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Do Twitch Content Creators Make Money?

Today, modern social technology has helped change many things. People can now make a living through the internet via social channels. One of the greatest platforms content creators and gamers can make money on is Twitch. 

That said, for game lovers, you are probably now curious about how you will make money. Most Twitch streamers are now having success with this platform, and some are even branching out to other social media platforms like YouTube. In fact, they are able to get YouTube subscribers for parts of the content they share on Twitch. They are making seven figures per year by spending a few hours gaming. 

With this in mind, you can also earn a few backs with your stream. In this guide, you will see the different ways of making money. Stick around to get all the tips. 

Tips for Making Money via Twitch 

There are various ways you will make money via this channel. Some of the recommended methods include Twitch Bits, viewer donations, and crowdfunded subscriptions. Other ways include ads, affiliate marketing, sponsorships, brand, ads, game sales, and merchandise. 

In addition, other Twitch streamers generate income through YouTube videos or Crowdfunding on Patreon.  

When Will Twitch Pay Your Earnings?

The moment you have figured out how you can make money, the next thing to worry about is when to get paid. The good thing about the company is that it pays after every 15 days when you have more than $100 in your account balance. 

Making money with Partnering with Twitch 

Twitch has a partnership program that allows you to make money. However, you can choose other solutions to make money. 

Unfortunately, when starting, it becomes difficult to make money. That’s why it is recommended to seek Twitch services. For example, from a legit company, you can buy Twitch viewers. 

Nonetheless, when not in a partnership program, you will make money via ads, game sales, Twitch Bits, or subscriptions. And with a large following, you’ll make money via merchandise or sponsorships. 

When not a partner, there are four ways you can make money. You can use them as you grow your following: 

  • Patreon
  • Donations 
  • Affiliate marketing 
  • YouTube

Let’s dive in and look closer at these methods: 


Many Twitch users who love your content will show you support by donation. And because you will not get Twitch Bits until you are a Partner or Affiliate, you will get donations from third-party services. 

That is possible after you add a “Donate” button with services like Donorbox, Muxy, or PayPal. 


You can upload some of your best parts of the streams via YouTube channel. That will help you earn little money through YouTube ads. 

Some of the things to add may include funny or interesting clips from the stream, new content, or game compilations. 

However, it is a challenge to make money via the channel. But once you upload on YouTube, there are benefits of attracting more followers to your channel. 

But why?

Unlike other live streaming platforms, Twitch will not offer you many ways of attracting new viewers. But when you look at YouTube, it has comprehensive features which are related to video suggestions or personal recommendations for viewers.

That’s the reason you should regularly share on YouTube like other Twitch streamers


Without many followers, it is almost impossible to make money. The advantage is until you have become an Affiliate. 

Luckily, you may have some regular viewers that will love your streams. These are viewers that will get an incentive to donate money via Patreon, and they can get the rewards of your great content. 

Affiliate Marketing 

The other great option of earning money via Twitch is becoming a Partner of the program by sharing affiliate links. And this is different from Twitch Affiliate. 

Affiliate marketing is referred to as a process where you promote offers online to receive a commission or fee on everything you sell. 

It sounds pretty good? 

Amazon associates are the greatest way streamers can make money via affiliate marketing. You can use the product and link products on Amazon, and you will get a cut after your viewers purchase those products. 

There are more Affiliate programs you can consider with Twitch. Some of these include LootCrate and Play Asia. 

And if you want to start with Amazon, then have the Amazon Blacksmith extension. It is an extension you can use to promote links. 

Brand Sponsorships 

You must not be a Partner or Twitch Affiliate for you to land one of the sponsorship deals. However, it would help when you have a large audience your brand will reach. 

In addition, you will promote all kinds of brands or products via your Twitch audience. These could be fashion brands, drinks, musical instruments, gaming hardware, and more. 

Remember that most brands will reach those streamers they are willing to work with, and nothing will stop you from pitching to them directly. 

You have to check out those services that will set up sponsorship deals like HelloGamers and PowerSpike. 


After creating a fanbase, you can now make money selling merchandise. Some of your viewers will feel proud to purchase your products or services. Some of the products you can sell include stickers, t-shirts, mugs, laptop cases, and more. 

If you want to sell merchandise via Twitch, set up an eCommerce store. You can even do drop shipping via Oberlo. 

Some apps will help you to create great designs, such as Canva or Hatchful. It would even be better if you opt to hire a designer. 

Twitch Affiliate

You can also make money by becoming a Twitch Affiliate. But before that, you must have met various criteria set. 

After you become an affiliate, you will gain access to other forms of monetization. These include:

  • Twitch bits 
  • Subscriptions 
  • Game sales 

The platform allows you to subscribe to your favorite Affiliate and get exclusive perks. These subscription perks include subscriber-only streams, chat rooms, merchandise discounts, and unique emotions. 

Twitch Ads 

Pre-roll ads will appear to your viewers before they join your stream. Sometimes, Partners will trigger mid-roll ads whenever they want. Many partners will show ads when grabbing something to eat or break. 

Ads may not be the most profitable option to make money. But with an enormous list of viewers, the money increases.

Photo by Caspar Camille Rubin on Unsplash

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