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Facebook Social Media Presentation Secrets

With Facebook and social media, in my opinion, the two most important secrets to consistent posting are presentation and timing. Writing and posting consistent high-quality and useful content on social media and Facebook. The only secret to exposure is the recognition which is amplified through the presentation.

Keep reading this post on strategic methods to drive a lot of traffic from Facebook and social media. Through simple writing and content creation methods. Basically, we are talking about the art of creating curiosity and attracting attention through the presentation.

Presentation is all about what your visitor sees first (usually an image and/or video) on Facebook and social media. Scrolling through the feed content, your social media post must attract attention. Therefore, a featured image or video thumbnail of the required dimensions and file size is of paramount importance.

Learn how to create curiosity with the presentation on social media and on Facebook. Know what your audience on social media is looking for. There are 3 basic requirements to meet the criteria. Address an identified need within your niche on Facebook and social media. Offer a solution and create curiosity.

Your content must do the talking and consistent posting on Facebook and social media does not mean raw affiliate links. But we will get around to consistent posting with Facebook and social media later in this article. Done with an exceptionally well-designed auto-posting tool.

Consistent posting needs timing and strategic writing with an attention-grabbing presentation. Therefore, it will require a few days and even weeks of sharing posts to establish optimized engagement time. That is why I mentioned the auto-posting tool for social media and Facebook. Which you will have access to shortly.

To target the right audience on Facebook and social media you post at times when audiences are most active. If you want to target a United States audience, search Google for the particular time zone. Then calculate the time you must post to social media and Facebook from your location.

Posting to Facebook and social media at the wrong time can be devastating from a marketing point of view. Because the audience you wish to target may be sleeping. Therefore, all that presentation work just goes down the social media and Facebook feed in hope of some hits.

Creating presentations (posts) that will keep your visitors occupied is the whole point of posting on social media and Facebook. Therefore, posting at the wrong time completely defeats the purpose. You have 2 powerful free tools, Google, and YouTube. Learn the secrets of how and what to do research on.

Best Social Media and Facebook Post Scheduling Tool.

FPTraffic is one of the best social media and Facebook post scheduling tools currently available. And at an extremely competitive price too, considering the presentation benefits. With FPTraffic you can schedule unlimited posts. To unlimited social media profiles for a mere $10 per month, after the free trial.

It even provides you with high-quality content, created to share on Facebook and many other social media profiles. I am personally using this post scheduling tool for 60 different profiles on Facebook and Twitter. Because you can schedule posts to your web pages and YouTube videos months in advance.

Create Facebook pages especially to use with FP Traffic for social media posting. Because later in this article I am going to show you how to leverage the call-to-action button. You must however first cover the bit about using Google Sites. Facebook groups unfortunately do not have the call-to-action advantage.

As for timing, this is the perfect post scheduling tool. Because you can even select the time zone you wish to post in. Simplifying social media and Facebook post scheduling weeks, and even months in advance. And at the perfect time when your audiences see your presentations.

You will enjoy many advantages by using FPTraffic for your social media and Facebook post scheduling. Discover the secrets of posting high-quality presentations consistently. Because social media and Facebook are traffic Tsunamis just waiting to be unlocked with a presentation.

Creating Content for Facebook and Social Media.

Text position for social media and Facebook post featured images are important for presentation. The key is consistent content and presenting your message in a timely and curios fashion. With social media and Facebook traffic, timing and presentation are crucial.

The image displayed with your post being it social media, Facebook, or blog post. Will be cropped from the sides for mobile content display. Avoid creating broken message presentations this way with your writing and designing. Text focused on the sides of images will be cut off.

Although for social media and Facebook posts our goal with text position is focused more on creating curiosity. Again, leveraging presentation and what your visitor sees first is the secret. URLs shared must be from your own blog, YouTube videos and/or bridge and landing pages. But never an affiliate link.

Social media and Facebook does have quite a few hoops to jump through. Like adding hashtags for instance. Because you are preparing your presentation (post) to share with selected Facebook Groups. The list of Facebook Groups I personally use will be available at the end of this article.

For knowing which hashtags are currently trending on social media and Facebook, you can use a tool called hashtags dot org. First, you need to get to know your way around creating content consistently for social media and successful presentations.

Secrets for Social Media and Facebook Posting.

The secrets of using emojis for social media and Facebook post presentations come highly recommended. Draw your visitors attention to the presentation by making it colourful. Create interesting 1 3 sentence posts. Make those first few sentences powerful and need specific.

But also use your free Facebook posting tools to add H1 and H2 headers to your presentations (posts). Focus your presentation on the H1 and H2 headers and add hashtags at the end of your presentation. Because then your H1 Header is the first text in your social media and/or Facebook post.

Adding headers, however, is only available when you do manual posts in Facebook groups. But it is a great way to make your presentation easier understandable by both your social media audiences and search engines. Remember to include your target keywords in the presentation (post) headers.

Facebook presentation secrets for social media
Making money with Social Media content posting.

Use emojis to replace words in the text for Facebook posts, triggering curiosity. Use Bold and Italic text to highlight focus points as demonstrated above. And remember that all these social media presentation techniques can be accessed and leveraged 100% for free! All you need is to be a little creative really.

You can also ask your friends on Facebook if your post draws attention. Listen to peoples opinions and adjust accordingly. Remember, with social media and Facebook our primary objective is to create curiosity through the presentation. Because as mentioned earlier, the only secrets are presentation and timing!

Bridge Pages for Social Media and Facebook.

Facebook will not ban or block Google links and give us the upper hand from an affiliate marketing point of view. Google Sites is an outstanding method to create consistent social media and Facebook posts. A Google Site is a custom URL, and the slug can contain your target keywords.

But we will get to writing SEO friendly content and backlinks for the bloggers here a little later in the article. Keep reading, these social media and Facebook presentation secrets are rather simple to follow. You have 4 options for Bridge Pages with affiliate marketing on Facebook.

  1. CB Pro Ads
  2. One Page Profits
  3. Clone Me
  4. Google Sites

With Google Sites, all the work is on you, from writing to creating images. It is your job to create striking presentations for social media and Facebook. With the remaining 3 tools, all the bridge pages are done for you. You do not need to create any content or write anything except linking your affiliate networks.

We are creating Goole Sites and using Bridge Pages because sharing raw affiliate links will get you suspended on social media and Facebook. Social media marketing is all about bridge pages, landing pages and funnels.

But for the purpose of this article. We are only going to focus on bridge pages for social media and Facebook. And generating sales with affiliate marketing through this technique. Leveraging social networking, social media along with writing and media design secrets.

Secrets to using Google Sites for Facebook.

The secrets to using Google sites for social media and Facebook presentations is almost an unfair advantage. On second thought, no, not almost. It is an unfair secret advantage, especially once you get the hang of SEO. Because SEO is just the ability to best tell search engines what your content is about.

Share with Groups on Facebook but with different text on each share. But before you do there is one paramount requirement with regards to your presentation. Your Google Site URL will select a particular image on your Google site as a social media post-presentation image.

The question is, which secret image is automatically selected for social media and Facebook? And the answer is the Google site logo. And a good, suggested dimension is 940 x 788 / 950 x 650. These presentation images can be created with Microsoft Paint or Canva for social media and Facebook.

But there are also a few great SEO techniques we will discuss under the last subheading. Keep reading and learn a lot about content creation, social media, Facebook, writing and presentation. You will be blown away by the traffic potential with social media and Facebook.

Google Sites example for affiliate marketing
Create Curiosity with your Home Page in Google Sites.

Apart from link building, strategic keyword placement in titles is important. But so is the first 2 4 lines of your Google site content. Much the same as the requirements for a great post on social media and Facebook. All part of the secrets to presentation and creating curiosity.

Multiple social media profiles (pages, groups, spaces, communities) play a major role in presentation secrets for social media and Facebook. Especially Facebook pages because you get to leverage the call-to-action button. Which then redirects to a bridge page, Google site or landing page.

Audience engagement with social media and Facebook is great for building a reputation. Adding presentation secrets to the mix and creating curiosity makes success imminent. The more active and consistent you are the more visible you will become.

So, the secrets to getting the most out of social media and Facebook. Focus on quality content and presentation, along with consistency and engagement. It is a lot of work to stand out on the internet, especially on social media. Because it had become rather crowded with marketers chasing the quick buck.

Always be real and do not make everything you offer on social media a sales pitch. In fact, if your presentation creates enough curiosity, you will never have to sales pitch again. Ever. Commenting and offering solutions without any sales pitch and/or URL is another secret to building recognition on Facebook.

Be sure to get known as the guy who helped instead of the guy trying to sell something on social media. When people on social media and Facebook recognise your knowledge, you will be unstoppable. Growing your audiences through presentation secrets and knowledge.

Secret List of Groups for Facebook Presentations.

Giving you 11 of my favourite secret Facebook Groups with social media that will drive a lot of traffic to your posts (presentations). Because we are looking at a total group member count of 1 824 800. Almost 2 Million Members! But that is just the tip of the traffic iceberg with social media and Facebook!

Make Money Online (151.6K Members)

Make Money Online Club Australia (193.3K Members)

Earn Money Online | USA Canada Australia (85.3K Members)

Affiliate Marketing Worldwide (335.3K Members)

Make Money Online Club (218.5K Members)

Affiliate Marketing Work Worldwide (222.3K Members)

No1 Online Earning Community (245.6K Members)

Advertise Your Business and Make Money (69K Members)

Affiliate Marketing for Everyone (163.4K Members)

Unlimited Advertising + (80.2K Members)

Network Marketing Pro (60.3K Members)

Remember to follow the presentation and design secrets in this article. You will soon master the art of leveraging social media and Facebook for traffic. Getting unlimited free traffic can be done, but it is hard work. And unfortunately, there are no shortcuts. Competitive presentation requires maximum effort!

Establish the right time to post your presentations (Google Sites) on social media and Facebook. And post only one post per day to each Facebook group. But read the group rules and understand what is allowed. Spamming and overposting is not a good idea. The secret is to build an audience over time.

Bonus Traffic Technique with FB Pages.

Leveraging Google sites and the call-to-action button with Facebook pages for social media traffic. One important thing to remember is that for everything we discuss in this post. There is probably a Google article and/or YouTube video that will show you exactly how it is done.

Therefore, just search your browser or YouTube for a video on how to use the call-to-action button with Facebook pages. Then follow the steps and redirect the call-to-action button to your landing page. Like a Google site or bridge page that must then redirect to your affiliate offer.

Using the post scheduling tool mentioned earlier is a fantastic way to build Facebook audiences. And eventually, they start clicking on the call-to-action button. That is why interesting content with curios presentations is the secret to social media. Give people a reason to want to like and follow your content.

Affiliate Marketing is a great way to make money with social media and Facebook. But along with intense research, you will also need to learn from affiliate marketing programs. Contrary to popular belief, most of these affiliate training programs do generate an income online.

The secret is to find what works for you and then learn from it. Focus on how much you can learn, not on how much you can earn. Because the competition with affiliate marketing on social media and Facebook is frightening. Be prepared to learn and fail the first few times, probably. We all go through that.

Facebook Commission Hero

12 Minute Affiliate System

Empire Traffic System

Diddley Pay Pro Commissions Button

Simple Traffic Solutions

Monster-Traffic Application

Just a bit of advice I have always followed through social media, Facebook, and blogging. When taking an affiliate training program for a test drive. Be sure that you have a safety net in the form of a refund guarantee. That way you can test the program (usually 30 60 days) and decide if it works for you.

From social media to Facebook and countless other affiliate marketing training programs. The secret is to find what works for you and then build on that. Create curios presentations and drive traffic with these traffic secrets to earn affiliate commissions.

Writing SEO Content that will Rank in Search Results.

The secret is to start with keyword research and selecting the region to target. A common mistake often made with social media, Facebook, and search engines alike. You will be surprised at how different the results can be using the Google Keyword Planner. And getting more traffic to your presentation.

Always use keywords with a high search volume and low competition. But you may also consider adding LSI keywords with a tool called LSI Graph. LSI keywords and search phrases are words related to but not synonyms of the keyword. Add LSI keywords for social media, Facebook, and search engines.

Word count is also rather important because sentences must not exceed 20 words. While paragraphs of 80 100 words are advised (3 5 sentences). The content body must also be divided into sub-headers. And the content under each sub-heading must not exceed 250 300 words. Backlinks are a major secret ranking factor, along with site mobile load speed and user experience.

There are 5 different types of backlinks. Namely internal links, external links, comment backlinks. Web 2.0 backlinks and PBN (Private Blog Network) backlinks. All images should also have a title, short description and alt attributes.

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