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Create A Professional Logo For Your Blog In 2 Minutes Tutorial [ Free Software ]

Want to create a logo for your blog? Learn how to create a food blog logo and any logo in any niche for your WordPress blog with this free easy-to-use visual creator software that I use on a daily basis to create professional-looking logos and visual graphics for my blog in literally minutes.

How To Create A Professional Logo For Your Blog In Minutes Tutorial Using This FREE Software

Hey, whats up, everyone? In this video, Im going to show you how to create a logo for your blog.

Im also going to show you step by step how to do it. And if you do like the software Im using, you can try it out for free.

Its going to be the link directly below the video I hope you enjoy this video and I hope you also find my how to create a professional blog logo tutorial very useful.

With that being said, let me dive in and show you how to create a logo.

Create A Professional Logo For Your Blog In 2 Minutes Tutorial [ Free Software ] blog logo
Create A Professional Logo For Your Blog In Minutes With This How To Video Tutorial

First things first, I want to show you the correct website logo size. I did a Google search here, so if youre putting a logo on your blogger website, the normal size here is 250 x 150 pixels PX.

So we can make that using this graphics creation software here that Im using its called Visme and what we do here is we go into Create New, go to Project and we click on more.

You can see all the stuff you can do with this I use this every day for my blog.

I create featured images and just images for all the articles I write.

Love this software, you can also create anything under the sun like presentations, infographics, business cards, images, featured blog posts, documents, and of course professional blog logos.

You can see all the stuff you can do with it but for this particular video, were creating a logo for your blog.

How To Create A Custom-Sized Logo For Your Blog?

So Im going to do a custom size.

And as you can see here, the custom size option has got the width and height, and pixels.

As you can go back here, its 250 x 150 px is the standard size of a blog logo.

And keep in mind, with most WordPress themes you can adjust the size if its too small or big.

This is just the average size of a logo so we are using this size for demonstration purposes.

So you dont have to worry too much about it.

Were just trying to get a basic idea of a standard WordPress logo size.

So, to be as close as possible to perfect as we can get.

So were going to click 250 by 150 px in there.

Then Were going to click create. Were waiting for it here. And this is a blank slate here.

There are actually a bunch of different templates you can use for logos.

Im doing the blank one because Im creating a specific size, but they do have a bunch of templates you can use as well. I just wanted to point that out.

So if you want something premade, they do have various options for that as well.

So were going to do it up here where it says Untitled Project.

Were going to name it, were going to name it Logo for Blog. Something easy to remember.

So when were done, its going to show up on our dashboard and then we can download it and then upload it to our blog theme and use it however we deem fit.

You can also make edits to it. Its not perfect.

Ill show you how to do that too as well.

How To Add Text To A Logo For Your Blog That You Create Tutorial

So what were going to do here?

Next, were going to go to the header and text. See all these options here. There are basics, graphics, photos, data, media, theme, colors, my files, apps, and there are all kinds of options with this.

And its super easy to use this software. Thats why Ive been using it for going on a year now, and I dont think I could live without it, to tell you the truth.

Its pretty awesome.

Does everything I want it to do and more.

And you could check this out for free as I said. And they do have paid options if you want to do more with it.

And well worth the money to me, though. But here are the graphics right here in the text.

Were going to go to the header and text.

Were going to add a title. Were going to fit it inside this box here, comes out here.

Were working with a small space here, so we got to mess with it, and add a title.

All right, lets do this.

Were going to lower the font here to 60, and see how big it is.

We dont want it that big.

Were going to do about 36 or 40. Well do 40, as you can see right here, all you do is go up here.

This changes the front face here. I usually use Anton, but there are a million of them to pick from. I just like the way it looks.

Thats my preference.

You could change colors here, so depending on whatever you want your logo to look like, the color in the background, Im just going to use red because it stands out.

I usually use red or black or orange.

Im going to go red for this presentation.

That color stands out pretty well. And next, were going to choose a photo.

Im going to show you photos.

Im going to go through a few options

here is just to give you an idea.

All the stuff this software can do,

How To Add A Professional Background Image To Your Logo For Your Blog Using The Visme Software

You can search millions of stock photos and find the perfect background image to add to the logo for your blog.

So whatever your logo is about, your sites about, you can put it in here.

Say you got a food blog.

You just do food and you got different options for food. And this one looks kind of professional.

Well do this one set as background. Youre going to add to the canvas. Delete that one.

Theres your background right there.

If you got a food blog done, that could be your logo. Part of it is the background.

Well do Marys food blog as an example.

Im just going to come up with a name off the top of my head real quick, and make it generic to show you whats possible here and how easy this is to create the perfect logo for your blog.

A little bit on the front side. Were going to go down a little smaller.

Were going to try to get it square. You just got to play with it a little bit and get it how you want it.

And then you can go left or right. Usually, that fixes the problem.

So right there, perfect.

Now you got a background, you got this and you got the name of whatever your blog may be.

If its a food blog, it could be anything, obviously. And you got all these pictures you can choose from as far as images go.

And you could just play around there are literally millions of images to choose from.

Just type in a keyword up here and its going to pull up different images.

I got my images. I got a bunch that Ive saved.

And these are all them right here. Wallet. You got a computer.

You can see them all right here.

And these are nice because theyre not backgrounded images.

Its just like a cutout.

So right here you got chickens and all kinds of cool stuff.

Theres a bunch of them and Im pretty sure theres a lot under food.

And I actually got food up there so we dont have to worry about it.

And if you want to add a picture of a piece of fruit avocado here they got blueberry.

It looks like a plum, hamburgers, lemons and limes, and all kinds of cool stuff.

So we can go hit this and then click add to the canvas. You got yourself a lime and you can adjust the size, obviously, and just play around with it.

Stuff is super easy to use.

Replace the selected image, and add his new image. Were going to add it as a new image. And you got these real professional food items that you can add to whatever it is youre creating.

In this case, its a blog logo.

And then you want to get everything in exactly the way you want it, obviously.

Just play around with the sizes and everything. And I mean, thats basically it. Obviously.

I want to make this a little prettier than what it is, but Im just giving you a basic idea of how to do this.

And this would be your logo if you got a food blog, and obviously, you can make it any way you want, you got a ton of options here.

Were going to go back to my images here and Im going to show you kind of what I did for my logo. Were going to go to cut out, get rid of the food one, go to my images and lets find what I used.

I got to go through bear with me for 1 second. I got to go through some of these images. I got to find the exact computer I used here.

And Ill show you what I did for a logo for my site. And I think it was this one. I have to go back and look at that little settings button there next to whatever you want to use.

This is the picture Im going to put set as background. And thats not the one I use. That came up a little differently.

Were going to try this one. I think this is the one actually I use. Yes. Perfect. Now you got a computer here.

I have a product review site.

I got numerous sites, but my main one is a product review and marketing site.

So what I did here is I got this laptop as a background and I made it really simple.

Im going to go to Basics header and text, add title, title right there, and make it smaller.

Im going to fit in this little laptop screen at the top, right? Thats the goal.

Anyways, there we go.

Now were going to make this smaller. Obviously, I want to fit inside the screen of the laptop. Here well go to font size 36.


And were going to put Jays reviews and marketing. And as you can see, its way too big.

So I got to mess with it

a little more and adjust the size.

Super simple.

Were going to adjust the size here and go down to 18. There it is. You can do 18, you can do a little bigger.

Im going to leave it right there. And now were going to adjust the different fonts we can use here.

Choosing Different Fonts For The Logo For Your Blog

Theres Anton.


I didnt use Anton on this one.

I cant remember exactly which one I used, but

I wanted to stand out, and look a little modern.

You can play around with that and

see how that switches your font.

That looks pretty cool.

Well go with that one and were going

to go a little bit bigger on this.

Well go to 24, and see if that works.

Thats about right a little bit.

I think 18 was perfect.

We can go back to 18.

And you want to center where you want at your text.

Obviously, were going to change the color.

So I do is highlight your text here

your title text, click the color button and

were going to change it to red.

Just like that, the color changed.

Now what else I did is I put a wallet

like its a product review site and a marketing site.

So youre doing reviews, saving people money.

The same thing goes for marketing.

Im recommending various products and services so

it kind of relates to the wallet.

So what do I do now?

I go to basics.

Graphics, photos, data, media.

Im going to go back to Photos,

then go back to my images.

You got the Photos GIF, the mock-ups, and the cutouts.

You go to my images.

These are all the images I saved.

And Im going to find my wallet here.

I got a cool wallet here.

And you just put add to project, as you can

see there, makes it a little smaller and youre going

to want to fit it into the screen here.

Center this a little better.

I just made a logo from my site and

it didnt take me very long, a few minutes.

Obviously, youre going to want to get it as perfect

as you can because its kind of an important thing.

A logo for your site is the first thing a visitor is

going to see when they stop in on your blogger website.

So make it look halfway decent.

Id probably mess with this font a little bit more.

I like it, but I dont like it that much.

So Ill probably switch it and lets

see if I could find that. Wasnt it?

Find one that I like a little

more than what I have now.

Thats pretty cool. Well go with that.

But just whatever font you like.

Obviously, different font faces you can play around with

and just find one that works for you.

And when youre done with it, with your logo, all

you do is go to the download button here.

You got a present. You can click present.

Itll show it to you, especially if you got something

animated that you created to make sure it looks right.

And then all you do is click Download when youre

done with it and its going to give you an

option to download it in an image document, or PDF video.

You can even present it offline.

You can even download these in

high resolution if you want to.

I do that because its a logo.

I want it to look as good as

possible and have the best definition possible.

If its a picture, its not that much of a big deal.

But for this one, I would definitely do that.

Download a site resolution and you got

a jpg option and a PNG option.

So pick whatever format you like for your logo.

I always usually do the jpg and

then you click the Download button.

It says Jpg Download.

Then my antivirus is going to make sure its safe.

And then it goes into my downloads.

And youve just created a logo. Done.

So that was super easy and

you could do that for anything.

Im going to take you through this real

quick and show you a few more options.

With this, were going to go

back to business, the beginning.

And then were going to do Create New again.

And then you can see all

the different stuff Ive created.

Ive got a ton of different Ive created

a lot of stuff using the software.

I really like it.

And its super easy to use once you get the

hang of it, which literally took me a few hours,

probably about ten minutes to get the hang of it.

But then it took me actually like a

few hours to actually get decent at it.

And thats without reading any directions.

I just kind of figured it out on

my own, its very user-friendly.

So thats a big plus.

Lets go back to this here.

Click the Create new button project.

Were going to go to More.

As I said, you got presentations, infographics,

documents, charts, graphs, printables, web, graphics, social

graphics, videos, gifts, more or custom size.

Were going to go to More and

theres a logo option right here.

You see all these different options you got mockups letterheads, mood boards, logos, and labels.

I mean, you can create anything with the software.

Its awesome!

How To Find A Premade Logo For Your Blog In Minutes With This FREE Software

Click on Logos and Im going to show you

some of the options for some of the logos

which I stated earlier that I kind of skipped

over because I needed the exact size.

But these are some of the different sushi

bar and grill logos, and midnight cafe logos.

So you got these different logos here that you

could actually pick from and mess with and take

one of those and make it your own, basically.

Kitchen right there, grill, and possible budget.

And you got all kinds of options for different various

kinds of logos that you can create using Disney.

So if you found this video useful, which

I hope you did, hit the like button. I appreciate it.

Subscribe to my YouTube channel and check out Business.

As I said, you can check it out for free.

It wont cost you a dime.

You could play around with it if you like

it, go from there and decide if its worth

it to upgrade to a different package and use

it is for all your visual, and blog graphics needs.

You can create printables, web graphics, social graphics, videos,

like I said, charts, business cards, blog featured images, documents, infographics, presentations,

basically, anything that you want to create online, you

can do it with this software and like I

said, its very user-friendly.

So hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

And like I said, if you like it, hit that like button.

Id appreciate it.

Thanks for watching this tutorial on how to create a professional logo for your blog in minutes using the Visme software.

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