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Consistent Content and Social Media Profiles

Multiple Social Profiles and Consistent Content.

Creating consistent high-quality content for multiple social media profiles is no easy task. It requires a lot of research, testing and analysis to provide high-quality content. But along with consistency comes timing and quality. You need to post the right content at the right time to the right social media audience.

With managing multiple social media profiles, you will need post scheduling tools for consistent content. And although there are hundreds of tools available, not all of them come with the option of suggested high-quality content. But why do you need high-quality suggested content for consistency?

Because that cuts the research time for consistent high-quality content to multiple social media profiles considerably. But we will look at a few social media post scheduling tools that does offer suggested high-quality content for consistency.

So, keep reading to the end to access all the tools and learn how to use them properly. The same tools I have been using to create astonishing response from multiple social media profiles. Through consistent content and post scheduling with suggested content.

Consistent Content with Quora Spaces.

Quora Spaces must be one of the easiest ways to create consistent high-quality content to multiple social media profiles. And with social media profiles in this regard, we are talking about multiple Quora Spaces. Now Quora Spaces bear slight resemblance to Facebook Pages.

Only you do not have a Call-To-Action button to leverage. But there are other ways to leverage Quora Spaces for traffic to your work and/or URLs.

Asking and answering a question in Quora Spaces attracts a lot of attention. And providing your URL offer value to the topic, you can include it in the answer footer. But you can also use your URL to add context to the question.

consistent content with social media profiles
Driving a Lot of Traffic with Quora Spaces.

With Quora Spaces and post scheduling, you are already provided with suggested high-quality content posts. Therefore, post consistency is simplified but you still need to be objective.

But you also want to pay attention to the relevance of the suggested content. The author and their experience, along with how long they have been doing what they are doing. Base your quality approval on experience and knowledge.

Consistent Content with FB and Twitter Profiles.

Consistent post scheduling with high-quality suggested content on Facebook and Twitter. Done with a post scheduling tool called FP Traffic. Where you can schedule unlimited posts to unlimited social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram).

But after the trial, this baby will cost you $10 per month for the basic entry-level. This is completely sufficient for me, but it will depend on your preference and goals.

consistent content with multiple social media profiles
Facebook and Twitter Audience growth with FP Traffic.

FP Traffic offers the option to use their suggested posts in the Find Content section of the tool. And offers content suggestions from giants like Quora, Bing, YouTube, Reddit, Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr, Amazon, eBay and Unsplash.

Facebook traffic on autopilot
FP Traffic for Post Scheduling on Autopilot.

With this tool your consistent content to multiple social media profiles will be simplified. No more hours, days and weeks searching for suitable content.

Consistent Content with YouTube Videos.

Consistent content is preferred with all social media profiles, even YouTube videos. Apart from the option to schedule a video when uploading, I know of no alternative posting tool for YouTube. But you can schedule your next video for a certain time.

With YouTube videos however, you want to pay special attention to the video thumbnail. Because the video thumbnail will display when the video URL is shared.

If you use any text on your video thumbnail. Like with all other presentation images, you want to focus the text to the center od the image. Because the image will show in search results on mobile devices. And images are automatically cropped from the sides.

Social Media Profiles and Post Scheduling Secrets.

Leveraging consistent content through post scheduling tools comes with a few engagement guidelines. Especially when it comes to multiple social media profiles in different niches or on different topics. Therefore, you want to pay attention to URLs of suggested content posts (when using FP Traffic for instance).

Avoid URLs to anything other than information that can add value to the topic or niche. Be specific when selecting keywords and/or search phrases to search for suggested content. It will also be wise to ensure that any suggested scheduled post displays a featured image.

unlimited free and fast SEO search traffic with Facebook
Brand New Facebook Page with FP Traffic Suggested Content.

Set schedule times different for each day, with a maximum of 5 10 posts per social media profile per day. It will however take some time to establish the best times to post with the best engagement rates.

Do not go on a posting frenzy with suggested content. Consistency requires quality and timing for the best results with social media profiles.

Social media profiles and consistent content requires the ability to create curiosity. Simply because a curios audience is often also an active audience. And you need an active audience to share, like, upvote and comment on your posts.

That is how you broaden your traffic reach with multiple social media profiles and post scheduling suggested content. As mentioned above, the suggested content should display some form of graphic presentation.

And this presentation must visually address a need and suggest a solution or answer. The first impression must make your visitor want to know more. And then be so satisfied with the content that they share it in return. Or comment out of curiosity.

Consistent content with multiple social media profiles allows you to step in front of already existing traffic. Billions of monthly visitors and all you need to do is target your content and audiences accordingly.

Presentation Image Sizes for Different Profiles.

Suggested image sizes can be simplified with a tool called Canva. The most image suggested sizes for different applications are pre-loaded when designing presentation images. This is of utmost importance when designing the logo (profile image) and cover image for multiple social media profiles.

Multiple social media profiles must attract various audiences. And just like with suggested scheduled content, the image must visually address a need and offer a solution. The presentation must create curiosity, and with Canva you can choose from thousands of high-quality images. These images and even video clips are royalty free. So, designing impressive social media profiles and creating consistent content just got a whole lot easier!

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