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Best Power Equipment of 2022; Power Equipment Direct Unveils Annual Product Recommendations

The recommendations are vetted by trained product experts who talk to customers daily and regularly research equipment across the industry. As a result, the selections are based on popularity with existing customers and an in-depth knowledge of product features and capabilities.

“Many ‘best-selling’ lists on the internet are randomly generated by affiliate marketing sites looking to earn a commission,” says Dale Vogelsanger, product expert at Power Equipment Direct. “Our lists are compiled by real people with real industry experience.”

Many of the top product lists are divided into sub-categories to better serve readers. For example, the “Best Lawn Mowers of 2022” list includes selections for best walk-behind, riding, and tow-behind mowers.

“Those who are in the market for new power equipment or those who are simply interested in what’s popular today will find value in our lists,” says Vogelsanger.

Each of the 2022 recommended product lists can be accessed from the Power Equipment Direct Top Product Compilation Page.

SOURCE Power Equipment Direct

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