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Earn cash-back while you shop in 2022

Couponing is a thing of the past.

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Put some of your money back in your wallet by taking advantage of these cash-back services.

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How does it work?

Cash-back rates vary depending on the service, the store, and the time you are shopping. It works similarly to points you accumulate when using a credit card, they add up over time. Read more about it here.

Some of these cash-back services offer you money for signing up and for referring someone who signs up using your referral ID.

For example, you are trying to buy shoes. Instead of checking out directly from the site you are buying like Nike, you could check out through a cash-back service like Rakuten. But how do you make money, and how does Rakuten make money? Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is super common on the internet. So here’s how it works in the Rakuten example: Rakuten earns a cut of the purchase and then gives you a cut of their cut.

This may seem too good to be true, you may even be suspicious. No, you can really earn some of your money back while you shop. However, there is definitely tracking and data-gathering happening.

The cash-back sites use browser cookies to track your purchases. This is necessary for yo to earn the rebate. If you look into the sites terms and conditions or privacy policy you will likely see that they reserve the right to “aggregate and sell” the data.

But, is it a big deal? The browsing you do everyday is already being tracked, whether it is on Google, Amazon, or Facebook. The cash back services tell marketing companies what you’ve bought and maybe where.

The cash back services are used and recommended by many. Most people don’t experience more spam emails or calls. But if you are trying to keep your online activity as private as possible, this might not be for you.

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What are the best cash-back services?

  • Dosh- First you have to link a debit or credit card, then it will tell you stores (local and online) that are offering cash back.
  • Honey- This also works as a coupon finder, but their cash back works a little different. Honey Gold is their cashback program, but you get a randomized rebate when you shop.
  • Mr. Rebates- If you know a lot of people this might be a good option. You can earn 20% of your friends rebates. They have a few options for payout, but you have to wait 90 days.
  • Rakuten (formerly Ebates)- This cash-back service has been around since 1998. There is a sign up and referral bonus. However, they payout quarterly. The payment options are mailed check or PayPal.
  • TopCashback- A big bonus here is that once money gets added to you account, you can cash out whenever. It doesn’t have to just be direct deposit though, you can also get your money on gift cards or prepaid credit cards. They also have a mobile app.

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