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Ecommerce Incrementally – The Future of Engaged Audiences

The affiliate marketing podcast is back again with another star-studded episode. This week we are discussing marketing technology, the type that helps to engage audiences and helps affiliates to make more sales. We are joined by long-time retail and technology veteran, Simon Bird who is the co-founder and CEO of RevLifter. In this episode, he discusses why he believes that digital technology can help brands align the specific needs of their customers with their key business goals.

In 2017, Simon Bird co-founded RevLifter to leverage proprietary shopper data and AI to deliver hyper-personalised offers that deliver significantly higher ROI than one-size-fits-all promotions. In 2020, RevLifter grew revenues by +300%, launched in several international markets, landed a number of global brands, and claimed several eCommerce awards following an explosion in demand for tailored, 1-2-1 promotions.

Listen to find out more about:

  • What brands should be doing to increase engagement, conversions and margins.
  • Why it is important for affiliate managers to adopt new technology and platforms
  • The future of the ecommerce space

[01:04] Simon explains how he first got into the affiliate marketing industry

[10.00] – Listen as Simon explains why affiliate managers are important for organisations on a wider level

[16:21] – Hear how influencers and true content sites will have to adapt their approach in line with the economic crisis

[22:22] Listen as Simon debunks some common myths surrounding affiliate marketing

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