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app: Performance Marketing Summit 2021: Festive season insights for app marketers

Performance Marketing Summit 2021: Festive season insights for app marketers - How to win in 2021 and beyondThe mobile industry has seen a lot of disruptions recently and the majority of these disruptions has been around privacy with regards to user level information and how one wants to consume this level data.

Senthilvel Prakash, customer success team leader at AppsFlyer spoke extensively on the matter in a session titled Festive season insights for app marketers – How to win in 2021 and beyond at the second edition of the Performance Marketing Summit. The highlight of the session was understanding the patterns around Diwali this covid season. Additionally he discussed insights for app marketers on how to garner enough sales this festive season.

Prakash revealed that a lot of end users were moving towards the app first economy (mobile-first consumer economy) wherein they preferred shopping online rather than going to a physical store. As per the eMarketer, e-commerce retail brought in close to USD 51.52 billion revenue in 2020. And this growth was only expected to increase significantly in the next few months. He also spoke about planning campaigns in advance in order to understand user behavior and capitalise the surge for the month. This was necessary, so that there would be a seamless execution of the campaigns. He explained that 4 weeks prior to Diwali, people flocked to shop and on the day of the festival, the surge that was witnessed in shopping earlier became quiet.

Prakash observed that engagement led to a spike in sessions as there were so many advertisements that competed in the same space and in the same vertical. Engaging the users with the right message at the right time was extremely critical to ensure there was a brand recall and shoppers were comfortable using the marketers app. So, engagement stood as a key driver in driving in-app actions and in-app purchases.

He explained how post Diwali celebrations, a lot of users shopped because shopping apps had clearance sales. Most of the shoppers looked around to buy electronic gadgets for their homes. Following that, they shopped online for food and drinks in order to unwind. Stressing upon understanding the consumer behavior post Diwali, he said that it was crucial for marketers to plan concretely to engage and drive customers towards making those in-app purchases even post celebrations.

(This is an executive summary of the session. The longer version will be uploaded in the coming days)

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