effective CRM software while making it easy to build brand loyalty.’s GroovePipe is designed to replicate the function of Pipedrive (which costs $1,188 per year), giving you free CRM from the comfort of the platform.

By replicating the effectiveness of 18 popular apps and platforms, claims to save digital marketers over $27,000 per year. When you add up the value of all of the apps you can replace with, it’s easy to see why is confident about the value of its platform. Reviews: What Do Users Say? claims to have collected over 550,000 users in the last year alone. What do these users have to say? Does really offer similar functionality to some of the internet’s biggest paid subscription services?

Here are some of the reviews from digital marketers, online entrepreneurs, and others who use

One entrepreneur likes because he believes it will save him $600 per month by avoiding other subscription services; that entrepreneur also likes how he is now able to bring all his digital marketing tools into one platform, making it easy to access all of these apps from a single place

Multiple reviewers claim to have earned huge affiliate commissions by promoting products online; one reviewer claims he made over $30,000 promoting GrooveFunnels, for example, despite being a newbie affiliate marketer with limited experience

GrooveFunnels is easily the most popular product from, and multiple reviewers praise GrooveFunnels for being easy to use and effective for creating a good sales funnel

Multiple customers also like how collects all crucial information and apps into a single space; instead of bouncing between different websites or apps, you can get all of the digital marketing tools you need from a convenient place’s all-in-one management platform appears to have helped multiple online entrepreneurs create a legitimate and strong online presence; from building a customer base to launching high-converting online offers, digital marketers can use to optimize multiple aspects of their online business

What’s Included with Membership?

Your membership to includes all of the following:

  • All 18 digital marketing and ecommerce apps listed above
  • Sell unlimited digital products with upsells, downsells, bumps, and other online offers
  • Create branded websites with free hosting
  • Create, manage, optimize, and monitor sales funnels through high-converting templates
  • CRM software to automate multiple aspects of your digital marketing business, including emails, SMS, voice calls, and direct mail, all dictated automatically based on customer behavior
  • Easy-to-use blogging platform to drive traffic to website while being optimized for SEO
  • Create online courses, membership-locked websites, and content rewards for different membership tiers
  • Automate webinar creation and promotion, affiliate management, video promotion, mobile app development, and more

Who Should Use

Anyone can use to optimize and grow their online presence. Some of the people who can benefit from include:

Website builders and freelancers, including those who have already built websites, have an idea for their online empire, or want to get a website off the ground as quickly as possible

New entrepreneurs who want a solid foundation to grow and build their online business, including the ability to launch multiple products, run multiple offers, and develop an all-encompassing brand online

Anyone who appreciates good value and wants to get thousands of dollars’ worth of digital marketing tools for free

Influencers, coaches, consultants, and online personalities who want to monetize their online presence, grow their followers, reward members, or launch an online store

Digital marketing consultants, SEO agency owners, and other professional digital marketers

Online business owners with all levels of experience working in all different niches Pricing is free for anyone to sign up. You can get started for free with a basic plan. Then, if you like, you can upgrade:

Groove Base Plan: $0 (free)

With the Grove Base Plan, you can create 3 websites, build 3 custom domains, and create 1 sales funnel with GroovePages. You also have access to GrooveSell, GrooveVideo, GrooveAffiliate, and certain other apps.

You do not need to enter your credit card information to sign up for the free account. It’s a legitimate and free account, and you get access to these basic features for life.

If you want to upgrade your plan, you have three options for getting lifetime access to and all products and apps, including:

  • One Time Payment (Lifetime Access): $1,997
  • 3 Monthly Payments (Lifetime Access): $699 per month for 3 months
  • 2 Monthly Payments (Lifetime Access): $999 per month for 2 months

After you pay your signup fee, you get lifetime access to and all included apps, including any future apps develops or releases.

You can also buy a Booster Pack to enhance the functionality of your account and increase your bandwidth: Booster Pack ($100 Per Month): Includes 100,000 contacts with unlimited monthly emails, 50GB of video storage, and 1TB of video bandwidth per month.

About Groove is a digital marketing platform created by a Boca Raton, Florida-based company named GrooveDigital, LLC.

The company has created multiple apps within the platform, including GrooveVideo, GrooveMail, and GroovePages.

You can contact Groove via the following:

Final Word is an all-in-one marketing platform featuring 18 apps to take your digital marketing business to the next level. With 550,000 members and growing, is free for basic access, then around $2,000 for lifetime access (as a one-time fee).

To learn more about and how the platform works, visit the official website today at

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