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Christian Konopatzki Awarded the Best Affiliate Marketer for 2021

Christian Konopatzki, lead marketing specialist and CEO of CTARS FZE , has been awarded the Best Affiliate Marketer for 2021 at this years Small Business Awards ceremony.

The Small Business Awards ceremony is held by Corporate Vision, an organization dedicated to the future of better business. Their main goal is to better universal business practices across the board, and to further this goal, they focus on spotlighting advances in HR, marketing, coaching, and recruitment spheres. Corporate Vision wants to shine a light on those who contribute to better business everywhere, and they do this by offering prestigious awards.

With a global circulation of more than 155,000 business leaders and experts, Corporate Vision is an important resource for all who want to stay informed about the latest happening in the world of business, while also becoming aware of businesses and their leaders who are worthy of recognition.

Ever seeking to celebrate small businesses and their dedicated owners, Corporate Vision has introduced the Small Business Awards ceremony to promote small businesses and their leaders who have demonstrated true merit. Each year, the very best in small enterprise is highlighted for the entire community to appreciate, and this year is no different.

Christian Konopatzki Awarded the Best Affiliate Marketer for 2021
Best Affiliate Marketing Manager Certificate that was given to Christian Konopatzki

This award is recognized internationally as one of the top awards in the field. With leaders in every category, an award from the Small Business Awards is ideal to drive competition between small businesses and push for an even higher level of quality in global business practices.

As the candidates for the award are judged solely on their merit, Corporate Visions panel of judges uses carefully selected criteria to analyze every aspect of each business in order to determine who is most deserving of an award. Last year, the winner of this business award was Ruth Sparkes and her company Empra, showing their merit as the best international marketing agency for 2020. This year, its Christian Konopatzki and his enterprise CTARS FZE. Winning the award for Best Affiliate Marketer is a badge of assurance that he is an industry leader and is able to provide the very best to his clients.

CTARS FZE is a marketing firm specializing in making the most of non-paid forms of advertising, while increasing brand exposure and driving digital engagement. The innovative methods implemented by Christian Konopatzki and CTARS FZE have been making waves in the marketing community, leading the business to become one of the most successful marketing firms around today. Together, their innovation has gained them a strong and loyal customer base, many of whom have attested to their marketing prowess in dedicated testimonials.

Christian started out in his marketing ventures with an ecommerce platform specializing in affiliate marketing, selling print on demand products. His work ethic and knack for marketing eventually led him to become a top product seller in the affiliate marketing world, gaining him acclaim of marketers everywhere and empowering him to start his own company. Due to his marketing expertise, Christian has become one of the most prominent young businessman of Dubai, where he currently resides.

Christian has also been featured in various news outlets as an influencer and marketing expert, seeing attention from major media channels over the course of his career. His passion and talent in entrepreneurship have driven him to share his story with others, hoping to inspire the same level of success in those who wish to explore the vast and lucrative world of modern marketing.

As a final winner of an award at the Small Business Awards, Christian and his company will be presented to a circulation of 155,000 individuals and will be promoted on Corporate Visions platform as a leading highlight of the small enterprise community. Readers of the platform are always looking to hear more about award-winning companies and the strategies they use to find success.

Christian Konopatzki Awarded the Best Affiliate Marketer
Christian Konopatzki celebrating his Award with his colleagues

With a highly distinguished reputation as competent seekers of small business talent and merit, Corporate Vision and its panel of experts have the expertise to properly assess who is worthy of a Small Business award, and you can be sure Christian and his company are one of the most deserving! Receiving this years Best Affiliate Marketer award has cemented Christian as a well-deserved leader in the field of modern marketing.

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