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Get Free Traffic to Affiliate Links

You are not alone because there are many people that struggle to get free traffic to affiliate links. But many social networks will not allow you to share affiliate links. And it is really frustrating I know from experience. But there is light at the end of that dark tunnel of failure.

Because there are ways to get free traffic to affiliate links without getting banned.

And without getting flagged, or even getting your profile suspended. Yes, it happened to me too. Several times because you need something acceptable to stand between your affiliate link and social platforms.

Not all links get accepted everywhere you intend to share them. And especially with social media. Which is why you need your own blog. But many people struggle with the cost thereof when getting started right?

And even a free blog can sometimes prove rather challenging especially when you just get started. Making it increasingly more difficult to get free traffic to affiliate links.

For this demonstration, we will cover 4 free methods to get free traffic to affiliate links from all major social networks. So, if you desperately need to get free traffic to affiliate links then keep reading to the end.

And access all the free tools and techniques you require to make this work for you. Your 4 Golden links to rule them all!

making money with affiliate marketing
Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing.

You will need an affiliate offer first!

Before you get free traffic to affiliate links you will obviously need an affiliate product, right? Therefore, you may want to consider two of my favourite affiliate networks. Namely, Clickbank and Share a Sale.

With Share a Sale however you will need to have your own (hosted) domain to get approved. But with Clickbank, you do not.

With Share a Sale the commissions vary but the bonus part is that some affiliate programs pay you for leads. When someone registers for a free trial for instance. While most commissions are around an average of 20% 60%.

>> Sign Up for Share A Sale <<

With Clickbank, you do not get paid for registrations. But you do earn commissions as high as 75% with over 300,000 digital products to choose from. And over 150,000 affiliate marketers ready to promote your digital products.

>> Sign Up for Clickbank <<

That is called being both an affiliate marketer and vendor. Having your own digital products on these affiliate networks.

Which brings us to the four methods to get free traffic to affiliate links. Because it works well to get free traffic to any links, even your own blog and/or digital products. With no exception to YouTube channels and videos.

Youve spent time and money building your affiliate marketing site, only to hear crickets when your site goes live. This is a frustrating reality for many new affiliate marketers, and one that can be difficult to face Source

Now the choice is entirely yours. Because you can use these tools for free forever. Or you can upgrade to the irrespective pro versions for a mere $5 $6 per month.

Which I decided to do after seeing a conversion rate of 35.44% on as little as 79 views and 28 link clicks! Therefore, getting high-quality traffic to affiliate links.

And these 4 valuable tools are.

  • Link Tree
  • Camp Site
  • Many Link
  • LYNX

Complete with analytics and reports on views, clicks and CTR (Click Through Ratio). And I must admit that the analytics mentioned above is a clear indication of high-quality traffic. Because visitors are clicking on my affiliate offers.

And from just a few social media posts using my Link Tree link (1 of 4 Golden URLs). Accepted on all social networking sites and also SEO friendly.

Signing up to Link Tree and get free traffic to affiliate links is rather easy. All you need to do is follow the simple prompts.

>> Sign Up with Link Tree <<

The link will take you to my personal LinkTree Pro account. Kindly allow me to use my personal LinkTree to demonstrate what this is all about. To get traffic to affiliate links. Simply scroll down the page to sign up to LinkTree by clicking the LinkTree Logo.

Then simply click the large purple button Get Started for Free.

Follow the same simple steps to sign up to the other 3 accounts if you so choose. Camp Site, Many Link and LYNX. The perfect buffers now standing between your social media platforms or search engines and your affiliate links.

>> Register free with Camp Site <<

>> Join me free on Many Link <<

>> Create your free Account with LYNX <<

Now all you must do is share your Link Tree, Camp Site, Many Link, and LYNX profile URLs. Because they should now contain all your affiliate links. Or any URLs of your choice for that matter. Therefore, promoting only 4 URLs and get free traffic to multiple affiliate links.

Once you increase your traffic, you can begin promoting an array of products and services that are in line with your niche. You will need to market these products differently depending on the sources you are using to generate traffic Source

Assuming your 4 profiles are complete, and your links are ready? Allow me to share some exposure tips. Because as mentioned before. Now you can focus all your energy on promoting only 4 links. As opposed to the multitude of affiliate links and programs you may have.

These links are accepted on all major and even not so major social networking sites. Which is why you may want to consider these sites to drive traffic to your 4 Golden URLs. And ultimately get free traffic to affiliate links.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Reddit (shamelessplug)

With Reddit however, it may sometimes prove a little challenging to get your posts approved. Which is why I am referring to the shamelessplug SubReddit. There are several Sub Reddits as you well may know. Therefore, it will take a little time to find the ones that will accept your Golden URLs.

To get free traffic to affiliate links will still require the art of creating curiosity. Simplified by using tools like Canva to create attention-grabbing images and animated video clips. If you want to draw attention to your posts?

Then make sure that the image (or animated video clip) addresses a common need and offer a solution. While all text on the image (if any) is focused on the centre. It makes for better display in search result pages on mobile devices.

Next Gen AI 21st Century SEO Link Building
Getting floods of traffic to any URL.

Do what you can with what you have!

To be more specific. You have 10 outstanding tools in this article. How you use them however will depend entirely on you. And the importance of spending the needed time to learn how to use them properly.

Because this is not a quick way out or instant success opportunity. This is a technique to get free traffic to affiliate links without any interruptions.

These are the tools you have, now all you have to do is make the most of it. Sacrifice the time and produce content at a competitive level. Be specific and target the right audience. Because even with these 4 Golden URLs you need visitors that are interested in your topic.

So, target the right audiences on both social media and search engines. Have fun with all the tools. And do leave a comment below if you are excited to try these new techniques.

Affiliate marketing can be thought of as outsourced marketing, in which youre hiring affiliates who are paid to bring you, customers. If they drive visitors to your website, you dont have to pay them. You only pay them if they convert visitors into customers Source

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