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Best Medical Breakthrough Massage Chairs And Saunas To Buy

This is going to be a very in-depth review of the best medical breakthrough massage chairs and saunas to buy based on my personal opinion of the breakthrough massage chairs and saunas

If you are suffering from muscle pain and want to relax your body, this article will be very helpful for you. Here, you will learn ALL about medical breakthrough massage chairs and saunas that you will love to buy. This high-end medical massage chairs and sauna company is best known for making the best of the best when it comes to massage chairs and saunas.

So, if only the best of the best will do to help cure your aches and pains.

These models are for my readers who have caviar and champaign tastes when it comes to buying only the best of the best when it comes to buying a quality high-end massage chair.

Let’s dive into my review of the best medical breakthrough massage chairs and saunas to buy

Lets just start with the medical breakthrough massage chairs, and at the end, you will know more about the medical breakthrough saunas and which one to buy? 

Medical Benefits of Breakthrough Massage Chairs

Medical breakthrough massage chairs have a lot of features that provide relaxation from head to toe. These medical chairs have different models, and all of them provide various types of massages like rolling, kneading, and tapping. The best thing about these chairs is that it feels that a human hand is treating your body. Have a look at the medical benefits of medical breakthrough massage chairs:

  • Medical breakthrough chairs increase the circular motion that allows your body to pump more oxygen and nutrients into your bodys vital organs and tissues.
  • These incredible chairs reduce migraine pain that allows you to feel relaxed without the need for any medication. 
  • The natural painkillers of your body are endorphins, and these medical breakthrough massage chairs help release them so that you could prevent chronic illness. 
  • If you are having lower back pain, medical breakthrough massage chairs help decrease that discomfort so that you can move freely. 
  • Sitting on these medical chairs will increase the flexibility of your joints and reduce the cramping & muscle spasms that you may be experiencing.
  • Pregnancy is not an easy time. Even after the delivery, medication and aides are required to recover the original shape of the body. Medical massage chairs can reduce the need for medication. 
Best Medical Breakthrough Massage Chairs and Saunas to buyBest Medical Breakthrough Massage Chairs and Saunas to buy

Among many models of medical breakthrough chairs, this one has got all the amazing features that you look for in a massage high-end quality massage chair. So, when you have a medical breakthrough 10 massage chair in your home, you do not need to spend any extra cash. This amazing chair reduces the pain from your body so that you can enjoy a night of deep and relaxed sleep. Have a look at what this massage chair is offering. 


Medical breakthrough 10 massage chair is designed to improve your posture and help you heal your body. This massage chair has got all the advanced features that will make your body strong and healthy. Have a look at some of the features of this amazing massage chair.

Full body scan 

When you sit on the medical breakthrough 10 massage chair, your body gets a whole scan. This scan lets the chair know which part of your body needs what intensity of the massage. Isnt it incredible? Now, you do not have to tell about the intensity of the pain you are feeling.

After the scan, the chair starts the massage, and you start feeling relaxed. Every part of your body gets the treatment it requires, and you feel fresh. Once you think that your body is refueled, you can let the chair rest and do the work for you. 

Home gym 

You must have heard or seen gym equipment in a house. It can be very exhausting and time-consuming when you have to go to the gym daily. Exercising in the gym lets your muscles grow and become stronger, but it is tiring as well. In the medical breakthrough 10 massage chairs, you can enjoy an Exercise Me massage mode.

You can enjoy all the benefits that you can get while exercising in a gym in this mode. So, if you have this massage chair, you just need to sit on it, and you can enjoy a healthy workout without getting exhausted. 

Head to toe massage 

Massage is one of the most important and healthy activities that your body requires. If you have an exhaustive routine or are not mentally relaxed, massage can help you. With the medical breakthrough 10 massage chairs, you get a complete body massage from head to toe.

Doctors say that massage has many immense benefits and the best among all is stroke prevention. On this chair, you get a circular motion massage that helps improve your bodys blood flow. When you have an improved blood flow, your body remains healthy and prevents blood clots and strokes. 

Lower back caretaker

Your lower back is one of the most crucial body parts that need to be very healthy if your lower back is doing when you remain fit and do all your physical activities efficiently. Medical breakthrough 10 massage chairs take care of your lower back very well. This massage chair has lower back rollers that provide great treatment to your lower back while you sit on it.

So, having this magical chair in your home will vanish away all the muscular pains of your body after a hectic day. You just need to sit on the chair, and your lower back will get an intense massage. 


Everyone has different choices, so the medical breakthrough 10 massage chair provides an extreme customization system. This is why it should be on your priority list, as it takes care of your specific needs. You get to choose different intensity levels and the speed of massage as well.

Lets say that your lower back needs a harder massage; then, you can set the intensity high so that your muscles get the necessary treatment and get relaxed. You can also set the width for your hands according to the position that suits you. Setting the chair according to your requirements allows you to get a massage that is tailored for you. 

Posture correction 

Having a disturbed posture can lead to muscle pain throughout the body and heart diseases as well. With a relaxing massage on the medical breakthrough 10 massage chair, you can end the discomfort. The posture correction mode in the chair does not let your discomfort turn into pain. With a correct posture, your body will be rebalanced, and mobility will improve. So, if your posture is disturbed, this massage chair can help get the original and comfortable posture back. Having a massage with the posture correction mode, your body will remain healthy, fit, and in perfect shape.

4D massages are the best massages than any other, and the medical breakthrough 10 massage chair has this exceptional feature. This new technology provides you with the effects of a live massage. When you set your massage chair to the 4D massage healing mode, every muscle of your body gets an intense treatment.

It feels like you are lying on a mat, and a therapist is assisting you with your hands. The rollers provide you a deep penetration in every muscle. This releases the pain from every muscle, and you feel better and fresh. This superior technology gives you complete control that you can find in your massage chair. 

Human hands massage system

The best massage is the one that you get from human hands. Getting a daily massage from a masseuse is not affordable. Plus, going to the massage parlor is also difficult after a long hectic day. With the medical breakthrough 10 massage chairs, you can easily get a massage daily and can make your body relax.

With the human hands massage system feature in this amazing medical chair, you will feel like a real human is serving your body. The best part is that your body gets a full stretch during the massage so that you get renewed. 

Feet and hands massage

Medical breakthrough 10 massage chair has different foot massage features that you will not find in any other medical chair. Your feet will get complete massage therapy from every direction, such as from top to bottom and left to right.

This medical chair has specially designed air cells and rollers that provide a relaxing effect to every part of your feet. The rollers provide a relaxing effect as they move along the bottom, providing you relaxation. 

Hands are used more than feet, so they also deserve a massage. With the medical breakthrough 10 massage chairs, your hands will also get the best treatment they deserve. You get complete hands massage therapy when you put your arms on the armrest and hands to the chairs handles.

This chair uses different techniques, from the palm of your hands to each finger. Women have to do a lot of work in their homes, and a hand massage is a perfect treatment for them before going to bed. 

Zero gravity sleep system

Sleeping is a healthy activity when you get the right amount of sleep. Sleeping less or more can be unhealthy. Many people complain about having a night of less sleep. Some people complain of having zero sleep time even after lying on the beds for hours. When you have any muscular pains, you cannot sleep well.

With the medical breakthrough of 10 massage chairs, you will fall asleep very soon. This incredible chair has inflatable airbags. During the massage, you will find your body comfortable and relaxing, which will help you fall asleep. 

Best Medical Breakthrough Massage Chairs and Saunas to buyBest Medical Breakthrough Massage Chairs and Saunas to buy

You deserve the World’s Best Massage Chair! Order today and save over 60%!Best Medical Breakthrough Massage Chairs and Saunas to buyBest Medical Breakthrough Massage Chairs and Saunas to buy

  • Medical Breakthrough 9 Massage Chair

This ultimate medical breakthrough massage chair 9 is designed to provide a high level of comfort. This amazing chair is programmed with incredible multiple systems to heal your body from muscular pains and aches. This massage chair is specially designed to take care of your bodys health. You can use this chair after coming home from a long hectic day in the office. Your body will start feeling relaxed when the massage starts.  


The medical breakthrough massage chair 9 is a pain-releasing chair specially programmed to take care of your body. So, if you are looking to get a complete body massage at your home without spending money daily, you should buy a medical breakthrough massage chair 9. The massage chair 9 is rich in features, have a look at them. 

Pain relief system 

Medical breakthrough massage chair 9 has a built-in pain relief system that provides relaxation to your body. Your body will go through complete massage therapy to get rid of all the pain and tension in it. The pain relief system deals with the entire body. It will provide massage at every part of the body where tension and your muscles are not relaxed.

When every muscle of your body gets a relaxing treatment, your muscles will feel relaxed and tension-free. Whether you are having pain in your shoulders, hips, neck or suffering from nerve pain, this chair can treat you in the best way possible. 

Joint care system 

The medical breakthrough massage chair 9 has advanced medical care systems to help your body eliminate the pain. Joint pains get dominant with age. It is very difficult for seniors to have a comfortable day or night with these pinching joint pains. Joints need regular care, or they will get worse with age.

This chair has a joint care system that provides massage therapy to all the joints of your body to relax. You can also get massage therapy in a specific joint where you have more pain. Whether it is your neck or knees, this chair will take care of all the joints. 

Fatigue recovery system

Medical breakthrough massage chair 9 has got a lot of features. The fatigue recovery system is the best among all. Exercise is very crucial for the proper working of every muscle in your body. Lives have become busy, and people do not have time to go to the gym or for a morning walk. This has reduced exercise and physical activities. Exercise is very important if you want your muscles to work accurately and do not have fatigue in them.

This medical chair has a fatigue recovery system that makes sure that every muscle of your body is working properly. With the required exercising, every muscle of your body works properly, and your body remains healthy. So, no need to go out when you are having the massage chair 9 at home. 

Shoulder grasp technology 

Compared to other massage chairs, the medical breakthrough massage chair 9 has huge massagers for your shoulders. You will not find any comfortable shoulder massage chairs in the market like this one, except for the model X. This massage chair has big airbags that relax when you are getting a massage on this chair.

So, if you want to have a comfortable and addictive shoulder massage, massage chair 9 is the right choice for you. Every muscle of your shoulders is treated according to the tension they are having. When the massage starts, you start getting relaxed as all the pain and fatigue disappears from your body. 

Customization system 

The medical breakthrough massage chair 9 is not like any other ordinary massage chair. Normally massage chairs have only two or three intensity modes for massage therapy. The massage chair 9 has the upper hand on such so-called massage chairs as it provides 5 intensity levels. You can have therapy according to the requirements of your body. If you are not tired very much, you can start from mode 1 and can increase accordingly.

If your body is very tired and every muscle has pain or suffers from fatigue, you can get a massage in high-intensity mode. Plus, you can also adjust the hand and leg extensions according to the size of your body. You can select from three positions, i.e., narrow, medium, and wide. 

USB port

Medical breakthrough massage chair 9 has got a USB port. You might be wondering why there is a USB port in a massage chair. The purpose of getting a massage is to relax and get rid of body pains. Some people love to listen to music while relaxing. They say that music refuels them.

So, it does not mean that you are trying to sleep whenever you are taking a massage. All you want is mental and physical relaxation. So, having a USB port, this massage chair allows you to listen to the relaxing composition that is installed in the chair, or you can also add your favorite songs to get a relaxing massage. 


When you are relaxing, you do not like any type of noise. Noise can destroy all the comfort that you are getting through massage therapy. The medical breakthrough massage chair 9 is designed in a noise-free way. Even the motor does not make any noise when it is on. So, when you are getting a massage, you never get to hear a noise that can cause discomfort.

Plus, another benefit of this medical massage chair is the headphones that come with it. If you think that there is noise in your surroundings that can irritate you while getting a massage, you can put these headphones on your ears. These headphones cover your ears so that no outside noise can disturb you. 

Arm massage system 

Working the whole day in the office or your home gets you tired. Lets say that you have lifted some heavy boxes or have done shifting work. It can be very tiring as far as your arms are concerned. The medical breakthrough massage chair 9 has an engulfed arm massage system that can provide a relaxing massage to your arms.

Your arms are treated in the best way possible from both upper and lower sides. The services that this massage chair offers at the same time are not possible for a masseuse to do. So, sit on the chair and get the engulfed arm massage to release the tension from the muscles of your arms. 

Comfortable sleep with a full-body stretch

All the medical breakthrough massage models have a zero-gravity sleep system that provides a comfortable sleep when you are getting a massage. During the massage, it is essential to have a full-body stretch. With a full stretch, all the muscles of your body get a relaxing therapy, which helps you get a comfortable sleep.

So, when you need to have a full-body stretch massage that can help you get a relaxing sleep, you can sit on the massage chair 9 and let your muscles enjoy the feast. You just need to press the zero-gravity button, and the massage chair will take you in the optimal position. 

Medical Breakthrough 8 Massage Chair

Medical breakthrough chairs are designed to help in fixing your posture, help you get a night of better sleep by reducing the pain from your body. With the massage chair 8, you do not have to spend money on massage parlors as you can get a customized massage according to your desire on this amazing chair. It is a one-time investment that can save both your money and time. 


All the models of breakthrough massage chairs are rich in features, and the same is the case with massage chairs 8. You will find many common features between this one and the previous models. Still, some features like air cells technology, body twist technology, and customization system differentiate the massage chair 8 from the earlier models. Let us have a look at the outstanding features of the massage chair 8.

Body twist technology 

While having a massage, it is essential to twist your body to release the tension from all the muscles. The medical breakthrough massage chair 8 is the first chair to twist your body on both sides completely. You might be thinking that how can it happen that you get a complete side twist while sitting on the chair.

This amazing chair has got the most reliable airbags that help in twisting your body. With the twisting, your body gets a complete stretch that relaxes every muscle. You will not find this attribute in any other massage chair. So, hurry up and get your massage chair 8 today. 

Rapid smart scan

Your masseuse needs to know which part of your body is having the pain. This helps in providing the required massage treatment to assist every muscle of your body. The massage chair 8 scans your complete body when you sit on the chair for a massage. The rapid scan feature helps the chair in knowing which part of your body needs to be treated.

The massage chair serves every muscle of your body after doing a fast scan so that you could get all the benefits you are looking for. With the help of the scan, massage chair 8 recognizes the intensity level of the massage therapy that your body needs. This helps in providing you the best massage possible. 

Neck and shoulder massage

Working a whole day on the system in the office while sitting on your chair puts pressure on your neck and shoulders. This continuous work creates tension in the muscles of your neck between the shoulders. If you do not get massage therapy after such a hectic period, your muscles will keep paining.

With double layers of airbags, massage chair 8 can provide the best massage between your shoulders and your neck. You just need to sit on the chair, and the airbags will provide a soothing effect to every muscle of your neck and shoulders. 

Air cell systems

The more comfortable your massage chair will be, the more relaxing a massage you will get. The medical breakthrough massage chair 8 is the most comfortable as it has 167 air cells to provide the best massage therapy you have ever been through. With these 167 cells, the massage chair 8 ensures that every user gets comfortable and soft massage therapy.

The air cell system makes sure that when you sit on the chair after a long hectic day, you fall asleep because of the comfort level that this chair brings to every muscle in your body. 

Lower back and hip massage

The medical massage chair 8 points every muscle of your body during the massage therapy. The body twist technology ensures that the lower part of your body gets the required treatment it deserves. The lower back is the halfway of your body that connects the upper side of the body to the lower side.

If the lower back is in the best condition, all the muscles are working properly, and are stretched regularly, your body will remain healthy. Massage chair 8 can provide the best lower back or hip massage. During this massage, all your muscles are treated in the best way possible. 

Foot massage system 

A foot massage is very important for the healthiness of your body. You work all day, and all the burden is on your legs and feet. After a tiring day, your feet need to relax as well, and only a foot massage from medical chair 8 can take care of your feet with the best foot massage.

The foot massage system in massage chair 8 serves every inch of your feet with different techniques. Your feet get the treatment from the upper and lower sides, and every finger is served as well. The best part of a foot massage is that your feet are lifted to make you feel weightless. When your feet are lifted, rollers roll on the lower side of your feet to release the tension from the muscles so that you get relaxed. 

Zero gravity sleep system

It is not easy to sleep properly when your body has muscular pains and fatigue. This happens because the body muscles are not stretched after a hectic, tiring day. Every model of medical breakthrough massage chairs has got this feature common. Zero gravity sleep system is available in all the models and massage chair 8 as well.

So, when you have reached home after a long hectic day outside, you can get a massage on massage chair 8 to relax every muscle of your body. This mode of massage chair 8 allows you to have a comfortable sleep while lying on the chair with your body completely stretched. 

Complete back massage system

Working in the office with a stretched back can be very tiring. You need to get a massage that stretches every muscle of your body and helps you relax and offer a complete back massage system that lets you get rid of all the fatigue and pain in your muscles. This includes the neck muscles, back muscles, shoulder muscles, lower back muscles, and leg muscles.

In short, your body gets a complete massage from head to toe, and you feel very much relaxed. Whenever these muscles are treated during a massage, you feel very much better as your body has all the assistance it requires. 

Adjustable leg extensions

Massage chairs are usually available in specific sizes, and you can buy them according to your height. Medical breakthrough massage chair 8 does not limit you to one size. This amazing chair is designed to fit people of every size. If your height is between 4 feet to 6 feet and five inches, you can get a comfortable massage on this chair. The leg extensions are adjustable, and you can shorten them or extend them according to your height.  

Intense heat therapy 

If you are looking to get a warm massage in the winter season, massage chair 8 can provide the best assistance. The heat massage technology used in this medical chair is remarkable as it can get you warm even in the winter season. Unlike other massage chairs, this massage chair can provide the real heat massage experience that you are looking for to get your body to relax. 

review medical breakthrough saunasreview medical breakthrough saunas

Medical Benefits of Medical Saunas

Medical saunas have been used for a long time to help people relax. Medical saunas are very popular today as well because of the health benefits they provide. People usually spend time in a sauna to relax and release stress from their minds. Have a look at the health benefits of medical saunas discussed below:

  • Getting relaxed in a medical sauna helps in reducing arthritis pain and muscle soreness by improving joint movement. 
  • The heat inside a medical sauna improves circulation that lets you reduce your stress levels.  
  • Stress can lead to cardiovascular risks. Using a medical sauna reduces stress levels, and cardiovascular health gets improved. 
  • Sweating has multiple proven health benefits. Inside a medical sauna, deep sweating is very common that leads to overall improved health. 

Medical Breakthrough Saunas

The best medical saunaThe best medical sauna

Treat yourself right with a Medical Sauna. Order yours online today and save over 60%!Best Medical Breakthrough Massage Chairs and Saunas to buyBest Medical Breakthrough Massage Chairs and Saunas to buy

Medical breakthrough saunas are designed to help you heal your muscles by improving your blood flow inside a medical sauna. You can achieve a better night of sleep as your stress gets reduced. Medical breakthrough saunas have powerful medical benefits that can make you feel relaxed and your body healthy.


Having a dry bath inside a medical breakthrough sauna can help you achieve many health benefits. You can easily install the medical sauna inside your home where you could forget about all the stress. Medical breakthrough sauna is a feature-rich product that can reduce stress and make you feel relaxed.

Heating system

Medical breakthrough saunas have a rapid internal heating system that provides the exact amount of heat your body requires. Without sufficient heat, you will not relax, and stress will remain in your mind as well.

Medical saunas take only forty minutes to get fully heated compared to other saunas that take almost two hours. A medical sauna should reach the perfect temperature in less time so that you can get into it to relax when you need it the most. The right amount of heat inside your medical sauna will let you sweat, resulting in getting stress-free. 

Cleansing system

A medical sauna’s hot and cold cleansing system needs to work perfectly to achieve the right temperature before going out of the sauna. This is very crucial to improve the flexibility of muscles and let them relax. Medical breakthrough saunas are designed with the perfect heating and cleansing system.

With rapid internal heating, your body can enjoy the required temperature for a relaxing dry bath. With medical breakthrough saunas, you can achieve hot and cold therapy. The required temperature allows you to have a relaxing dry bath by reaping all the benefits.  

Airflow system 

The airflow system of a medical sauna is very vital to have a relaxing dry bath. If the airflow system of a medical sauna is not efficient then, it will only increase the bills and do not provide relaxation. The insulated airflow system inside the medical breakthrough saunas controls the temperature so that it remains constant.

Without a constant temperature inside your medical sauna, your body will not enjoy the dry bath as there will be fluctuation. Inside medical breakthrough saunas, you can keep the required temperature without any extra effort. This will help in getting the maximum health benefits. 

Detox routine 

Toxins can be very harmful to your body. While having a dry bath, your pores are open as you are sweating. Ordinary saunas can remove some toxins from your body but not all of them. With medical breakthrough saunas, you can detox as all the harmful toxins are removed from your body.

Regular use of a medical sauna will establish a detox routine that will kick out the harmful toxins from your body. With this treatment, your body will get purified, and you will enjoy a healthy dry bath that will make you feel relaxed. 

3D heat therapy

Heat therapy provides a lot of health benefits to your body. These include improved range of motion, reducing pain, improved sore muscles, and decreased muscle spasms require temperature medical sauna Medical breakthrough sauna is the only sauna that offers these amazing health benefits to all its users.

During 3D heat therapy, the temperature rises, and every muscle of your body gets a feast as they get a relaxing effect. Sometimes when you come home after a long working day, you need this type of service for your body. So, get into your medical sauna and let your body relax. 

Omni-directional heating 

You will find heat in every sauna. The most important factor is heat distribution in every corner of the sauna. This is a crucial factor because you cannot enjoy a dry bath with all its benefits without the perfect heat spread. Without perfect heat spread, all the muscles of your body can not get relaxed.

If the muscles are not getting relaxed inside a sauna without the perfect heat spread, crucial factor because what is the meaning of a dry bath? Medical breakthrough saunas provide Omnidirectional heating so that every corner of your sauna has the same temperature. This is the attribute with which a healthy and beneficial therapy is possible. 

Skin rejuvenation system

With medical breakthrough saunas dry bathing, your body feels fresh, and your skin gets soft. The powerful heating system and the hemlock wood is the reason for such a relaxing treatment. Dead skin cells are removed from your body, and the blood circulation gets improved as well.

Only one session in a medical sauna will make you feel fresh and energetic. Whenever you feel tired, just set the temperature of your medical sauna and settle yourself inside it. You can use it daily to achieve many health benefits. 

Safe cool down system

A cool-down system prevents your body from the side effects of a rapid temperature change. Your body must achieve the normal temperature before you get out of the sauna. Medical breakthrough sauna has a safe cool-down system that makes sure that your body reaches the normal temperature gradually before you go out of the medical sauna. If your body temperature does not go down as recommended, your body might suffer possible health complications. So, a cool-down system takes care of your body. 

Treat yourself right with a Medical Sauna. Order yours online today and save over 60%!Best Medical Breakthrough Massage Chairs and Saunas to buyBest Medical Breakthrough Massage Chairs and Saunas to buy

I hope you enjoyed my in-depth review of the best medical breakthrough massage chairs and saunas to buy and I hope you are now able to make an educated and informed buying decision on the right medical massage chair or sauna that meets all your needs and criteria.

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Best medical breakthrough massage chairs and saunas to buy reviewed

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