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Its been nearly a month since the first-ever Audience Driven Summit! This event brought together a stellar collection of entrepreneurial minds to share and discuss the latest techniques and strategies that work to grow an audience today. In this post were going to go a little bit old-school, Pat Flynn/SPI crash test dummy style, detailing the things that went well with the execution of the summit, and some things we want to improve on with future events.

What You Missed at Audience Driven (& How You Can Catch Up)

First off, in case you missed it, what the heck happened at Audience Driven? We had an amazing lineup of speakers, some of whom you might recognize and others you might not, all of whom shared their hard-won insights on audience building in 2021 and beyond. Heres what you missed out on:

And by the way, even if you missed out, you didnt really miss out. You can catch all the replays of these talks and Q&As at

So now you know what happened, lets spend some time recapping what went well at Audience Driven, and what were hoping to do better the next time we run an event like this!

Things Our Audience Loved about Audience Driven (& We Did, Too)

Lets be clear. Its not tooting our horn to say that a lot of things went right at the very first Audience Driven Summit. Were thrilled at how the event went, all things considered. Here are the things were most proud of.

  1. We delivered an absurd amount of value. Youre probably getting tired of me telling you how awesome our speakers were, but its true. Oh, and it was free! Like, completely free.
  1. Speaking of free, the content of the summit was also pitch-free. This was very intentional, and our audience appreciated it. We made a plug at the very end for our new Heroic Online Courses course, but our aim with Audience Driven was to deliver a ton of value uncluttered by sales pitches.
  1. People stayed engaged. Once they joined, they stuck around. We saw little dropoff in attendee numbers over the course of each day of the summit. People saw the value they were getting. We bet this had a lot to do with not just the diverse mix of awesome speakers and the valuable content they were sharing, but that we mixed it up with both live and prerecorded talks, plus Q&As.
  1. The event was not just Audience Driven, but team driven. The whole team was involved in planning and executing the summitas you saw if you attended!

Speaking of attendees, here are some of our favorite bits of feedback on Audience Driven:

What Were Building On for the Next Audience Driven

As with any event, especially a first-time one like Audience Driven, were excited about what went right and what we can do better next time. Here are the biggest things were looking at building on and improving with our next summit.

  1. Maybe the biggest thing we want to improve on next time is the scheduling and format of the event. Audience Driven 2021 was just a two-day event, but it felt like we could have stretched it to at least three days, given all of the incredible speakers and content. It was great, and it was a lot. We might also experiment with a smaller slate of speakers and less content. Its a balancing act!
  1. We had some tech issues, pretty much a given for a first-time event like this, using several new-to-us platforms and getting them to work together smoothlyspecifically, getting to work nicely with YouTube. To some degree, this comes with the territory, and we know what we need to get things working without a hitch next time!
  1. Although engagement was high, next time wed love to encourage more folks to register and turn up. Well be exploring different strategies for promoting the event, as well as encouraging registrants to tune inthings like having Add to calendar” buttons added to the registration process, and sending push notifications when the event is about to go live.
  1. Wed also look into an audio-only option for those who want to attend but cant stay glued to a video feed all day long. We also want to continue to improve accessibility of our summit content (as we do with all our content!), such as by adding live closed captions to all the talks.
  1. Finally, wed give a little more time for Q&A. This part of the experience was so valuable, and we realized that we could have used more of it.

We Want to Hear From You (No, Seriously)

If you made it to Audience Drivenand even if you didntwed love to know what youd like to experience at our next summit. (Yknow, because audience driven) Just hit us up on Twitter @teamSPI and/or using the hashtag #audiencedriven!

You can also head to and share your thoughts in a short video, audio clip, or written message!

Here are just a few of the comments people have sent us about the business growth and insights Audience Driven has sparked for them:

And dont forgetyou can register to catch the replays and get announcements about future events at

One Last Thing

By the way, while the Audience Driven Summit focused mostly on the audience-building aspect of your online business, weve created something to help you generate a scalable income too.

Our latest course, Heroic Online Courses.

With Heroic Online Courses, you can learn how to become a course creator the SPI way. Over the years, weve generated more than $4 million in course sales by creating audience-driven courses. And well show you exactly how we do it.

Learn more about Heroic Online Courses.

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