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Dan Hollings Releases Final Version of The Plan – A New Crypto Bot Trading Program Allowing Anyone to Make Passive Income in Today’s Crypto Market

Hollings has just released the final version of his sought-after program called
The Plan. Hollings and the Rapid Crush team created The Plan to allow anyone to
make passive income with cryptocurrency. With The Plan, customers will learn
how to set up automated crypto bots that create immediate cash flow within a
minute or two of a bot going live.

(You Can Get More Information here)

is an internet marketing expert and an Amazon expert. He has sold over $300
million on the Amazon platform and authored many FBA courses. He runs AmazoWorks,
an Amazon tool resource, and has helped more than 20,000 Amazon sellers.
Hollings has worked with celebrities, corporations, Shark Tank entrepreneurs
and Amazon Corporate, and was the marketing genius behind the
mega-million-dollar book and movie launch of The Secret.

Plan allows anyone to start investing in crypto and make passive income in
todays crypto market. Crypto is a volatile investment, but with The Plan,
money is made with volatility. It is a brand-new training course from Rapid
Crush showing how to make money with crypto safely and easily. The Plan has
found the crypto loophole and exposes its secrets.

(You Can
Download The Special Report PDF Here

Plan teaches participants how to convert their money (fiat) into crypto and
create crypto bots that make $14-$200 per day, regardless of whether the coin’s
price goes up or down. The Plan already has many success stories (in the
thousands) from customers in 104 different countries. When customers try out
The Plan and make money within the first few minutes of doing it, theyre
hooked! Participants will learn everything they need to succeed using crypto
bots throughout six training sessions.

addition to the course, participants are backed by 32 experienced customer
support agents who answer questions quickly and accurately. Office hours are
also provided with experts who have run tons of crypto bots themselves.
Participants can submit questions in advance and get them answered on live Zoom
calls. The team is equipped and well prepared to give customers the best
experience theyve ever had buying anything youve ever recommended.

and Rapid Crush conducted three rounds of beta testing to verify that the
program works for anyone before launching this final version of The Plan.
During beta testing, every participant saw a return on investment by following
the strategies and tips outlined in training.

to make money with crypto trading,  the
strategy is to buy low and sell high. However, in the volatile crypto market,
it’s impossible to know how low the bottom will be and if the price will remain
stable. As it is still in its infancy, there is still a lot that needs to
happen for the market to stabilize. Around 95 percent of people lose money in
crypto simply by buying and selling at the wrong time.

Hollings do-nothing plan with what he calls wiggle profits, losses are
drastically reduced because The Plan takes advantage of the volatility in the
market. As long as theres volatility, it is possible to constantly make money
regardless of whether the market goes up or down.

(You can join The Plan yourself here)

Fladlien, known as the $100 million webinar man, has risen to the top of
several industries, including information products, software, coaching, consulting,
speaking and eCommerce. He is a co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer for Rapid
Crush. The company holds the records for the biggest affiliate marketing
promotion in internet marketing, making $9.8 million in just eight days.

big part of our mission is finding the very best things that can help people
make money, Fladlien said. If we feel they are empowering, we get behind it.

said that hundreds of people brought ideas on crypto to Rapid Crush, wanting
the company to promote their products, but none of them were compelling enough
to invest in. Nothing felt right, or moral or ethical to publish or promote. He
didnt even want to hear about anything that had to do with crypto or Bitcoin.

Fladlien now believes that crypto is the future and it is transforming the
market. It will come sooner than anyone thinks because around 2 billion of the
worlds adults are unbanked, meaning they dont have access to a traditional
financial system. He also believes he has found the best way to begin investing
in crypto through The Plan.

Hollings is the foremost expert in using crypto bots. Its not just about
having a bot. Its about how you use the bots, Fladlien said. There is the
setup, and then there is the do-nothing period where money just rolls in.
Hollings is the top person in the world at this. He has done more than 10,000
automations. There are other phases in the plan beyond this, but Hollings is
the expert to turn to for creating truly passive income.

Sasaki wrote an extensive review of The Plan. He stated, Its not an
HODL strategy, its not a buy low sell high approach, it wont have you looking
for unicorn coins that you hope will suddenly become super valuable. Instead,
this is leveraging a very interesting characteristic of the crypto market (that
has always been there and always will) in a way thats supported by

participant from the second beta group said, Why do I love The Plan? Because I
spent about five minutes setting up each bot, and its all automated. In other
words, it is making money without me touching it even while Im sleeping. In
fact, I love just waking up and logging into Bitsgap once each morning and at
night to simply watch it grow. Thats all my husband and I do with this! Well,
unless we want to add more bots, then we spend another 5 minutes setting it

participant shared her results with The Plan. One bot she set up made $327 in
21 days. Other bots that had been running for over a month earned $777, $1,028,
$955 and $1,656 each. She stated she likes to take the profits and reinvest
them into other bots.

Plan is like a vending machine. Whenever the bot makes a trade, you make money
just like when someone buys a snack or a drink, she added. More importantly,
the profits you make from your bot are actually available to you immediately at
your crypto exchange. This means that if you want to, you can use your profits
as passive income to pay for your daily expenses or invest it in a business or
reinvest it into another automated crypto bot like what Dan Hollings teaches in
The Plan.

beta student also shared information about her experience with The Plan,
stating one thing she loves about The Plan is the set of rules and strategies
provided that you can just set up and then forget about, although she jokingly
commented that doing nothing was the hardest part.

beta student was on the waiting list for private coaching from Hollings when
she discovered she had been accepted into the first beta. By day 20 of the
program, she had made a profit of $1,051, an increase of 10.33 percent. By day
25, she had made a profit of $1,525, a 10.02 percent increase from the initial

(You can join The Plan yourself here)

on my own personal experience with this training, I would highly recommend it
for anyone who is looking to get a better return on their investment funds or
knows that crypto is here to stay and wants to invest in crypto for the long
term, with minimal risk, while taking advantage of the volatility in the crypto
market, she said.

private training costs around $10,000. The Plan costs $3,497 as a one-time
payment or purchased with four installments of $997. For more information about
The Plan, watch Dan
Hollings free crypto training here.

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