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Facebook Pages for Traffic – Internet Marketing Money

Drive Blog Traffic with Facebook Pages.

Your Facebook pages is a great way to drive blog traffic. But you can also drive traffic to affiliate links providing you have the right tools. We will get to all of that. This post is all about Facebook Pages and a technique to drive floods of visitors.

This Facebook pages technique can drive traffic to Clickbank links. It can be done without your link getting flagged or suspended. I know, I also struggled with that.

Driving blog traffic with Facebook pages is a lot less complicated than driving traffic to affiliate links. Because sadly, the internet had become rather crowded with experts. Such a strong word when it comes to driving traffic.

Creating a Facebook Page allows the more than 2 billion people on Facebook to discover your business Source

Be it with Facebook pages or otherwise. I prefer advanced knowledge over the word expert. And this Facebook page technique to drive traffic I have personally tested.

It is one of my techniques used to create useful blog posts. Do the research and then turn the knowledge into a blog post. Knowledge can also be turned into a digital product like an eBook. Or even an online membership site. Even a Facebook Page and/or Group based on the knowledge or niche.

The Bridge Page and Facebook Page traffic.

This is the link standing between your affiliate link and Facebook. In fact, the bridge page can be shared anywhere. Facebook pages can be an excellent source of the traffic to any URL. Not just blog traffic.

But there are rules, and you need to follow them. Using Facebook pages for blog traffic and affiliate link traffic requires compliance.

If you do not have your own blog or bridge pages. Consider using sites like Link Tree, Campsite, Manylink and LYNX. Then simply add your affiliate links to these sites. You can then use these links to share with your Facebook pages. That is how to drive traffic to affiliate links without getting flagged or banned.

Before you invest any dollars, try these simple, free strategies to help you drive traffic to your page. This list of eight includes things you can do within the content of your posts to get people clicking that Like (or Follow) button Source

Your page needs a featured or cover image, along with a profile photo. The Facebook page profile picture can be a logo. And you can design any image in any required dimension with Canva.

Use your Facebook page posts and design to create curiosity. In turn, it will drive traffic to your bridge page with all your affiliate links.

Joining the Right Affiliate Network.

Using Facebook pages to drive blog traffic or traffic to any URL requires precision. Having the right affiliate products that are not only social platform friendly.

But affiliate products must also be in demand, so it can be displayed on your blog. Clickbank and Share A Sale are two excellent choices for affiliate networks. And both are free to join.

>> Create Your Free Clickbank Account <<

With Clickbank, you will earn commissions of up to 75%. And you do not necessarily need your own blog or website. Although it will always be highly recommended you do. When you drive blog traffic with Facebook pages you need your Clickbank products presented on your blog.

Or you will most certainly need a bridge page to use Facebook pages to drive traffic to Clickbank products. I found many of these products to be less social platform friendly.

Choosing the right affiliate products on Clickbank depends on gravity. High gravity is a popular product with a lot of competition. Where a low gravity product may not be quite as much in demand yet. But the competition is a lot less.

>> Create Your Free Share A Sale Account <<

With Share A Sale you will not need any bridge page. You will, however, need your own website and/or blog. It is part of the approval process when applying as an affiliate.

And although Share A Sale does not pay commissions as high as 75%. You have the option of getting paid up to $1 per lead with some merchants.

Commissions are usually from 5% to around 50% per sale. Some merchants pay up to $200 per sale and higher. But Share A Sale links are usually accepted on all major social networks. So, no flagging and banning.

How to integrate Clickbank Safely.

Using Facebook pages to drive blog and traffic to Clickbank links is one way of doing it. Using Facebook Pages to drive traffic to Clickbank affiliate links via online shops as landing pages is another.

This way, all your best affiliate links are automatically added and updated by Clickbank themselves. These online shop links in turn are all social platform friendly.

Im going to show you the top affiliate networks we recommend for 2020. You will then take the information, choose an affiliate network to join, and start making money online Source

The affiliate niche storefront URLs are accepted on all major social networks. Driving traffic to your affiliate links with Facebook pages. Leveraging affiliate niche storefronts.

>> Grab Your 18 Affiliate Niche Storefronts <<

You get 18 affiliate niche storefronts in 18 different top niches. You then create Facebook pages for those niches in preparation to use these storefronts.

So, keep reading. Because the 18 niche storefronts are just the beginning to generate sales with Clickbank.

Although Clickbank and Share A Sale is outstanding affiliate networks. You also have the option of researching private affiliate programs. Below are 4 of my favourite private affiliate links.

>> Eset Endpoint Antivirus <<

>> Money Robot <<

>> Pretty Links Lite <<

>> Canva Image Editing Tool <<

Most private affiliate links are accepted on Facebook pages along with most major social networks like Twitter. So, driving traffic is a little easier. But regardless of the method you choose.

Blog traffic may always be more profitable but that will depend on the quality of your content. And the ability to use content to create curiosity.

Facebook pages and blog traffic go hand in hand with quality content. Creating curiosity by sharing your own research. Based on personal testing. And usually an alarming amount of failure.

Find something that really works and then share that with your audience. Determine what your Facebook audiences are looking for. And then give them what they want.

Providing you have your own blog. With Pretty Links, your affiliate link is added as a slug to the primary blog domain. That way the affiliate link gets indexed in search engines and also serve as a backlink.

>> Access Pretty Links Lite <<

Cloaked links can also be used on Facebook pages to drive blog traffic. But do still avoid any Clickbank product related to making money online especially. For direct link sharing on Facebook pages, I strongly advise Share A Sale and private affiliate links.

Choosing a solid affiliate network is a crucial part of being a successful affiliate marketer, whether youre starting out as a new affiliate or just diving into a new niche Source

Facebook Page Blog Traffic Scheduling.

This is the exciting part of leveraging Facebook pages for blog traffic. Because with this tool you can add unlimited Facebook pages and groups. And then schedule posts for months in advance.

Remember that consistency is the key to driving Facebook traffic. Although the presentation is equally important.

Your presentation image must create curiosity. That is how you increase conversion. Make your visitor want to know more through the first impression. But you still need this post scheduling tool called FP Traffic.

>> Join FP Traffic to leverage Facebook Pages <<

With this tool you can schedule your own blog posts, pages and even YouTube video URLS. This is done by simply adding the URLs in the Add URLs section. You get 2 weeks to test it for free.

Thereafter it will cost a mere $10 per month! And people have grown Facebook Audiences in the millions with this tool. Building an audience is all about the quality of your content. With FP Traffic the suggested posts to the schedule are of high quality and extremely useful.

Facebook traffic on autopilot
Drive blog traffic with Facebook pages.

FP Traffic will even provide you with high quality suggested posts from Bing, YouTube, Amazon, Reddit and many more. You simply need to see this tool in action for yourself. The best scheduling tool I have seen in my 8 or so years researching online!

Facebook Pages Secrets for Blog Traffic.

First, choose which URL you would like to attract attention to on your Facebook Page. Because you can post a URL from your blog for instance. And then pin that post to the page. That way whenever someone visits your page that will be the first post they see.

You can use your Facebook page by adding a button. Like Shop Now or Learn More or Sign Up for instance. Then redirect the button to the blog or affiliate offer of your choice.

Which must also be relevant to something your visitor may be looking for based on your Facebook page niche.

Complete all the steps when creating your Facebook pages. And there are thousands of videos you can watch on YouTube. Creating Facebook pages to drive blog traffic is not all that complicated.

An affiliate network helps web and app publishers to monetize their inventory by providing a variety of options, as well as all necessary tools for running campaigns Source

If you do share an affiliate link as a Facebook page website or as a redirect from the page button. First, share the URL on your Facebook profile and see if a presentation image displays. Then post it to your Facebook and see if you can open the link.

If it works then you know the link is Facebook-friendly and will not get banned or flagged as unsafe.

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