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Affiliate Marketing Q+A 21 Questions Answered 29 September 2021

Want to know the answers to all the common questions people ask about affiliate marketing?

Here is your personal affiliate marketing 101 Q+A and the 21 common questions answered on the topic of affiliate marketing.

P.S. I am also going to leave a video on how to get started affiliate marketing at the bottom of this blog post.

P.S. You can also pick up my free affiliate marketing training course here it is very helpful and it will expand on the common questions on affiliate marketing that I am covering inside this blog post.

Affiliate Marketing Meaning? What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is promoting someone elses product or service in exchange for an affiliate commission.

With affiliate marketing, you are given an affiliate link that tracks you as the referring affiliate when a sale is made, when someone clicks on your affiliate link and purchases whatever product or service it is that you are promoting.

You can promote physical and digital products through affiliate marketing.

Digital products tend to have a higher affiliate payout typically ranging from 50 to 100% for every successful sale that you refer.

Physical products like promoting various Amazon products as an Amazon associate, for example, tend to have a lower affiliate payout but tend to convert well due to everyone knowing and trusting the big box stores that sell physical products.

The affiliate marketing industry is worth $13 billion annually and growing rapidly according to the latest statistics from The Awin Report 2021 on the Affiliate Marketing Industry | Awin

Is Affiliate Marketing Hard?

Like with anything else the more you practice a certain skill the better you get at that certain skill.

Affiliate marketing is no different in that regard.

Dr’s go to school for years to get their medical licenses so they can practice medicine and treat you the patient.

Affiliate marketing is definitely no-where near as hard as being a medical DR, but there is a learning curve involved.

Like with anything the more you learn, the more you earn.

Ask that Dr driving around in that brand new BMW, he knows;)

So, start learning affiliate marketing and get better and better at what you do.

Eventually, the money will follow.

Affiliate Marketing Q+AWhat Is A Super Affiliate Marketer?

A super affiliate marketer is an affiliate who usually has a large following via Youtube, a popular blog, a large social media following, and a large email list.

Typically a super affiliate marketer generates 6 and even 7 figures annually in yearly revenue strictly from promoting other people’s products and services as an affiliate.

Affiliate Marketing Q+AHow Do I Learn Affiliate Marketing Just Starting Out?

There are 2 options to learn affiliate marketing when you are just starting out as a beginner.

  1. The free D.I.Y. route
  2. Buy a course get a mentor the much faster option

Option 1: You can go the free route when it comes to learning affiliate marketing and use Google as your best friend when you have a particular question about anything affiliate marketing related just Google it.

You can also join popular internet marketing forums like the Warriorforum and Webmastersun and learn affiliate marketing that way.

You can also learn affiliate marketing going the free route by joining related FB groups, and watching Youtube videos on affiliate marketing.

When you are learning affiliate marketing going the free route is very time-consuming and could cost you years of your life learning everything yourself making mistakes etc…

It will also cost you a lot of money as well because time equals money.

Trust, me I made that same fatal mistake when I was just starting out as an affiliate marketer and it cost me years of my life and a lot of lost money.

Option 2: You can look into a done-for-you affiliate system that is proven to make money and invest in a quality affiliate marketing training course that will cut years off of your learning curve and have you making money a lot sooner with your affiliate marketing business.

Pay for a super affiliate marketers knowledge and be making money a lot quicker or D.I.Y. with the free option and learn as you go.

Be prepared for a lot of lost earnings and a lot of trial and error in the process.

Remember time is money.

Affiliate Marketing Q+AHow Do I Make Money As An Affiliate Marketer Getting Paid?

You obviously earn an affiliate commission when a visitor turns into a customer by clicking on your personalized affiliate link and purchasing that product or service.

Most of the major affiliate networks out there will pay you VIA Paypal, check, wire transfer, or direct deposit into your bank account.

There are always numerous options on how you choose to get paid your affiliate earnings on the major affiliate networks that are out there.

As long as you are earning affiliate commissions for your efforts you will get paid your affiliate commissions in a timely manner.

How Much Does Affiliate Marketing Pay?

How much does affiliate marketing pay?

Affiliate marketing is commission based where you are paid for generating an affiliate sale through your personalized affiliate link.

Affiliate commissions can range from 40 all the way up to 100% for most digital products and services found on major affiliate networks like Clickbank.

How much does affiliate marketing pay for physical products? Physical products found on affiliate networks like the Amazon associates network tend to be much smaller in the range 0f 3 to 12 percent based around the category of the product that you are promoting. physical products tend to pay much more than the Amazon associates network.

How much does affiliate marketing pay in dollar amount? You can earn thousands of dollars for one sale if you are promoting high ticket affiliate products and services.

You can earn $20 per sale, hundreds of dollars per sale, you can earn recurring commissions, you can earn thousands per sale as an affiliate marketer.

The sky is the limit, it all depends on what type of affiliate program you are promoting and what the commission is and if you are able to successfully generate sales through your various affiliate links.

These factors will all detemine how much you make as an affiliate marketer.

Affiliate marketing is strictly performance based if you perform you get paid!

If you don’t you wont!

Affiliate Marketing Q+AWhat Are The Most Popular Affiliate Networks Out There To Join For Free?

As an affiliate marketer for close to 15 years now [ Phew that is a long time ] Here are the most popular and my personal favorite affiliate networks that you can sign up for free and find products to promote.

  • – This is perhaps the go-to holy grail affiliate network for affiliate marketers. Based in Boise, Idaho, and being around since 1997, Clickbank has paid out Billions of dollars to its affiliates in that time span. Clickbank has over 10k products and services that you can choose to promote as an affiliate marketer with most of them being digital in nature..
  • Amazon Associates Program – Who does not know already that Jeff Bezos and Amazon basically rule the World. You can sign up to be an Amazon associate and promote basically whatever you want that is available on Amazon for an affiliate commission.
  • – This is another top digital marketing affiliate network that is free to signup. JVZoo is mainly centered around the internet marketing niche so if you plan on getting involved in another niche sign up for Clickbank they have all your bases covered regardless of the niche.
  • CJ.Com – With some of the most top trusted brands in the World for affiliate marketers to promote makes my list of the most popular affiliate networks out there for affiliates to join.
  • Maxbounty– This is my favorite CPA affiliate network that you can sign up for and find cool products and services to promote and get paid per action, not per sale like traditional affiliate marketing.

These are just a handful of the many popular affiliate networks that are out there that you can sign up for free and find quality affiliate products and services to promote as an affiliate marketer.

Affiliate Marketing Q+AHow Do I Create An Affiliate Hoplink?

This is a question that is much better explained by a video so you better understand how to create an affiliate hoplink correctly.

After, all your affiliate hoplinks are your bread and butter when it comes to your affiliate marketing business, you have to know to to do it right.

This is a Youtube video from Clickbank themselves that shows you all about how to create an affiliate hoplink?

How to make sure you are getting paid for every referral you send through your affiliate hoplink?

Here is a video that shows you step by step how to create an affiliate hoplink using Clickbank and how to promote Clickbank products as an affiliate.

This process applies across the board regardless of affiliate networks.

Affiliate Marketing Q+AHow Do I Promote Affiliate Products?

You can promote affiliate products and services VIA your blog, VIA social media, VIA a Youtube channel, VIA related forums, Via an email list, and VIA pay per click networks like Google Adwords and Bing ads.

Affiliate Marketing Q+ADo I Need A Blog To Make Money As An Affiliate Marketer?

Starting a WordPress blog is highly recommended to promote all your affiliate products and services and build yourself a real legitimate business online.

Starting and building a blog based around a certain niche and promoting related affiliate products and services is my #1 way of building a profitable affiliate marketing business.

When you have your own self hosted WordPress blog you can gain traction and get a lot of free traffic from the major search engines with some work.

You can also build your email list and promote your various affiliate products and services to your email subscribers.

You do not need a blog or a website if you strictly want to promote affiliate products and services VIA social media or through various avenues like pay per click.

Highly recommended that you start a blog as an affiliate, but not mandatory.

Affiliate Marketing Q+ACan I Advertise Affiliate Links On Social Media?

You cannot advertise raw affiliate links 9 times out of 10 on the major social networks like Facebook for example.

You will need a good affiliate tracker and cloaking software to hide your affiliate links, make your affiliate links prettier, and track all your affiliate campaigns.

This is my recommended affiliate link tracking software that I use.

Click Here For Your 14 Day Free Trial To Clickmagick

Affiliate Marketing Q+ADo I Need An Email List To Make More Money As An Affiliate Marketer?

Yes, you definitely need to start and build an email list to make a lot more money online as an affiliate marketer.

The old saying goes the money is in the email list.

With that being said, you do not need an email list to make money as an affiliate marketer, you will just make a lot less money in the long run without an email list.

Make sense?

So, start that email list.

Affiliate Marketing Q+ACan I Advertise Affiliate Products VIA PPC Networks Like Google Adwords Or Bing?

Yes, advertising affiliate products and services through pay per click channels like Google and Bing is how they make their Billions of dollars in ad revenue yearly.

Read some books on PPC advertising that are available on Amazon and sharpen your digital marketing skills when it comes to ppc advertising.

When you have a basic understanding of PPC advertising then you can put aside a budget, and test your skills promoting affiliate products through Google Adwords or Bing Ads, and hopefully return a nice profit on your investment.

Affiliate Marketing Q+AShould I Get A Mentor Or Coaching When Starting An Affiliate Marketing Business?

Yes, getting an affiliate mentor or affiliate coaching is not only smart buy it can literally save years off off your affiliate marketing learning curve,

Pick the brains of the smartest super affiliate marketers on the planet and reap the rewards for years to come.

Time is money online.

Now, let me ask you this all important question?

What is your time worth to you?

Affiliate Marketing Q+AWhat Are The Best Type Of Affiliate Products And Programs To Promote?

As a 15-year seasoned affiliate marketer, I only promote high ticket affiliate programs or affiliate products and services that pay a recurring commission on a monthly basis, nowadays.

Send one customer, and as long as that person stays a customer, you keep getting paid month after month and year after year.

With high ticket affiliate products and services you can make a thousand dollars and more for every sale you refer through your affiliate link.

Now, that is smart affiliate marketing!

Affiliate Marketing Q+AWhat Is Clickbank Gravity?

Clickbank gravity is based around how many different affiliate marketers have generated a sale for a certain product or service.

If a Clickbank gravity is at let’s say 600 then 600 different affiliates have generated at least one sale of that product or service which would mean more competition for you.

Usually the higher the Clickbank gravity is the more popular and competitive the product is.

Here is Clickbank Gravity explained in – depth.

What Is A Good Clickbank Gravity?

Anything over 20 is a good Clickbank gravity in my opinion.

I like to look for Clickbank products with a gravity between 20 and 50 and test them to see what converts the best.

A lower Clickbank gravity does not mean that a certain Clickbank product or service will not sell as well as a Clickbank product with a gravity of lets say 600.

It just means less affiliates are promoting that certain Clickbank product or it is newer to the market and the Clickbank gravity has not risen into the hundreds yet.

Which is great news for you the affiliate marketer, because it is less competition.

Affiliate Marketing Q+AWhere Can I Learn More About Affiliate Marketing And How To Build My Affiliate Marketing Business?

I recommend you subscribe to a popular Youtube channel on affiliate marketing and invest in affiliate marketing coaching to drastically speed up your learning curve.

I made the mistake of doing it all myself in my earlier years of affiliate marketing and it cost me a lot of time and ultimately money.

Invest in yourself, you are worth it!

Affiliate Marketing Q+A Is Traditional Affiliate Marketing Or CPA Affiliate Marketing Better?

This question is like comparing apples to oranges it all boils down to personal preference.

I prefer traditional affiliate marketing when you are paid an affiliate commission per sale.

On the other hand a lot of other people prefer CPA affiliate marketing because it is easier because you do not have to generate a sale to earn an affiliate commission.

You are paid per action when someone fills out an email form, downloads a software, or anything in between that requires a certain action the customer must take for you to earn an affiliate commission.

Both of these forms of affiliate marketing have there pluses and minuses.

Affiliate Marketing Q+AWhat Is The Difference Between CPA Affiliate Marketing And Traditional Affiliate Marketing?

[ SEE ABOVE ] with traditional affiliate marketing you are paid an affiliate commission when someone clicks on your personalized affiliate link and buys that particular product or service it is that you are promoting.

With C.P.A. affiliate marketing you are paid when a customer fills out an email form, downloads software, or anything in between that causes the action specified in order for you to get paid.

Affiliate Marketing Q+A Is Affiliate Marketing A Great Side Hustle And Does Affiliate Marketing Have The Potential To Build Me A Full-Time Income Online?

Building yourself an affiliate marketing business is the perfect side hustle to your 9 to 5 job that has the potential to make you a lot of money in the process.

Granted, you are willing to learn the necessary skills, you are promoting the right affiliate products and services, and you are driving the right kind of traffic to your affiliate offers.

Some affiliate marketers do not make a dime, which is a real shame, because they give up to easy and think everything in life is a scam.

Don’t be that person!

There are plenty of elite super affiliate marketers who makes 6 and 7 figures a year do to their hard work ethic and building up a large following over the years.

There are also normal everyday affiliates just like you who are quietly making a nice side hustle income, from a few hundreds of dollars a week, to thousands a month promoting other people’s products and services online as affiliate marketers.

Which category do you want to fall in?

The ball is in your court.

Affiliate marketing is the perfect side hustle, with potentially very high rewards with very little risk, except your time and energy.

Affiliate marketing is a legitimate way to make extra money online on a part time of full time basis.

Just remember, you get out of it what you put into it.

Here is a very good 30 minute tutorial on affiliate marketing where I show you step by step how to get started affiliate marketing and what you need to do to make money as an affiliate marketer.

I hope you enjoyed my affiliate marketing question and answer tutorial for beginner affiliate marketers.

Feel free to share this post on your favorite social network I would appreciate it!

Be sure to pick up my free affiliate marketing course here before you leave.

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