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Create Shorter Amazon Links – Short Amazon Links That Get Massive Clicks And Massive Sales

Want to know how to shorten your Amazon links to create those shorter Amazon links that create more clicks, more leads, more traffic, and most importantly more sales for your affiliate marketing business?

Are you an affiliate marketer who not only wants to look more professional when promoting your Amazon affiliate links but also drives more traffic, drives more clicks, and most importantly makes more money online from the Amazon associates program?

Smart move B.T.W. if you are trying to build an affiliate marketing business that can bring in revenue for you and your family for years to come.

I have been an affiliate marketer for 14 years now, and I can say without a doubt, that short Amazon links or shorter affiliate links in general that can be customized, tracked, and used anywhere including social media accounts will make your affiliate business a lot more money period!

So, why are shorter Amazon links so important for any affiliate marketers business?

Why Shorter Amazon Links Are Very Important For Any Affiliate Marketing Business?

Shorter Amazon links will not only get more clicks from the Amazon associates program but shorter, cloaked affiliate links in general that enable tracking will be easier to track for you the affiliate marketer.

If you want to track your Amazon affiliate links, which you definitely should be doing, and know which platforms that you are advertising on are generating you the most clicks, and generating the most sales for your affiliate marketing business.

Tips On How To Create Shorter Amazon Links For Affiliate Marketers

As an affiliate marketer in general you want to make the most money as possible from your affiliate marketing efforts.

Shorter Amazon links is just step 1:

A Video is worth 10,000 words this is why you do not want long ugly affiliate links that deter clicks and make you less money as an affiliate marketer.

How To Create Shorter Amazon Affiliate Links And Shorter Clickbank Affiliate Links?

This is an older Youtube Video I Created Years Ago, But Still Applies 100% Today that will show you how to turn those long ugly shorter Amazon links and Clickbank links into more clickable links.

[ Just Use My Suggestion Below For 2021 to shorten your Amazon links or any affiliate link, in general, to build a long-term viable affiliate marketing business into the future ]

What Is The Ultimate Way To Shorten Your Amazon Links That Will Make You More Money As An Affiliate Marketer?

  • Shorter Amazon links will get you the affiliate marketer more clicks, and more sales for your online business.
  • Shortening your Amazon affiliate links will make you look more trustworthy and professional
  • Shorter Amazon links that are cloaked can be used on your various social networking accounts and will not be blocked as affiliate links.
  • Short cloaked Amazon links can be advertised anywhere from blogs, social networking sites, email marketing lists, and everything in between.
  • Know exactly where your clicks, leads, and sales are coming from with the right affiliate tracking platform that not only will make you look like a super affiliate marketer All-Star but will put more money into your affiliate accounts where it belongs.
  • Shorter Amazon links that are cloaked and tracked bring a much higher R.O.I. and click-thru rate.
  • See the affiliate tracking software that I use below that can not only create shorter Amazon links but has hundreds of other uses guaranteed to increase your revenue.

Why Cloaking And Shorter Amazon Links And Short Affiliate Links In General Will Make You More Money As An Affiliate Marketer?

Shortening and cloaking your Amazon affiliate links or affiliate links in general using a professional tracking link service like Clickmagick will;

  • Make you more money as an affiliate marketer period!
  • Know exactly where your Amazon affiliate links are being clicked on and from what source
  • Prevent click fraud and save your affiliate commissions by cloaking your affiliate tracking links.
  • Will get you more clicks by having shorter Amazon links that can be customized to your personal needs and branding as an affiliate marketer or online entrepreneur.
  • Split test your affiliate links and see which affiliate links convert into the most sales for your affiliate marketing business.
  • See which shorter Amazon links are bringing you the most affiliate commissions.

Video How To Create Short Amazon Links + Short Affiliate Tracking Links In General That Makes You Money

Now let me ask you affiliates this question?

What is your favorite affiliate tools + software to use to create shorter Amazon links that make your affiliate business more money?

Want to know how to not only create those shorter Amazon affiliate links that turn leads into sales but will also show you step by step how to build the affiliate marketing business

Check out my free affiliate marketing training guide + bonus package that shows you how Richard Legg earns $300 daily giving away cool free stuff that people are raving about.

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