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Binance.US Launches Affiliate Marketing Program After Coinbase Shuts Its Own Division Down

The American subset of Binance BNB/USD, Binance.US, is set to launch its affiliate marketing program.

What Happened: The Binance.USaffiliate marketing program plansto incentivize and encourage content creators, entrepreneursand social media influencers to promote and publicize Binance.US to large-scale audiences.

This initiativefollows Binance.US rival Coinbase Global IncCOIN closing down its own affiliate marketing programdue to the bearish conditions in the crypto market.

A Binance.US representative stated, “The program is an example of how much the firm is leaning in while competitors and peers pullback in the current market environment.

In recent turbulent market conditions, Binance has continued to undertake expansionary measures. Following Coinbases recent announcement of hiring cuts, Binance opened numerous positions for hires.

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