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Corcorans growing affiliate network fills a market void

When Corcoran welcomed its first franchise affiliates in February 2020, few could have predicted the pandemics ups and downs that would unfold during the following months. Today, almost two years later, Corcorans affiliate network has had an incredible upward trajectory, serving close to 30 markets across the United States and multiple islands in the Caribbean.

Stephanie Anton, Senior Vice President, Corcoran Affiliates, and Managing Director, Global Service, Realogy, speaks about the networks growth during 2021, as well as whats in store for 2022.

Building the network

Anton describes 2021 as the year that the Corcoran affiliate network filled in the map, both through the addition of new affiliates, as well as through the expansion of current affiliates. She describes this process as growing from the inside out and the outside in, pointing to the addition of Las Vegas, Sacramento, Oakland, and Columbus, Ohio, through the growth of the companys largest affiliate, Corcoran Global Living, and the introduction of new affiliates in Charlotte, North Carolina; New Yorks Rockland and Orange Counties; the British Virgin Islands; St. Barth; and the Bahamas.

Were seeing the brand resonate in urban, high-end suburban, resort, and second-home markets, says Anton.

Finding the right fit

Corcorans secret sauce is its Live Who You Are philosophy, which is firmly embedded in the companys brand. Im a big believer its the right ethos at the right time. Our culture is very open to the celebration of differences we believe in inclusivity, rather than exclusivity, says Anton. Our success is because each affiliate is able to clearly articulate what Live Who You Are means in their market, she adds.

This is not a one-size-fits-all brand, she continues. What makes Corcoran unique and different is the emotional connection we make with our audience and its what makes our marketing resonate. Were not afraid to have our personality show.

Strengthening the networks bonds

While growth has been a big part of the affiliate networks story, Anton considers the strong connections forged in person during 2021 as the companys most meaningful achievement: Since we welcomed our first two affiliates right before the pandemic, it created a strange situation where we spent the first year not being able to connect in person. We held our first, in-person owners meeting in New York City in October, and it was amazing to finally be able to just hug everyone and share a meal together. It was like a family reunion! Then, just a few weeks later, everyone was able to reconnect at the Inman Luxury Connect conference, further strengthening their relationships.

A big benefit of being part of the Corcoran network is being connected to other brokers in other places, so they can learn from each other, says Anton. I had a broker say to me, Part of why Im so interested in joining Corcoran is because Im tired of always being the smartest person in the room. I love that because its really an intelligent and special group of people.

Global advertising reach

With the latest iteration of Corcorans emotionally resonant Be Home omnichannel ad campaign appearing around the country on billboards, via digital takeovers on major publications, and with full-page ads in national print magazines, Corcorans brand recognition nationwide is stronger than ever.

2022 is already shaping up to be another exciting yearwe will be welcoming some really impressive operators in some very key markets, says Anton. We are also planning to host our first Corcoran Agent Conference in the spring of 2022 at The Breakers in Palm Beach. Its the perfect property for our debut Agent Conference and I am beyond excited.

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