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Best SEO Tools 2020 and Beyond

These 14 best SEO tools for 2020 and beyond include 6 plugins, 2 SEO Software and 6 browser extensions. Because plugins simplify the more technical side of blogging. Like on-page SEO, readability, grammar and tracking the quality of your blog back-links.

These 14 SEO Tools are crucial for 2020 and long after it has passed. Because it is the 21st century. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication with SEO.

But why are grammar and readability so important? Because among these 14 SEO tools for 2020 and beyond. Are the tools you need to improve user experience. And along with site load speed. It is a major SEO ranking factor in 2020.  

Below follows a list of the 14 best SEO tools for 2020 and beyond. Keep reading to the end and learn what these tools are for. Because you must always use the right tool for the right job.

blog post seo tools
Comprehensive list of SEO tools.

Research millions of keyword ideas and suggestions. And gather SEO ideas and start gaining more organic traffic.

>> SEMrush for Search Engine Marketing <<

SEMrush is a comprehensive solution to inform your marketing strategy. Therefore, outperforming your SEO competition. An all in one solution to boost your online store. From SEO to SMM SEMrush will help you drive more sales.

Because it runs a technical SEO audit on any site and tracks your daily rankings. Analyze the SEO strategy used by your competitors. And also analyze any domains backlink profile.

>> Yoast SEO Premium for WordPress <<

Yoast is an SEO plugin for WordPress and comes with an array of best SEO tools to use. From suggesting links for internal link building to readability and word count. Also, keyword density and search phrase distribution.

Yoast SEO is not only the best SEO tool for 2020 and beyond. Because it is a complete list of SEO tools. And a must-have for all professional bloggers and SEO fanatics. It even creates site maps for your primary domain, categories, tags, pages, and posts.

>> WordPress Rocket with Imagify <<

Among the Best SEO tools for 2020 and beyond is WordPress Rocket. Because it has consistently been rated the best caching plugin for WordPress by experts. It will increase your blog load speed exponentially.

And along with the integration of Imagify. All your images and videos are optimized for lightning-fast load speed. Let me explain. Instead of loading all the videos each time the page opens.

It only displays the video thumbnail. The video then loads once the visitor clicks to view it.

Organic search pertains to how visitors arrive at a website from running a search query (most notably Google, who has 90 per cent of the search market according to StatCounter Source

Among the best SEO tools in 2020 and beyond for accelerated mobile pages and blog legal pages. Also, there are the WordPress Auto terms plugin and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) plugin.

Legal pages are especially important. Which is why this plugin is among the best SEO tools for 2020 and beyond.

>> WordPress Auto terms Footer Legal Pages <<

WordPress Auto terms will include the legal pages your blog needs. Among them is the Website Disclaimer page. Along with the Terms and Conditions and also the Privacy Policy legal pages.

The good news is that most of these best SEO tools for 2020 and beyond have free versions. Therefore, you can test them first.

>> Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) <<

Because it enables AMP content publishing with WordPress. Fully and seamlessly integrated with the standard mechanism of the WordPress platform. Also creates AMP valid markups. This makes your content more mobile-friendly.

Therefore, it increases the user experience. And even contribute to site load speed on mobile devices like smartphones, Macs, Tablets and Laptops.

wordpress seo plugin
Increase search rankings with SEO Pressor.

Building high-quality backlinks with the best SEO tools in 2020. And next-generation software with advanced AI. Furthermore, it also generates high-quality social likes and shares from verified profiles within your niche.

High quality Web 2.0 back-links and Web 2.0 profiles created for you. Because the software is 100% AI automated.

And because combining that power with SEMrush. The worlds leading marketing tool for Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Is kind of like a double back door to high-quality backlinks. Also ranking in multiple top positions on search result pages.

The number one habit of successful people.

>> WordPress Gutenberg Blocks Editor <<

Another best SEO tool is the Gutenberg WordPress Blocks Editor. This plugin breaks down your content into smaller bite sizes. Boosting user experience for both search engines and visitors.

Because content is divided into blocks. From embedding YouTube videos to images and even quote phrases with source links.

>> Money Robot Automated Back-links <<

Best automated SEO tools in 2020 and beyond. Called the Money Robot. Because it can rank your pages and posts in top search positions in weeks. You do not need any proxies and all the technical stuff. Just a few clicks, following the tutorials.

And watch your Google Analytics explode and your blog ranking increase exponentially within a few weeks. Because this software will rank any URL (Except Raw Affiliate URLs). From blog posts and pages to YouTube videos.

Free is awesome. Especially when that free whatever is giving you extra traffic, money, rank, reputation, riches, etc. Thankfully, there are a ton of free tools in the SEO world Source

To access these best SEO tools and browser extensions simply visit the google chrome extensions page. Because from there you can access hundreds of useful extensions to perform various tasks.

>> Chrome Extensions Page <<

Therefore, simply visit the chrome extensions page above. And search by using the extension names mentioned below. And then add them to Chrome. Works well with most browsers. Including Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

SEO Quake

Analyzing Alexa Rank (Popularity). How many links are indexed in Google, Bing, and Yahoo? In conjunction with another best SEO tool in 2020 and beyond. It also shows the SEMrush site score, social likes, and share counts.


Determining site speed. Along with performance and ease of access score. This extension also scores the best practices and level of your blog SEO. This blog is currently at an SEO of 92%. Using these best SEO tools for 2020 and beyond.

Link Checker

Easily check for do-follow and no-follow links to your blog. Because high-quality backlinks are important for SEO. It even checks for broken links and points them out to you. In a display beneath your search window.

Keywords Everywhere

Analyze your page or post for keyword density. With this best SEO keyword extension tool. Because it shows keyword locations in headers. Automatically see a search volume for any keyword or search phrase you type into your browser.


Once added to your extension list and activated. Grammarly will check everything you type for grammar and spelling mistakes. One of the best SEO tools for grammar. Also, analyze the kind of mood you create with your writing style.

SEO Meta in 1 Click

This extension checks on your site info. The site title and meta description length. Keywords, URL, and many other metrics. Images and links as well as header count from H1 to H6. There are various tools to use inside the extension drop-down window.

Theres a dense jungle of sophisticated SEO tools out there but you only need the top-of-the-line picks that offer practical features and effortless functionality Source

Can that even be done? Yes, with the best SEO tools for 2020 and beyond. Because it is not the raw affiliate URL that gets indexed. Instead, it appears in search engines as a slug to your primary domain. Much like a page or post. And therefore, recognized by search engines as such.

The indexed link then redirects to the affiliate offer. And when that link starts ranking the engagement will increase for your affiliate offer.

>> Pretty Links Affiliate Link Cloaking Plugin <<

Pretty links create a 307 temporary redirect link for your affiliate link. While linking back to your primary blog domain. The best SEO tool for link cloaking in my opinion.

Because the added advantage of this is that those cloaked affiliate links can be indexed and rank in search engines. Making this plugin among the favourite best SEO tools to use.

Your cloaked URL will look like this (https: // your domain (.) com / affiliate link slug). And because this link is indexable and can rank in search engines. Well, in time? You do the math.

There are several tools to use among a large list of best SEO tools for 2020. But choosing the right SEO tools that will still be effective for years to come is the key.

Because these extensions and plugins with software tools is a gold mine of high quality targeted organic traffic. But it is not going to happen overnight. These are some of the best SEO tools and you need to work with the tools.

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